eSports Starcraft 2: VSL Korean Pros at their Best

eSports Starcraft 2: VSL Korean Pros at their Best

Today’s VSL coverage on was incredible. The South Korean Starcraft 2 Verses League continued into their 2nd Season with big names vying to win it all. Today’s match ups were the Quarter Finals of the League. They featured Korean Pros who have won it big at various Tournaments; Pros like ByuN and INnoVation, headlined the event.

First Matchup Of The Day

In the first match up of the day, ByuN [Terran] faced off against Super [Protoss]. It was an amazing best of 5 match. I saw things that I had never seen before. That is pretty much is the way it is watching the Koreans play. So Super came out with Phoenix’s several times, that is pretty much the go to, to anyone playing the Protoss Race. What he did with the Phoenix’s though was ridiculous! He Micro-ed them to fly above ByuN’s Terran Army while using Charge-Lots, Zealot units with the Charge ability, to bait the Marines. How do I accurately describe this Micro?  It’s difficult to properly give this tactic justice, it’s just so sick, so I’ll keep it short. He baited the Marines by using Charge-Lots while attacking the Medivacs, which heal the Marines, with the Phoenix’s. When you look at it at first it looks like the tactic won’t work, but then you see the Zealos charge at the Marines then run away, leaving a gap for the fast flying Phoenix’s to kill the Medivacs and pick up Marauders/Marines. It is such a slick tactic and at the speed which they play at it is just awesome! Super would go on to beat ByuN 3-2.

There were many other times where I was mesmerized at the games. There is just something about watching the Korean Pros play. They are just so good! It’s hard to find a match up that I didn’t like. SoO [Zerg] vs Curious [Zerg] came next and I have to say it was a quick Baneling Rush every time. If it wasn’t Banelings it was Roaches. This match up could have gone either way. I mean I like Zerg vs Zerg just like any other fan but seriously it was just a bit much. I found it to be a bit boring after the 2nd Game. ZvZ is just not that great to watch. Mainly because there aren’t that many choices in the early game. I mean if you know that your opponent is rushing Banelings then there is a good chance that you are going to want to Baneling Rush him back. It’s just the way Starcraft 2 is. SoO took the win in that match up.

INnoVation Vs Hurricane

INnoVation [Terran] vs Hurricane [Protoss] was next. This was a really over powering performance by INnoVation. He clearly was the better player and his Micro was on point. During the best of 5 he managed a move that was simply jaw dropping. He dropped Marines into the Main Base and then as he was attacking he picked up his damaged units with his Medivac. The way he did it was seemless and he kept all the Marines alive to defeat the Protoss Stalkers. It was better than any other drop I have seen. I mean seriously! He was unbeatable with his Micro. He took the Match 3-0, to move on to the Semi Finals.

Classic Vs Leenock

Then there was Classic [Protoss] vs Leenock [Zerg]. These best of 5 games were incredible! One Game went on for over an hour, and it had everything you could have wanted from a Protoss vs Zerg Game. It got wild at times where Motherships were on the maps and threatening to kill all Zerg units. But Leenock was good and ready for the dreaded Mothership. He had 6K Minerals and 4K Gas at one point, which was enough resources to repel any attack. I mean seriously, it was ridiculous! He ended up baiting the Mothership several times and killing it with Corrupters. What I was most impressed by was the way that Classic used his Oracles. He used Stasis Traps on the enemy Mineral Lines which kept tripping Leenock up. In fact he used Stasis Trap for both offense and defense. It was something that I had never seen before! The way he planted them was just genius. I couldn’t tell you how frustrating that must have felt playing against him. Leenock persevered though and won his match 3-2..

The VSL Season 2 Semi Finals will continue on Thursday July 7, live from Korea only on Twitch. It should be amazing, showcasing the best Pros in Korea.

eSports Starcraft 2: VSL Korean Pros at their Best
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