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Connelly’s Top Ten – John Wasdin has Possessed Rick Porcello

Connelly’s Top Ten – John Wasdin has Possessed Rick Porcello

1.Red Sox

* Rick Porcello – I was seeing a lot of fastballs 88 mph to 90 mph

* Don’t see this often – Pedroia (23 BB to 21 K) / Betts (32 BB to 26 K)

* How come Vazquez has played in less games than Leon: Vazquez hitting .316 to Leon’s .225

* Sam Travis and Chris Sale have as many hits in June as Panda 4 to 4

* Jackie Bradley hitting .321 in June – trade him

* Hanley .188 in June

* Rick Porcello 67th in ERA in baseball – that’s not really good

* Approaching the Half way mark in two weeks and Porcello and Price have combined for $50mm in salary and 4 wins

2. Celtics – Love the trade

* You have enough guards – Isaiah, Bradley, Smart, Rozier

* Maybe stockpiling first round picks that can be packaged for an impact player

* Fultz played on a college team that didn’t win ten games

3. Patriots – Five weeks to Bill Belichick swinging his whistle around – can’t wait

4. Little man power – under 5’10”

Pesky – 5’9” – first three years – 620 hits / 87 K’s
Altuve – 5’5” – last three years – 641 hits / 190 K’s

5. He wouldn’t play for Bill – Sam Bam Cunningham fumbled twelve times in 1975

6. College World Series average game times (Omaha World Herald):

1969 – 2:10

1982 – 2:46

1995 – 2:50

2002 – 3:25

2009 – 3:40

2015 – 3:20

7. Amazing Stats – At age 15 – Bobby Orr had 29 goals for the Oshawa Generals

8. Old School – Yaz led the league in scoring runs more than Wade Boggs (3 to 2):

1967 – 112

1970 – 125

1974 – 93

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – In honor of Flounder passing this week – some Animal House stuff:

* People say the Oscar voters are racists – how about anti-comedy-ites – greatest comedy of the last fifty years and not one nomination

* Best acting careers after Animal House – Tom Hulse (Larry Kroger) won Oscar for Amadeus

* Per Wikipedia – Chevy Chase turned down role of Otter / Bill Murray turned down Boon / Dan Ackroyd turned down D Day / Brian Doyle Murray turned down Hoover / Jack Webb turned down Dean Wormer

* Donald Sutherland turned down a percentage of the gross for a set pay of $25,000 costing him $14,000,000

10. Randomocity

* How long before Congress dusts off the Sherman Anti-Trust act as Amazon takes over the world

* What a comeback Michael Milken has made from White Crime to turning baseball uniforms blue

* Kool and the Gang – are JV to Temptations, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, Spinners, O’Jays and Four Tops

* Is it in MLB’s best interest to have Red Sox – Astros for the Saturday game of the week and the Sunday game of the week

Connelly’s Top Ten – John Wasdin has Possessed Rick Porcello


  1. vermont k

    June 19, 2017 at 9:08 am

    Best acting career after Animal House: Kevin Bacon, too many movies to count, has movie trivia game named after him! Tom Hulst a one-hit wonder, the Scott Cooper of acting.

  2. Clemson Rules

    June 19, 2017 at 6:14 pm

    Totally agree on Fultz. Understand he wasn’t on a strong college team, but how many NBA stars were on losing college teams? I have to think there is a correlation with college wins and NBA stardom. I also trust in Ainge he is working this to land a star. Hoping it is Anthony Davis.

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