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David Price Fan Of His Teammates, But Not Of Boston Or The Media Here

Boston Red Sox Pitcher David Price Is A Big Fan Of His Teammates, But Not The City Of Boston Or The Media That Covers The Team

Another season, another player for the Boston Red Sox voicing his displeasure towards the city of Boston and the media that covers the team.

Veteran pitcher David Price has had trouble adjusting to Boston and the culture/pressure that comes with being a member of the Red Sox. In his second year with the team he has decided to shut the city and the media out and just focus on his teammates.

Speaking with the Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy, Price voiced his thoughts on the city, his teammates, along with his thoughts on the media and the way they have covered him during his time here. During his entire conversation with Shaughnessy, the one thing Price sounded positive on was the 24 other guys in the clubhouse.

“I love my teammates, man,” Price said. “That’s what I came here for. I came here to be with these young guys and to have a chance to win a World Series. We have that opportunity, not just for this year but for a long time coming. That’s what I want to be a part of.”

Price was asked if he’s more cautious in Boston than he was playing in other cities. He insisted he has been the same, the only difference is he has stopped talking to the media every year.

“I’m not cautious,” he said. “I’m the same me. I don’t talk to the media every day like I did last year and I guess I get blown up for that. But I was honest with everything they asked me last year and I get blown up for that. So they did this to themselves. Talk to me on the day I pitch and that’s it. There are no more personal interviews. There are no more asking me questions on a personal level. That’s done.”

Price’s viewpoint is that the media has negatively portrayed him in an unfair way, and that is fair with many members of the media being critical of Price and the way he has handled himself. He has been very open in the past, maybe too open for his own good. Boston is a tough city with a lot of passionate fans and members of the media who cover the teams with a similar passion. Price declined to talk about whether or not he feels people are rooting for him succeed, instead he talked about his teammates and the organization

“I know I’ve got 24 guys in this clubhouse and all our coaches rooting for me, and my family and my friends,” he said. “That’s all I need. Whatever anybody else wants to do, that’s on them. I’m fine. I’m at peace.”

“I love this team. We’ve got a really good team. I like the organization. Everybody’s been there for me for the entire time through the ups and downs. Everything. They’ve shown a tremendous amount of support for me, so I’m going to give it back.”

One thing Price should know is that fans are not out to get him, they are not rooting against him. Fans want to see their teams succeed and in turn, the players on the team. But then again he gets a lot of his information on the city and the fans from Twitter, even though he made his best attempt to deny it.

“I don’t open up Twitter and read notifications,” Price said. “That’s not what I use it for. I know it’s perceived a lot differently. I can reply to four or five responses in 30 seconds. That takes 30 seconds of my day. I guess people think I’m just on there all day long and that is by far not the case. Days go on where I don’t open Twitter.”

Price has performed well in his two starts for Boston this season, all he has to do is perform and perform well for the Fenway Faithful to get behind him and maybe it will turn around his closed off opinion of Red Sox fans. The media has been tough on him, for signing the massive contract, to not pitching up to his capability or his use of social media or even the way he ran out of Pawtucket in his second rehab start.

Price has had a rough go of it, but Boston can be a city of second chances, just ask David Ortiz or Jae Crowder. Fans love to see a player succeed, and with Price, they are hoping to see him win here for a long time.

David Price Fan Of His Teammates, But Not Of Boston Or The Media Here
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