Eli Tomac

Eli Tomac Hunts Down Marvin Musquin In Hangtown Motocross Classic

Tomac Wins In Hangtown

450 Class:

Moto One did not disappoint as there were many battles. Eli Tomac and Marvin Musquin were the favorites coming into the season with Ryan Dungey retired and defending champion Ken Roczen.

In moto one Tomac did not get a great start while Musquin had a great one. Other title contenders ran into some problems, like Jason Anderson had his eye cut and had to leave the race. Then Justin Barcia had bike problems. After that the racers settled in. Musquin lead for a lot of the moto. Tomac then started to do what he does and that is hunt. Eli was charging hard and was able to make a sweeping pass by Musquin and he made the pass stick. He was able to gather a decent lead. Then he ended getting stuck in a rut and crashed, but was able to get back up and take the moto 1 win.

Moto 2:

Once again Tomac did not get the start he wanted. Musquin just got beat out to the holeshot by Josh Grant. Tomac got stuck in the back and was out of the top 10. The around the halfway mark Musquin was able to take a better line and make the pass on Grant. While all this was happening Tomac was making his way through the pack and closed the gap on Musquin and Grant. Eventually Tomac caught up with Marvin again. Thus the battle began. The two battled for 3 or laps. Musquin did not want to give in as if finished first he would win the event. Unfortunately Tomac mad the pass on Marvin in the same spot that he mad the pass on Grant. Tomac also won moto two.

450 Results:

  1. Eli Tomac, 1-1
  2. Marvin Musquin, 2-2
  3. Josh Grant, 3-3
  4. Dean Wilson, 10-4
  5. Broc Tickle, 7-7
  6. Blake Bagget, 6-8
  7. Cooper Webb, 5-9
  8. Cole Seely, 4-12
  9. Justin Barcia, 11-5
  10. Justin Bogle, 8-10

250 Class:

Moto One:

Not much excitement in moto one as Adam Cianciarulo was out in the lead. Then Zach Osborne passed him fairly easily and Osborne went on to win moto one.

Other riders had problem like Dylan Ferrradnis and Jeremy Martin. Ferrandis had a hard crash but was able to get back up and J. Martin had bike issues.

Moto Two:

More of the same a pretty boring race overall as Osborne grabbed the holeshot and the win for the day.

250 Results:

  1. Zach Osborne, 1-1
  2. Alex Martin, 4-4
  3. Aaron Plessinger, 3-5
  4. Adam Cianciarulo, 2-8
  5. Austin Forkner, 11-2
  6. Colt Nichols, 5-6
  7. Joey Savatgy, 7-7
  8. Justin Hill, 8-9
  9. Mitchell Oldenburg, 6-12
  10. Mitchell Harrison, 9-11

Eli Tomac Hunts Down Marvin Musquin In Hangtown Motocross Classic
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