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Danny Amendola Opens Up About Baseball Past At McCoy

Danny Amendola Opens Up About Baseball Past At McCoy

Danny Amendola was at McCoy stadium to throw out the ceremonial 1st pitch before the Paw Sox game against the Buffalo Bisons. He spoke to the media shortly after and he was open about his past in baseball.

“It was farther then i thought it was going to be, but I just brought the high heat“, says Amendola regarding his first pitch.

When asked if it was going to go into his locker, Amendola said “Yea. It is. I brought my glove. I want to throw it. It’s pretty much all I want to do with it. It’s going to be functional“.

I played a lot of baseball; AAU, travel teams, stuff like that. I couldn’t hit a curve ball” said Amendola as he talked about his time playing 2nd base when he was in high school, while he cheered on Craig Biggio.

Danny ended his baseball career when “I was like 18. Going through a lot of things. It was a transition stage in my life, a curve ball wasn’t a part of it.”

It’s always interesting to see when athletes open up about their time playing other sports. Tomorrow night, at the super bowl ring ceremony, you have to think that Brady and Amendola will be talking about the “good old days” back when they both played baseball. After all, throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game is pretty cool.

“I’ve always wanted to throw a first pitch out, and nothing like doing it near your hometown where you live” said Amendola.


Danny Amendola Opens Up About Baseball Past At McCoy
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