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Connelly’s Top Ten: Yankees Costing Fans Sleep



Connelly’s Top Ten: Yankees Costing Fans Sleep

1.Red Sox

* Red Sox – Yankees played eleven hours over a 26 hour period

* I was wrong about David Price contributing this year – he looks fresh and sharp

* Why would anyone throw anything but a slider to Hanley?

* Don’t look now by Rick Porcello is on a pace to lose 21 games – see #7 below:

* Team has to give Dennis Eckersley a Godfather offer to do 80% of the games – he was still great in the 15th last night

* Do people really have five plus hours to give to sitting at Fenway in one helping?

* Tampa Bay is the best team in the East

* Dustin Pedroia at 1,770 hits he needs 2,300 and another two Gold Gloves for the Hall of Fame – that’s three solid seasons

* I’m seeing Judge as much as Connor McGregor


2. From 1967 to 1975 – Bobby Orr won every Norris trophy and finished in the top 4 of the MVP – winning it three times


3. Around the MLB:

* From Sports Illustrated – Mike Trout has never won a playoff game

* Dodgers are on pace for 112 wins

* Parity – Eleven teams have win totals between 44-47


5. How about some Inside the Park home run stuff: On July 25th, 1956 – Roberto Clemente is the only player in baseball history to hit a walk off / inside the park / grand slam – to beat the Cubs 9-8 in front of 12,861 at Forbes Field in a game that took 2:20 (from reader Bill O)


6. The last player to have two inside the park home runs in a game – Greg Gagne of the Twins on October 4, 1986 (one was lost in the white roof at the Metrodome)


7. Amazing Stat – From Cy Young to potential 20 plus losses for Porcello – who holds Red Sox record for losses – how about Red Ruffing who lost a combined 47 losses in 1928 and 1929:


8. Old School – In the Yankees home opener in 1961, the lost to the Minnesota Twins 6-0 in front of 14, 607 fans – for the rest of the season at home they went 65-15.


9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Matt Siegel (36 years) has been on the air for more years than Jess Cain (34 years) and almost as long as Dave Maynard (40 years)


10. Randomocity

* What’s more irrelevant – the Revolution or the WNBA?

* Still furious over the casting of Thornton Mellon’s son in Back to School

* I give the nod to the gum in baseball cards over Bazooka

* Who left a worst legacy on this earth – the designer of the car the Pacer or the script writers for One Day at a Time?

* A sinkhole in Florida – what a state?

* What’s this thing about half-way to Christmas being celebrated every where?

* Game of Thrones – B+ – good opening show

Michael has written for the Boston Herald and other sites in the past and his top ten column is now housed on Trifecta Sports Network. Connelly’s Top Ten releases on Monday’s and Friday’s.


Connelly’s Top Ten – 14 Straight! Patriots Try to Survive Mexico City




1. Patriots in Mexico City

* Patriots have no defensive touchdowns
Seven Patriots with TD receptions
Patriots have two interceptions and one fumble after nine games
* Tuck rule was snow – this game will be volcano ash
* We don’t need any stinking badges
* Mexico had more murders in 2016 – 23,000 than Iraq 17,000 and Afghanistan 16,000
Just get out of the game with a win and alive

2. Celtics are 16 games into the season (20%) and are 14-2 – how did the last six Celtic championship teams start:


3. Went to Celtics game:
Marcus Smart should not be allowed to cross mid court – every time he got the ball the crowd was yelling don’t shoot
Terry Rozier is a good dribbler but can’t beat anyone off the dribble
Curry looks like he didn’t want to be there
Half the cars downtown are Uber or Lyft
99 in Charlestown has a shuttle to the Bruins game but not the Celtics
Crowd chanting MVP for Irving
Irving the most exciting player in this town since Pedro
Don’t like Horford bringing the ball up
Was it me or did Morris not shake Brad’s hand at a timeout
Two teams were 17-64 from three point land – they missed a three-pointer almost every minute of the game
Irving and Curry were 7-30 from field
That was a game I think Brad should have went 40 minutes with Brown

4. With Marcus Smart amazing on defensive end and painful on offensive end – other local players with only one side of the game:

* Dick Stuart – Dr. Strangeglove
* Darren Lewis – all defense
* Hal Gill – No offense (reader Bob says no offense either)
* Alex Gonzalez
* Steve Kasper
* Jose Canseco
* Don Chaney
* Hanley Ramirez
5. Red Sox are looking for a slugger like Stanton – how have past sluggers done in the first year with the Red Sox
Baylor………….31 HR / 94 RBI / .238 Avg
Esasky…………30 HR / 108 RBI / .277 Avg
Wily Mo Pena..11 HR / 42 RBI / .301 Avg
Danny Cater……8 HR / 39 RBI / .237 Avg
Jack Clark…….28 HR / 87 RBI / .249 Avg
Jose Canseco 24 HR / 81 RBI / .306 Avg

6. Odds to Win Championship

* Red Sox………10-1 / 6th tied with Nationals
* Celtics………….12-1 / 4th
* Bruins…………..28-1 / 20th
* Patriots…………3-1 / 1st

7. Amazing Stats – In Game Six of 1974 and 1976 NBA Finals – the following minutes were played in the double overtime game:


* Kareem……………….58
* Oscar Robertson……58
* John Havlicek……….58
* Jo Jo White………….54


* Gar Heard……61
* Jo Jo White….60
* John Havlicek..58
* Dave Cowens.55
* Curtis Perry….52

8. Old School – Bobby Doerr stuff:

* Had his best year at age 21 – hit .318
* Was first base coach on the 1967 Red Sox season
* Sixty Five years married
* Nine All Star games
* Missed 1945 because of service

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – When is Tom Coughlin gonna be considered one of the great football minds – EVER?

* Head Coach Boston College: three season 4-7 / 8-3-1 / 9-3
* First Jacksonville Coach – Four of franchise first five seasons – playoffs
* Giants Coach – Two Super Bowls
* Jaguars EVP of Operations – Season before he arrived 3-13 / first season 6-3

10. Randomocity

· * Saw two sports documentaries this week Senna – on the Formula 1 super star A- / Once in a Lifetime on the Cosmos – B
· * Toast better than bread
Who GQ could have picked for person of the year over Colin Kapernick – Stephon Willeford Texas savior or Rose McGowan

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Connelly’s Top Ten – Bye Week Stuff




1.Vinatieri VS. Gostkowski with the Patriots

Vinatieri…..160 games / 263-321 (81.9%) / 8-17 50 yds+ / playoffs 26-34 (76.4%)

Gostkowski..176 games / 323-371 (87.1%) / 20-27 50 yds+ / playoffs 31-33 (93.9%)


2. Around the NFL and College Football

* Brissette – 2 TD – 122.6 qb rating

* In the TCU – Texas games – the opposing quarterback’s fathers (Ken Hill and Steve Buchele) faced each other in 19 Major League at bats and Buchelle was 2 for 19

* At least Denver has to fly across country after playing Philly before next week’s Patriots game

* Pre Season projected number one pick Sam Darnold (USC QB) 2016: 31 TD to 9 INT / 2017: 22 TD to 11 INT

* Sixteen plays in the Oklahoma – Oklahoma State game were of 30 yards or more – fire both defensive coordinators


3. Top Ten College Football teams against Top 25 / Top Ten opponents:

Georgia……2-0 / 0-0

Alabama……2-0 / 1-0

Notre Dame…2-1 / 0-0

Clemson…….4-0 / 0-0

Oklahoma……2-0 / 1-0

TCU………….2-1 / 1-0

Wisconsin……0-0 / 0-0

Miami………..1-0 / 0-0

Washington…..0-0 / 0-0

Auburn………..1-1 / 0-1

4. Players with our team and their other teams:

Vinatieri Playoff points……..117 for Patriots / 117 for Colts

Fisk Home runs……………..162 for Red Sox / 214 for White Sox

Clemens wins………………192 for Red Sox / 162 for other teams

Francona wins……………….744 for Red Sox / 552 for other teams

Fred Lynn hits……………….944 for Red Sox / 969 for other teams

Drew Bledsoe TD’s………….166 for Patriots / 85 for other teams

Curtis Martin games played….45 for Patriots / 123 for Jets

Danny Ainge points………….6,257 for Celtics / 5,707 for other teams

Joe Thornton points…………..454 for Bruins / 946 for the Sharks

Phil Kessel goals……………..66 for Bruins / 234 for other teams



5. Bruins and Celtics

* Torey Krug last 467 shots – 14 goals (2.9%)

* Tuukka “can I buy a vowel” has two wins in 8 appearances – not ideal for that type of paycheck

* Amazing that we have two coaches in town that have pro athletes listening to their every word – watching the Celtics run through their sets and rotate on defense is a throwback

* It is apparent now that although Isaiah was a warrior his style of play of monopolizing the ball actually stifled other players


6. Tom Brady in one score games:

First 46 games……36-10 / .783%

Last 61 games……..38-23 / .622%


7. Amazing Stat – Interesting stat in the Patriots October 2004 game against the Dolphins

* Dolphin Wes Welker became the first player in decades to kick off and return kicks

* He kicked a 29 yard field goal

* On one kick off he went down and made the tackle

* In high school he kicked a 57 yard field goal


8. Old School – Winning seasons by decade for the Patriots:









9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Babe Ruth marriage controversy in 1929:

* In January his wife (estranged), Helen Kinder of South Boston died in a fire at Watertown a house of a local dentist

* Ruth took a train to Boston and spoke with police and family – did not attend funeral

Three months later he married actress Claire Hodgson

* Hodgson would later admit that she was the source of the rift that separated Ruth and Gehrig


10. Randomocity

* Does the Philippine leader have it right by executing drug dealers – 64,000 died last year from overdoses in the United States (thing about that number) – execute 500 and I guarantee the overdose number falls under 10,000

* Bruins or 98.5 or both really missed with the radio announcer – he is a yeller

* Hypothetical – If trade deadline was next week and Pats still had Jimmy G – would you trade even up Jimmy G to Houston for injured DeShaun Watson – you get three years out of Watson and Billy O’Brien fills a void at QB

* Some JFK files were not released because some of the people listed are still alive – George HW. Bush????

* All the Patriots should have to watch Cartel Land before thinking about partying in Mexico in two weeks

* How about Marblehead’s Shalane Flanagan winning the New York Marathon – first time an American woman has won since 1977

* For every parent of an athlete that doesn’t fit the measurables – watch the Wes Welker documentary on the NFL Network

* I’m betting on Nick Carfardo getting the off season Pedroia repair his image puff piece article

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Connelly’s Top Ten – Jimmy G We Hardly Knew Ya




1.Jimmy G. Trade

* I was wrong about this being Brady’s last year

* I’m shocked the Patriots didn’t get a 5th or 6th pick also or right to flip picks in some later round along with the 2nd pick

* Does Jimmy G. get some experience and sign with the Patriots in three years?

* I said this two years ago – Jimmy G is the second best draft pick in Patriots history behind Brady – he brought out the best in Brady (and didn’t Belichick push all the right buttons)


2. World Series

* I couldn’t believe it when the announcers said after Bregman’s steal in Game 7 – that the stolen base was the first ATTEMPT of the series

* Smoltz is great

* The Series took 25 hours and 55 minutes to play making the average game time 3:42

* The last three World Series champions had won a combined one World Series in the last 110 years going into 2015 (Astros, Cubs, Royals)

* Rank of the last three World Series champs in payroll: 18th, 8th, 16th

* Cody Bellinger struck out 17 times in 28 at bats – think of what terrible baseball that is


3. An update on the disposal of some of the Patriots greatest players and what they got in return:

* LOST – Jimmy G., Vinatieri, Ty Law, Lawyer Milloy, Seymour, Asante Samuel, Chandler Jones, Jamie Collins, Logan Mankins, Wes Welker, Vince Wilfork, Moss, Talib (35 combined Pro Bowls with Patriots)

* In RETURN – Players – Jonathan Cooper, Tim Wright / Draft picks: ONE- 1st round pick, THREE – 2nd Round picks, ONE – 3rd round pick, ONE – 4th round pick

4. Since Inflated Balls Accusations:

* Patriots record……….35-8 / Includes 6 playoff wins

* Ravens record………..17-23 /Includes 0 playoff wins

* Colts Record…………18-22 / Includes 0 playoff wins

* Brady…………………97 TD to 19 INT


5. Brady with Hoyer as his back up QB:

* Record 37-11 (.771) / 103 TD to 29 INT (3.55 TD to INT) / 2-3 Postseason

6. Brady with Jimmy G. as his back up QB:

* Record 41-11 (.788) / 113 TD to 20 INT (5.65 TD to INT) / 7-1 Postseason – 2 SB

7. Amazing Stat – Gostkowski has missed more extra points in the playoffs than field goals: EXTRA POINTS – 67 for 70 / FIELD GOALS – 31 for 33

8. Old School – In 1979, Patriots wide receiver Stanley Morgan had 1,002 yards on just 44 catches (22.8 yards a catch). He had 13 TD’s including scores from the following distances: 90, 63, 56, 50, 48, 39, 38, 37, 34, 27, 25 yards.


9. Just a Little Bit Outside – The not as good family member on the local teams:

* Ken Brett

* Malcom Subban

* Marty Howe

* Bruce Crowder

* Billy Conigliaro

* Dom DiMaggio

* Ken Hodge Jr

* Chris Bourque

* Diego Segui

* Ramon Martinez

* Ron Sutter


10. Randomocity

* The Sports gods giveth and take away in Houston – they give the town their first World Series and then rip their franchise QB’s knee to shreds

* I’m getting a weird vibe about the Patriots in Mexico City – some kind of security problem or Brady injury or something – I feel like JFK’s secretary telling him not to go to Dallas

* Home Depot PR people must have melted when they saw the truck used to massacre eight innocent people in New York

* At 3:00 Halloween Home Depot stock was 166.09 Thursday it closed 162.71

* Yankees have been in 40 World Series

* The Marlins have won as many World Series as the Mariners, Nationals, Padres, Brewers, Rangers, Angels, Diamondbacks combined

* Malcom Butler running down Melvin Gordon last Sunday brought back memories of Ben Watson’s amazing effort in Denver

* Do you think the kid working at Home Depot took a look at the guy renting the truck and said to himself – I wonder?

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