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Connelly’s Top Ten: Yankees Costing Fans Sleep

Connelly’s Top Ten: Yankees Costing Fans Sleep

1.Red Sox

* Red Sox – Yankees played eleven hours over a 26 hour period

* I was wrong about David Price contributing this year – he looks fresh and sharp

* Why would anyone throw anything but a slider to Hanley?

* Don’t look now by Rick Porcello is on a pace to lose 21 games – see #7 below:

* Team has to give Dennis Eckersley a Godfather offer to do 80% of the games – he was still great in the 15th last night

* Do people really have five plus hours to give to sitting at Fenway in one helping?

* Tampa Bay is the best team in the East

* Dustin Pedroia at 1,770 hits he needs 2,300 and another two Gold Gloves for the Hall of Fame – that’s three solid seasons

* I’m seeing Judge as much as Connor McGregor


2. From 1967 to 1975 – Bobby Orr won every Norris trophy and finished in the top 4 of the MVP – winning it three times


3. Around the MLB:

* From Sports Illustrated – Mike Trout has never won a playoff game

* Dodgers are on pace for 112 wins

* Parity – Eleven teams have win totals between 44-47


5. How about some Inside the Park home run stuff: On July 25th, 1956 – Roberto Clemente is the only player in baseball history to hit a walk off / inside the park / grand slam – to beat the Cubs 9-8 in front of 12,861 at Forbes Field in a game that took 2:20 (from reader Bill O)


6. The last player to have two inside the park home runs in a game – Greg Gagne of the Twins on October 4, 1986 (one was lost in the white roof at the Metrodome)


7. Amazing Stat – From Cy Young to potential 20 plus losses for Porcello – who holds Red Sox record for losses – how about Red Ruffing who lost a combined 47 losses in 1928 and 1929:


8. Old School – In the Yankees home opener in 1961, the lost to the Minnesota Twins 6-0 in front of 14, 607 fans – for the rest of the season at home they went 65-15.


9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Matt Siegel (36 years) has been on the air for more years than Jess Cain (34 years) and almost as long as Dave Maynard (40 years)


10. Randomocity

* What’s more irrelevant – the Revolution or the WNBA?

* Still furious over the casting of Thornton Mellon’s son in Back to School

* I give the nod to the gum in baseball cards over Bazooka

* Who left a worst legacy on this earth – the designer of the car the Pacer or the script writers for One Day at a Time?

* A sinkhole in Florida – what a state?

* What’s this thing about half-way to Christmas being celebrated every where?

* Game of Thrones – B+ – good opening show

Connelly’s Top Ten: Yankees Costing Fans Sleep
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Matt G

    July 17, 2017 at 8:12 am

    Why 2300 hits for Pedoria, where you come up with that? Easily could have that many hits or a lot more and not make it if hangs on for a while and keeps getting hurt.

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