Eli Tomac Makes A Statement In Huge Win At Muddy Creek

Eli Tomac Lets The Racing Do His Talking As The Battle With Baggett Continues

450 Moto One:

This moto was exciting from the gate drop as a few guys who were struggling were able to get out front. The biggest surprise was Justin Barcia who grabbed the holeshot just in front of hometown kid Cooper Webb. Not far behind that pack was Jason Anderson who has been saying he really wants that win. Behind them was Eli Tomac who fell back after making a mistake in the first turn.

The entire first lap Bam Bam and Anderson were fighting for first. Then finally a few minutes later Anderson was able to make a nice pass on Barcia in one of the corners and take over first. Barcia who had injured himself earlier this weekend was not even sure if he was going to race so he was doing better than expected.

All while the battle for first was happening Tomac and Weston Peick were battling it out for 4th and 5th. In front of them was Justin Bogle who made a mistake and Tomac pounced and actually passed him and Barcia to take over second place.

The points leader Blake Baggett ran intro trouble early on and was slowly making his way through the pack and found himself a bit back from Tomac. Then with just around 10 minutes left Baggett started a late charge and was able to pass Peick and Barcia to grab third.

Neither Tomac or Baggett was able to catch Anderson as he Grabbed the moto 1 win.

450 Moto 2

Again great action right out of the gate as it looked as if Anderson would grab the holeshot but somehow Bogle found his way to the front and so the race was on. Baggett got tied up this time Webb and Tickle were with him. Next Baggett would have to make up ground.

Bogle made an early mistake and Tomac took advantage and never looked back. The battle for second was on. Then Anderson made a similar mistake in the same spot as Bogle and this allowed Bogle to take make the pass.

Behind everyone, Baggett was charging and just picking off the field. In the first ten minutes, he went from second to last all the way to 16th. He knew if he wanted to keep the points lead he was going to have to break the top 5.

Anderson was able to catch up to Trey Canard and make the pass for second but at this point, Tomac was 12 seconds ahead. All this while Baggett was still charging and was now in the top 10.

Baggett then worked his way around Marvin Musquin who had bike troubles then Martin Davalos. Somehow he was able to catch up to Peick and Bogle who had been battling the whole race. With only around 2 minutes and 2 laps left Baggett made the pass on both of them to grab 3rd place. Unfortunately, at this point Tomac was 26 seconds ahead of Anderson and Anderson was too far up for him to grab any more positions. Tomac would take the overall and close the points gap to just 4 points.

450 Overall Results:

1. Eli Tomac (2-1)
2. Jason Anderson (1-2)
3. Blake Baggett (3-3)
4. Weston Peick (4-4)
5. Dean Wilson (8-7)
6. Justin Barcia (5-10)
7. Justin Bogle (12-5)
8. Martin Davalos (11-6)
9. Cooper Webb (9-9)
10. Broc Tickle (6-12)
11. Frederick Noren (13-8)
12. Trey Canard (10-11)
13. Dakota Alix (14-14)
14. Marvin Musquin (7-34)
15. Josh Moisman (16-15)
16. Henry Miller (35-13)
17. Tochiki Tomita (18-16)
18. Heath Harrison (17-17)
19. John Short (15-38)
20. Dakota Tedder (36-18)

250 Moto 1

Aaron Plessinger grabbed the hole shot and was off the races. There was a crash between Jeremy Martin and Joey Savatgy around him and he made his way through as did Adam Cianciarulo and Austin Forkner.

Osborne who was caught up in the pack was able to make his way past the other local boy McElrath for 5th place.
Plessinger was able to sail to the easy moto 1 victory.

250 moto 2

Again Plessinger nabbed the holeshot, followed by Forkner and Osborne. Then Cantrell made a pass and locked on Plessinger. Osborne did not give up and was able to reclaim 3rd from Cantrell when Cantrell endo’d over a jump and he had to get off the track.

Osborne used the pass as motivation and put his sights on Forkner for 2nd. Oddly enough Osborne the hometown kid does not have much success at his home track, as he was able to grab second and start to hunt down Plessinger. Plessinger made a mistake and Osborne pounced and made the pass stick to take over 1st. Osborne finished first in moto 2 but Plessinger grabbed the overall.

250 Results:

1. Aaron Plessinger (1-2)
2. Zach Osborne (5-1)
3. Austin Forkner (3-3)
4. Adam Cianciarulo (2-5)
5. Alex Martin (4-4)
6. Colt Nichols (8-8)
7. Shane McElrath (6-11)
8. Joey Savatgy (11-7)
9. Jeremy Martin (13-6)
10. Mitchell Harrison (10-10)
11. Chase Sexton (15-9)
12. Dylan Ferrandis (9-15)
13. Luke Renzland (12-14)
14. Sean Cantrell (7-38)
15. Justin Hill (17-13)
16. RJ Hampshire (38-12)
17. Kyle Cunningham (16-17)
18. Lorenzo Locurcio (18-16)
19. Steven Clark (14-20)
20. Nick Gaines (39-18)

Eli Tomac Makes A Statement In Huge Win At Muddy Creek
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