eSports Starcraft 2: Elazer Upsets Snute In WCS Valencia

Elazer Upsets Snute In World Chmpionship Series

It was a wild day in Valencia, Spain where the 3rd of 4 Premier Starcraft 2 Tournaments was being played.  The Winner would advance to the Global Finals and take home $25,000.  Today was the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, and Grand Finals.  Best of 5 Games then Best of 7 Games.

Let me tell you the heavy favorite was Neeb [Protoss] going into the Quarter Finals.  The American Pro Gamer was on a tare, literally.  He won back to back WCS Premier Starcraft 2 Tournaments earlier this year.  Neeb secured his ticket to “the big show” of the Global Finals and he leads the World in Starcraft 2 Points/Rank.  He was looking to make it 3 in a row till he lost against his rival Mexico’s SpeCial [Terran].  It was a close loss that ended his run but it drastically changed the Tournament. Now everyone was wondering who would make it to the Grand Finals.

Well, there just happens to be a fan favorite, Norway’s own Snute [Zerg] from Team Liquid.  He is known as one of Europe’s best [Zerg] Players.  Snute is also one of the highest earners in Pro Gaming, raking in over $300,000 in prize money.  He has been having an up and down year in 2017 but doesn’t tell him that; as he improved his World Ranking to 7th, during the Tournament.

Snute [Zerg] played extremely well today.  He came out of one of those “Groups of Death” on [Thursday] at the beginning of the 3 Day Tournament.  He ended up in the Semi Finals facing off against SpeCial [Terran], who had just beat the World’s Best [Protoss] Neeb.  It was a gripping Semi Finals.  Snute [Zerg] did everything right to win the TvZ Match Up.  He looked to be the new favorite to win it.  His [Zerg] play is masterful.  I have watched how he plays and I like his style.  At times it can be mesmerizing!  His unit control, Micro, is just so good its like watching a more advanced game of Chess.  He easily moved on to the Grand Finals Best of 7.

On the other side of the bracket Poland’s Elazer [Zerg] was making a name for himself.  He powered through the Quarter Finals, beating Nerchio [Zerg].  Then he defeated South Korean True [Zerg] in the Semi Finals.  Back to back to back ZvZ.  He was ready to play against Snute [Zerg].  You could tell that he really wanted it.  Elazer [Zerg] was all pumped up and he mentioned during interviews that he was eyeing this Tournament all year.  He wanted to prove that he could win the European Tournament.  Where his real goal is on making GSL verses The World Tournament.  Today he proved he could make it that far.

Snute [Zerg] vs Elazer [Zerg] Grand Finals

In this ZvZ Match Up Snute [Zerg] got ahead winning the first 2 Games.  It was early rush Zerglings and Banelings, something that we always see from Zerg vs Zerg Match Ups.  What it comes down to in Games like this is Resources and Micro Control.  It is essentially a Mirror Match Up.  Each player’s units are the same so they need to get ahead by denying the other player Resources.  And that is exactly what we saw today from Snute [Zerg].  He was playing the Mid-range Game, forcing long battles over “Map Control”.  He played well but had a few short comings.

Elazer [Zerg] went down [3-1] in the Best of 7 and it didn’t look to good for him.  But he really persevered and came back strong.  His Micro became better than Snute’s [Zerg].  I mean it was sensational what he was doing!  He was just out performing Snute [Zerg] in every way.  If you want to see a great ZvZ come back than you have to see these last 3 Games of Elazer [Zerg].  He was just out thinking Snute [Zerg] he had an answer for every battle, every encounter.  He won “Map Control” every time!  There were two weaknesses of Snute’s [Zerg] play which were “Vision” and “Map Control”.  Snute [Zerg] just didn’t expect Elazer [Zerg] to be so aggressive.  And it showed with a bit of a desperate attack in the final Game 7.  Elazer [Zerg] just held his ground and exploited his opponent’s weaknesses.

In the end, Elazer [Zerg] came up with a huge upset, winning 3 straight Games in a row, against Snute [Zerg] and winning his 1st WCS Tournament.  Congratz Elazer on making everyone in Poland proud!  Woot, woot!

The up and comer, Zerg player, is looking to be part of the international conversation of Starcraft 2 Pros.  Today he showed that he has what it takes to win a Major.  I can’t wait to see more of him in the weeks to come as more Starcraft 2 Tournaments are on the way.  It will also be good to see him in the Global Finals at the end of the year.  I think he will be a real crowed pleaser as he will be representing Europe.

Up Next

The next WCS Tournament will be Dreamhack Montreal on September 8th.  It will be covered on with VODs on WCS Starcraft 2 YouTube.

eSports Starcraft 2: Elazer Upsets Snute In WCS Valencia
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