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Connelly’s Top Ten – Patriots no Problem, Red Sox who cares? Kneeling




* Since Cam Newton’s fumble in the Super Bowl that he refused to pick up – he has an 8-10 record and has thrown – 21 TD / 19 INT

* Carolina 2-1 but have played a weak schedule – 49ers / Saints / Bills

* Look for Christian McCaffrey to have a big game against these Patriot linebackers – in three games he has 18 receptions for 173 yards

* Patriot defense is on pace to give up 43 passing TD this year

* Patriot defense on pace to give up 27 touchdowns of twenty yards or more

* Patriots 35-17


2.Red Sox

* Eduardo Rodriguez has given up 5 runs or more in 12 of 65 starts – not good

* Benintendi – had a 20 / 20 season in the bag but hasn’t stolen a base since 9/13

* Eck and Remy in the booth keeps getting better and better

* David Price gets a raise next year to $31mm

* I think the Red Sox have the most expensive bullpen in baseball history – $61mm –  Kimbrel, Price, Reed, Kelly, Thornburg, Abad, Ross


3. Why don’t I care about the Red Sox? In 1978, I was devastated by their loss to the Yankees – now the Yankees and their manager and owner are actually more likable:

*  Cowardly attack on Eckersley

*  Red Sox management broad brushing Red Sox fans as racists

*  Unlikable players – Hanley, Price, Pedroia (who would have guessed he would be on the list)

*  Pedroia throwing his teammates under the bus

*  Jackie Bradley setting up Eckersley and mocking him

*  John Farrell – the city emotionally invests in him during his cancer bout – all the while he is leaving his wife, hooking up with sideline reporter, is a terrible game manager and is painful to listen to in press conference

*  Fenway Park considered most expensive experience in baseball according to – ownership in rinsing every cent out of their fans


4. Why don’t these athletes have more perspective? Look at the lifetime earnings of half of the Cavaliers team (not including endorsements):


Dwayne Wade……$176mm

Deron Williams…..$143mm

Derrick Rose……..$115mm

Richard Jefferson…$110mm

Kevin Love……….$99mm

Jeff Green…………$71mm

Kyle Korver………$63mm

K. Perkins…………$58mm

JR Smith……………$57mm

T. Thompson……….$46mm

Combined Earnings $1,207,000,000 (That’s over a BILLION dollars)


5. In honor of Kyrie Irving come to town – a list of great talkers who couldn’t help themselves and were always available for a sound bite:

· Bill Walton

· Bill Lee

· Teddy Bruschi

· Carl Everett

· Rick Pitino

· Don Cherry

· Victor Kiam

· Ken Harrelson

· John Y Brown

· ML Carr

· Oil Can Boyd

* Julian Edleman

* Brad Marchand


6. In the 1972 NHL Playoffs – Bobby Orr registered a point in 14 of the 15 games / in seven games he had multiple points / 24 points in all – on the way to the Stanley Cup


7. Amazing Stat – Since Jamie Collins decided to free-lance in Foxboro and got himself traded to the Browns:

* Patriots 13-2 / Browns 1-10

* This season – 11 tackles / 0 sacks


8. In honor of Chuck Person getting bagged paying money to recruits at Auburn – lets go back to 1991 Game 5 playoff duel with Larry Bird:

* Chuck Person 43 minutes / 32 points / 5 for 9 from three-point land

* Bird hits his face on the parquet and leaves the game

* Bird returns – 33 minutes / 32 points / 9 rebounds / 7 assists

* Celtics win game and series with 124-121 victory


9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Thoughts on kneeling during the national anthem – if you would indulge me (feel free to skip):

* Supposition #1 – Both sides believe their stance is patriotic?

* Supposition #2 – The National Anthem is an important symbol of our country? Fort McHenry, Iowa Jima, 9/11 ruins, first African American Medal of Honor winner William Carney risking everything to carry the Stars and Stripes in the Civil War, planting the flag on the moon

* Supposition #3 If we all agree on #1 and #2 – Those that kneel are doing so with heavy hearts but do so because they are filled with conviction

* A challenge to Supposition #3 – If they love the country and feel compelled to take a stand – why can’t they do both – kneel but at the same time put their hand over their heart and/or sing the anthem with great passion (if they know the words?)

* Supposition #4 – 85% of NFL players are members of the 1% – from their first days in Pop Warner, to college scholarships to millions of dollars of salaries they have reaped the greatest materialistic benefits of this great country – which means they are considered advantaged

* Supposition #5 – If we agree on #4 agree – that means football players are actually kneeling for others that are less fortunate and lack a voice

* Question-related to #5 – If they are sincere, their commitment should go far beyond kneeling to include commitment of money and personal time. If not, then their kneeling is hollow and their intention is only to be divisive

* Supposition #6 – To say that they are using their platform to bring attention to the matter is not good enough – to be an individual of impact then you have to be part of the solution (define cause, articulate plan, state intended resolution).

* If someone doesn’t know why they are kneeling – to me that is cause for termination.

10 Randomocity

* DeShaun Watson handed his first NFL paycheck to cafeteria workers – that is special stuff

* End of the month Saturday means update time for Chicago – So far this year – 530 murders / 2,850 shot – or ten people are shot a DAY!

*  Side note on the kneeling and unity – Aaron Rodgers wants all the fans to lock arms as one (which I believe is sincere) even though he can’t even talk with his own family

*  National anthem suggestion – shouldn’t the fans sing the anthem with great luster – wouldn’t that send a clear message to the players?

*Rick Pitino finally knocked out – reminds me of Dan Shaughnessy’s great line when Pitino left Boston – “We thought we were getting Michael Corleone but we got Fredo.”

Michael has written for the Boston Herald and other sites in the past and his top ten column is now housed on Trifecta Sports Network. Connelly’s Top Ten releases on Monday’s and Friday’s.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Patriots, Must-Win Edition



Rob Gronkowski, NFL Tight End For The Patriots

Here in New England, it’s not that we don’t want to lose – we need to win. As a fan a loss is a hamstringing injury, the effect of which can be felt in every facet of your life.

So after the superlative of winners, the New England Patriots, lost to the Miami Dolphins on Monday night, it took the fan-base quite some time to recover. This was not how we wanted to start our week.

But as the days evaporate in the steam of our heated despondency we draw ever closer to Sunday. The Pats find themselves in a must-have must-win situation, going up against the Steelers in Pittsburgh. This will be a facsimile playoff game. And if New England loses this one, I don’t think fans will be able to recover.

But let’s not entertain that impossibility. It ain’t happening. Right? Tom Brady’s peeved; Bill Belichick is crimson with professional rage. This is the formula for a Patriots victory.

So rally the troops and grab your beverages (adult or unadult). It’s time for another installment of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Must-Win Edition.

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Connelly’s Top Ten: Ham Isn’t Walking Through The Door



Connelly’s Top Ten – Jack Ham Isn’t Walking Through that Doo5

1.Patriots vs. Steelers Stuff

*Brady and Roethlisberger have thrown 983 of their team’s 987 passes
*Patriots record by decade vs Steelers: 70’s – 1-3 / 80’s 2-3 / 90’s 2-6 / 00’s 5-2 / 10’s – 5-1
* Brady against Pittsburgh: 7-2 / 70% completion / 24 TD to 3 INT
*Brady in playoffs vs Pittsburgh: 3-0 / 5 TD to 0 INT / 58-81 (72% completion)
* Roethlisberger is 3-5 lifetime versus Patriots
*Steelers kicker Chris Boswell is 3-3 from 50 yards or further
*Antonio Brown over the last six years has averaged (AVERAGED!) 121 receptions a year
* Antonio Brown was the 195th draft pick in 2010 / Brady 199th

2. The top eight scorers on the Celtics 1962 team are still alive:

*Bob Cousy………89
*Frank Ramsey…86
*KC Jones…………85
*Sam Jones………84
* Bill Russell……..83
* Tom Heinsohn..83
*Tom Sanders….79
*John Havlicek…77

3. Last two years coaching (regular season):

*Belichick…….24-5 (.828)
*Cassidy…….33-18 (6.47)
*Stevens……..77-45 (.631)

4. Tuukaa Rask:

*Versus Washington, Ducks, Montreal and Colorado……….10-37
*Versus Flyers, Florida, Calgary, Arizona, Nashville……………41-7

5. While Brady sits 6,493 yards from Peyton (71,940 to 65,447) – quietly Drew Brees will eclipse 70,000 before the end of the year (69,680)

6. Longest Brady to Moss TD passes: 71 yards / 65 / 63 / 63 / 55 / 51 / 50 / 46 / 45 / 45/ 43

7. Amazing Stats – Scott Boras major league hits – ZERO – net worth $175,000,000

8. Old School – Luis Tiant didn’t get into the Hall of Fame – lets compare him to Hall of Famers Catfish Hunter and Jim Bunning:

· Tiant……..229-172 (.571)…..3.30 ERA / 49 Shutouts / 1.19 WHIP
· Hunter….224-166 (.574)…..3.26 ERA / 42 Shutouts / 1.13 WHIP
· Bunning..224-184 (.549)……3.27 ERA / 40 Shutouts / 1.18 WHIP

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Old School Boston restaurants–

· Locke-Obre………………….1875-2012
· Scotch and Sirloin………..1973-1991
· Pier 4…………………………..1963-2013
· Jimmy’s Harborside……..1942-2007
· European……………………..1917-1997
· Joe Tecchi……………………..1948-2011

10. Randomocity

*Wicked cold out
* My father said this twenty-five years ago after watching his first t-ball game – they’re not teaching kids skills. This month on HBO Real Sports – they talk with an American that turned Japan into a soccer world power by teaching skill and footwork. USA Soccer is virtually ignoring him
* Have the Patriots ever knocked out a QB?
*The angle of Marchand’s overtime goal Wednesday reminded me of a Bobby Orr put back against the Rangers
*Every week another football player is being taken off on a stretcher (Colt last night)– every week more mothers are saying no to their sons – invest in flag football leagues

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Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Get Smoked




*Team looked content to show up and get ready for next Sunday

*Not good that they were out-toughed

*Duron Harmon yelling at the defense close to hitting Matt Patricia with his flailing arms

*Patriots played like they didn’t want to show Pittsburgh anything

2. Brady

*Remember last year Brady had the first four games off – is he hitting a wall – last two games – 1 TD to 3 INT

*Looked indifferent

*Was off all game
*Took another beating
*Brady completes pass to Cooks with 2:17 left in game and couldn’t hustle team up for snap before two minute warning

3. Offense

*I don’t get it – no hurry up at all – Miami is getting off on the snap – why not run them off the field

*Cooks got his ass kicked the entire game – he didn’t win or compete all night

*Offensive Line over matched

*Running back touches – Burkhead 10 / Lewis 10 / White 3
*Hogan rushed back – if that’s the effort the team is going to put in – just sit him out for Pittsburgh

4. Defense

*Miami did what every team should have done after the Carolina game – run confusing sets and stack receivers and make the secondary decipher who has who

*Secondary- Butler beaten often (could have been worse if not for drops)/ Gilmore chasing across the field / Rowe only show up

*Roberts shooting the wrong gaps on rush defense and lost in coverage

*At one point – linebackers was Freeney and Reilly – they wouldn’t start in the college football playoffs

*Richards missing one on one sack with freakin’ Jay Cutler

*Chung got 360 spinned by Drake

*Amendola and Cooks had as many tackles as Malcom Brown

5. New England fans go to Miami – it was cold, they spent money, they had to listen to Miami fans, they are hung over, they have to fly home to winter

6. Bill Garb and Kraft Sighting

  • Bill with cutoff gray hoodie
  • Kraft with 10:58 left in third quarter / 12:08 left in fourth quarter

7. Injuries

*Offense – No Edelman, Gronk, Waddle, Cannon, Bennett, Mitchell

*Defense – No Hightower, Van Noy, McClellin, Flowers, Langi

*Special Teams – Ebner,

8. Special Teams

*Worst on side kick in football history

*Hold on punt in 4th quarter cost the Patriots game – they go from midfield to their own 15

9. Just a Little Bit Outside

*Tuukaa Rask led Bruins only local team with a winning streak

10. Randomocity

*Patriots get screwed by scheduler this year – they play on Monday night away – then they have to travel home and then travel Sunday to play the biggest game of the year

*Sidenote -Michael Wilbon didn’t say anything about a cheap shot by Michael Bennett of Seattle being racist after going at white players knees during the kneel down at the end of the Seattle game
*How about Phil Castinetti of Sports World getting Stan Jonathan and Pierre Bouchard together at Sports World in Saugus

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