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David Price Goes Off In Tirade On Media Postgame

Boston Red Sox Pitcher David Price Goes Off In Tirade On Media Postgame With Many Expletives

The Boston baseball media following the Dan Shaughnessy/David Price interview is something to behold. After losing to the New York Yankees 8-0 on Wednesday night in the Bronx, Price allegedly meet with a member of the media privately and had an expletive tirade in the clubhouse postgame.

The member of the media that Price wanted to talk to apparently was per a request from the pitcher himself, Price called for CSSNE baseball writer Evan Drellich to talk to him privately. The following is excerpts from the Boston Heralds Steve Buckley who gives a first person account into what happened postgame.

“Sure,” said Drellich, who fell behind as the rest of the group entered manager John Farrell’s office. Price already was speaking loudly to Drellich when we entered the office. Kevin Gregg, the Sox media relations director, shooed everyone out of the hallway and into the office then closed the door. We still could hear Price yelling.

I assumed this had something to do with a column by the Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy that appeared online during the game, with Price saying he’d henceforth only be speaking on days he pitches. Drellich tweeted a quote from Price that was in the Globe column:

Buckley theorized that the reason Price was yelling at Drellich was a quote tweet he did on a quote about if Price is more cautious this year. After leaving Farrell’s room Buckley tried to get a qoute from Price following up on some of the things he said in the Globe interview.

Price informed me that yes, from now on, he’d only talk on days he pitches. He followed with this: “Write whatever the (expletive) you want. Just write it. Whatever the (expletive) you want.” 

Soon Drellich was back in the room, and he and Price went at it again. When Drellich said something about Price’s professionalism, Porcello, standing nearby, asked about Drellich’s professionalism.

Buckley tried to get a Price quote again after all of this happened, and this time he tried to go through Red Sox Media Guy Kevin Gregg, who tried to get Price to talk to Buckley, but Price wouldn’t budge.

A few minutes later, when I spoke with Kevin Gregg about my own exchange with Price, I was told to wait around a few minutes. Gregg was going to see if Price would speak with me.

The leading title and headline for what happened last night is the quote below, but the feeling about putting up top or in the title didn’t feel right.

The last words I heard from David Price last night were “(Expletive) them! (Expletive) them all. All of them.”

Drellich gave his an accounts for what happened between Price and himself on CSNNE’s Boston Sports Tonight

“After the game, Price wasn’t happy. He was directly unhappy with me,” Drellich explained on Boston Sports Tonight. “We had a conversation about it. I prefer not to detail it because I think the conversation was meant to be mostly private. But it was loud enough that most of the reporters overheard it and it will probably be talked about to some extent.

“My takeaway is that, from both the story and from the conversation I had with him, is he’s unhappy with how he’s been treated in Boston. The bottom line doesn’t change.”

It isn’t clear what really set Price off last night, it could have been the Globe story he interviewed for, but that article was written in a very positive light of Price. Maybe it was Drellich, but the more likely scenario is all of it was built up over the course of this season and last season just waiting to come out.

David Price had a run in with Trifecta Network as well, during his second rehab appearance with the Pawtucket Red Sox, Price ran out of the building before talking to the media. One of our writers, Evan Cook was there covering the team and after the entire media was called down to talk to Price, Price was asked to come talk to the media by the PawSox media department, only to leave the building immediately without talking to anyone.

David Price avoiding the media is the new norm, but going off on a postgame tantrum on a non-start day goes against the very things he said to Buckley or Shaugnessey. You have to wonder what his teammates think of the situation, you saw Porcello defend his fellow starter, but away from the team you can only help but wonder what they all think about this situation and the media in general.

David Price Goes Off In Tirade On Media Postgame
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