eSports Starcraft 2: The VSL Semi Finals Heats up

eSports Starcraft 2: The VSL Semi-Finals Heats up

The Starcraft 2 VSL Season 2 Semi Finals were live early this morning on  The match ups were impressive as some of the top Koreans in the world battled it out.  These are the pro players that the rest of the world fear to face.  In the 1st bracket was Super [Protoss] vs soO [Zerg].  The 2nd bracket was INnoVation [Terran] vs Leenock [Zerg].  These players earned their spots by beating a ‘Group of Death’ of the best Koreans.  Some real notables where ByuN who lost to Super, which was a real shocker.

Super vs soO

In this match up soO was all about the Zerg rush.  He basically lived and died by the Roach/Ravenger rush.  And you know what?  It worked.  He was on point during the early game and was able to pin Super in uncomfortable positions.  This PvZ match up had a speed element.  soO was not going to let Super get ahead of him in Army size and Tech Tree.  soO was playing ‘contain’ each match.  He was able to continually break through Super’s defenses.  It looked as though Super could have won some of those engagements if he just could get better positions on soO’s Army.  In the end the match went soO’s way as he won [4-1] in the best of 7.

INnoVation vs Leenock

This was pretty much the headline match.  Both pros play exceptionally well.  INoVation is one of the best [Terran] players in the world.  His micro is as good as his macro.  In point of fact he can properly counter any attack.  And when I say any attack I mean it!  He is all brains and he uses his understanding of unit compositions to his advantage.  In point of fact there were several games where Army composition came into play.  Leenock would have Ultralisks and INnoVation would have a ‘Bio Ball’ Army made up of Marines and Marauders with concussion shells.  Just for good measure he had Liberators sieged above them.  It was just a smart play style as he could clear out the on coming Ultras.  He didn’t have any problems with Roach/Ravengers.  He would ‘Stim’ forward into the Roaches then retreat to the Medivacs.  He made it look effortless.  So much so that it looked like anyone could do that.  But let me tell you the individual control on his units was masterful, Grand Master League level.  Yet the speed at which they were going back and forth was amazing!  Simply put Leenock just couldn’t get ahead of INnoVation.  INnoVation just seemed to be one step ahead during every encounter.  It looked frustrating for Leenock, i’m sure he is checking out the replays to see where he could play him better.  INnoVation took the match, best of 7, [4-1].

The Starcraft 2 VSL Season 2 Finals are now set for tomorrow.  It will be soO [Zerg] vs INnoVation [Terran] in a best of 7 match up.  It should be a great Finals.  Watching INnoVation play in a Finals will be exciting.  He has had ups and downs this year but I believe he is the heavy favorite to win the Verses League.  I expect several ‘Drops’ from him into the opponents base.  Also he will have ‘Bio Balls’ and a healthy amount of Liberators.  I also expect to see him ‘control’ the map as best as he can.  If he plays like the past two matches he should win it all.  He is 7-1 in his last two matches.  Look for soO to pull out something fancy early on.  I expect him to Micro his Roach/Ravenger rush well and pull out an all out Baneling rush to defeat the ‘Bio Ball’.  The Starcraft 2 VSL Season 2 Finals will be live from Korea only on tomorrow morning.  I can’t wait!

eSports Starcraft 2: The VSL Semi Finals Heats up
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