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Fantasy Football Talk: The Playoffs Start Now



For Fantasy Football Fans, the Playoffs start today.  Yep it’s already here, three Weeks of Brackets!  It’s a time where each win matters the most.  You know you don’t want to be last in your League.  And you would really like to win it all.  Time to make some important decisions.  Who are you starting?  Who’s hot and who’s not?  Who will give you the most out of the risk/reward positions?  Let me give you my opinions on this.

For QBs who will make a big impact in the Playoffs.  I like Jameis Winston if you want a quick pick for the Playoffs.  He had 270 Yards with 2 TDs last week, that’s 18.6 Fantasy Points.  He has a lot of talent and I really like him as a QB1.  Now I also like Jimmy Garoppolo but he is more of a QB2 option.  He is definitely more of a risk/reward player, especially playing for the 49ers.  He is a higher risk for your team and even though he is playing Houston I still am I on the fence with his projected points of 15.6.  Last week I lost to someone by .6 points so you know every point matters.  On the high end I like Tom Brady, Carson Wentz, and Alex Smith.

At RB I love Dion Lewis.  He is a good low ranked pick up for the playoffs.  And I expect the Patriots to run the ball a lot in the next three weeks.  I like Alfred Morris this week as he is playing against the Giants, but he won’t be starting in Week 16 because Ezekiel Elliott will be back off from suspension.  I don’t like Kenyan Drake against the Patriots.  Their Defense just is so good right now.  I expect them to play “shut down” Football.  I learned my lesson with Charles Clay against the Pats last week.  Just don’t expect a lot from New England’s opponents.  I’m kind of leaning on Orleans Darkwa as a RB3/Flex option.  I don’t know, just call it a “gut feeling” or a “sixth sense.”  On the high end I like Mark Ingram, Melvin Gordon, Lesean McCoy, and Lamar MillerLe’Veon Bell is playing against a tough Baltimore Defense this week, we will see if he can still dominate.

Now for the real risk/reward positions, WRs.  I think Cooper Kupp is a little bit overrated but he might be a good pick up for your team.  I stiil like Mohamed Sanu but I also like Nelson Agholor.  Agholor had a monster game last week, and I was pleasantly surprised watching him play.  He had 7 Receptions for 141 Yards with a TD, that’s 20.1 Fantasy Points!  I like it, I like it a lot. Scroll, Click, Add!  On the high end I like Antonio Brown, A. J. Green, Julio Jones,  and Brandin Cooks.  With Rob Gronkowski suspended expect Brady to look elsewhere, Cooks will be getting more looks.  Jones hit a speed bump from the Vikings D last week.  He is still a superstar and I’d still play him this week.  Green is going against a weaker Bears team, I think he might have a good game against them Fantasy Points wise.  Brown is going against a stiff Ravens D but he is an All Pro I’d still start him for the first week of the Playoffs.

For TE I think Stephen Anderson will have a good game against the 49ers.  He had 13.9 Fantasy Points last week.  If you have an open position at TE, or a hole as what we call it, then I’d say pick him up. Most other TE haven’t been scoring particularly well.  I don’t like Austin Hooper or Vernon Davis.  They have burned me in the past.  And made me look silly.  Just look else where.  On the high end I like Travis Kelce, Jimmy Graham, and Hunter HenryGreg Olsen is back this week and most likely he is a good pick up if you are missing Gronk.

On D/ST I love Jaguars and the Patriots.  For K Matt Prater, Justin Tucker, Jake Elliot, and Stephen Gostkowski.  Who else?  Well Greg Zuerlein has been red hot so I’d stick with him if you have him.

So that about wraps things up for Week 14, 1st Week of the Fantasy Playoffs.  I think there are a lot of ways to win.  There seems to be several different ways to score points.  Last week I scored over 100+ points and still lost.  So I’d really suggest watching your team closely this week into Sunday.  Anything can happen and one bad week can make it difficult to win consecutive weekly totals.

I’m a self published writer and illustrator. I follow Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, some Golf and some eSports.

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Fantasy Football Talk: End of Bye Weeks, No Starters on the Bench



Rob Gronkowski, NFL Tight End For The Patriots

It’s Week 13 in the NFL and you know what that means.  Bye Weeks are over and every team is playing!  Yep, but more importantly for Fantasy Football it’s the last Week before the Fantasy Football Playoffs start.  This is the Week that usually makes or breaks a Fantasy Football Team.  All that time spent picking Line Ups has led to this.  One Week where you have a real chance at get into the Playoffs.

For those of you who don’t know, almost every League has a Winners and Losers Playoff Bracket.  To get into the Winner’s Bracket you have to be tops in the League and also hot on pace to win three Weeks in a row.  Yes, it’s a challenge and a real grind but that’s what it means to live a Fantasy Football Life.

This Week will be the Week that will test your skills the most, in my opinion.  With every Team playing your skills at Drafting a good Starting Line Up is put to the test.  If you planned things out correctly you should have a Team that can score 100+ Fantasy Points easy.  You should have at least one extremely good player, followed by some solid starters.  If you Drafted correctly you should have some players that you picked up the very first Week.  And they should be in your Line Up and not on the Bench.  Lastly you should have a healthy team, with players who have now come off injuries and are ready to play.

With all that being said, nothing typically works out perfectly.  Especially in Fantasy Football!  So I will make my picks for the Week along with the high end starters who I think will do well.  Now on to the picks!

For QB I like Blake Bortles for Jacksonville.  He has shown that he can score points and for Fantasy Owners the Jaguars are a Team that is for real!  If you need a QB pick him up.  On the high end I love Tom Brady, Carson Wentz, and Philip Rivers.  These guys seem to have a good chance at scoring 20 Fantasy Points.  I’d say they will net you a guaranteed 16 Fantasy Points.

At RB I love Dion Lewis.  Pick him up now before the Playoffs start.  He is averaging 8 Fantasy Points per Game.  I’d say he is good for 11 Fantasy Points with the way he is playing.  He has solidified himself as a real play maker.  On the high end I love Leonard Fournette, Melvin Gordon, and Todd GurleyLe’Veon Bell is also looking good for the next three Weeks but he might have a hiccup when he faces the Patriots next Week.

Now on to the risk/reward players. For WR I have been riding the Mohamed Sanu train and I will continue with him.  He has scored in the last four of five games.  Yeah click, add!  He is probably the most under rated wide out this year.  But let me tell you he is a solid pick.  On the high end I love Brandin Cook, Deandre Hopkins, Adam Thielen, and Julio Jones.  Jones had a monster game last week, nearly 40 Fantasy Points in most Leagues.  Unbelievable!  I think he will keep it going into Week 13.

For TE I think Charles Clay is a solid option for your Fantasy Team.  Yes they are playing the Pats, but if you look at TEs available they are more risk than reward.  And Clay offers a smaller risk and a larger reward..  Listen Veron Davis let me down last week and if he is a let down who else is a TE let down?  Austin Hooper and Cameron Brate that’s who.  I wouldn’t pick either of them this week.  Hey their struggling and it happens but for Fantasy Football I gotta have those solid points.  On the high end I love Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce, Zach Ertz, and Jimmy Graham, if he is healthy.

D/ST go with the available option, LA Chargers.  They are up against Cleveland, go figure!  Jaguars on the high end, easy!  For K Justin Tucker or Matt Prater, Stephen Gostkowski on the high end.  Yep different Week same players, hey these guys are guaranteed for Fantasy Points.

Those are my picks for the Week.  Hopefully you make the Playoffs for next week.  If my picks helped you, you’re welcome!  So grab a beer and a snack, the games are on tomorrow!

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Fantasy Football Talk: Who Ya Playing On Thanksgiving



It’s Wednesday on the eve of Thanksgiving.  All the relatives are coming over.  You are excited about everything but there is one thing that has you more excited than a Turkey Diner, a day off, and some family time.  Yep that one thing is Football!  Listen family time is great and all but every year I’m glued to the tube to watch some sweet action.  I’m sure you are the same as me.

I know what you’re thinking.  Oh boy, Christian’s procrastinating again!  Listen we’re all there on Thanksgiving.  What I mean to say is we all love Football on Thanksgiving and picking Fantasy Line ups for the big day can be a hassle.  That’s where I come in!  This week I’m solely devoting this blog to Thanksgiving Games.  Yeah that’s right, I’m going to do all the leg work for you.  So you can sit sit back in your chair on Thursday and read this blog on your phone or tablet before the games start.  What I’m giving you is a day off from all the shenanigans of Fantasy Football Life.

Here are my solid picks for Thursday’s games.  The Teams playing on Thursday are: the Detroit Lions, the Minnesota Vikings, the Dallas Cowboys, the LA Chargers, the New York Giants, and the Washington Redskins. The players who should have a huge impact on Fantasy Football, on Turkey Day are: Matthew Stafford, Latavius Murray, Alfred Morris, Dak, Philip Rivers, Orleans Darkwa, and Kirk Cousins.

Fist off I have to say Dak Prescott had a miserable game last week.  I mean it was bad.  So bad in fact that in some Fantasy Leagues he had negative Points.  Yeah, what a train wreck that was.  In light of that don’t start him!  Instead pick up Alfred Morris RB for Dallas.  He was their only form of offense last game and he will be taking over because of Ezekiel Elliot’s Suspension.

Second off I have to say that Roger Lewis‘ catch last week was amazing.  And he deserves a lot of applaud for his play making ability. But I wouldn’t start him just yet!  I mean hey, here’s a guy who has good hands but the Giants have been having an awful this year.   I’d rather pick up Golden Tate for WR on Thursday.  He is a much better solid pick in a risk/reward situation.  Tate is averaging 8.6 Fantasy Points this year.  I’m expecting him to play well against the Vikings.

Third off I gotta say that Kirk Cousins Fantasy Scoring-Wise is having a great year.  What I mean to say is his Fantasy Points are legit.  He is on a real roll and as he is playing the Giants I expect him to have quite the game.  He is my pick for QB on Thursday.  I mean I like Stafford and I like Rivers but man, Cousins seems like “jackpot.”  He is averaging 19.4 Fantasy Points and is coming off a 300+ passing yards 3 TD game.  Let’s keep that train rollin’!

For TE on Thanksgiving I like Vernon Davis.  Listen he is a grizzled veteran at the Tight end position and with Cousins behind the center I believe he is the best choice at TE on Thanksgiving.  He is projected to have 7.8 Fantasy Points.  Playing against the Giants, I feel very comfortable in picking him.  If you still aren’t still convinced than go with a reliable TE like Kyle Rudolph.  He should net you some points, he is averaging 5 Fantasy Points per game.

For RB that I have and liked, I have Jerick McKinnon.  Though he has slid down to RB2/Flex now, but I still like him.  Expect 8 guaranteed Fantasy Points from him.  There is also Orleans Darkwa who is another RB2/Flex option.  But I like McKinnon and Morris a lot better.  Morris has that Offensive Line but injuries have made their Pass Blocking just awful.  I’m sticking with Mckinnon even though Latavius Murray has more TD carries.  Pick up Latavius Murray if you can for those guaranteed Points.  He might be still available in your League!

For D/ST I have the Vikings.  Hey they are playing the Lions on Thanksgiving, go figure!  Not only that but they are pretty good.  I figure the odds are severely against the Lions.  Hey, that’s just Football on Thanksgiving for ya!  For Kickers I like Matt Prater.  He will score on ya and if the season goes like it has, you know that Detroit will always go for 3.  Also he is a very good Kicker and I would hate to be without him!

So there you have it.  The rundown of everything Turkey Day.  I hope it helps you, in your Football Fantasy Life.  Now for the scheduled games, it goes: Lions vs Vikings at 12:30 pm, then Cowboys vs LA Chargers at 4:30 pm, then Giants vs Redskins at 8:30 pm on NBC’s Thursday Night Football.  It should be an exciting day of Football, or at least something to watch on a sleepy holiday.  So grab a beer and some Turkey and watch your favorite Fantasy Football Players play!  Cheers!

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Fantasy Football Talk: Who Ya Playin This Week



Rob Gronkowski, NFL Tight End For The Patriots

It’s that time again.  That time you have a pencil in your ear.  That time when you have a folded up piece of paper in your hand.  That time when you have your eyes glued to your Tablet.  No, I’m not talking about coaching a sports team.  No, I’m not talking about studying for a College exam.  I’m talking about Fantasy Football!  I’m talking about this week’s roster picks.  It’s Thursday and that means the Football Week starts now.

Thursday Night Football is on tonight Pittsburgh vs Tennessee.  It should be a good game.  Probably high scoring.  But I know what you are thinking; “just tell me who your picks are man.”  Alright I’ll tell you but first let me tell you who aren’t my picks.  You know, the players that are on a Bye.  Those Teams who aren’t playing this week are: Carolina, New York Jets, San Francisco, and Indianapolis.  Yep no Cam Newton, no Robby Anderson, no Carlos Hyde, and no Jacoby Brissett.  Time to fill those missing spots.

For QBs I like Jared Goff QB for the LA Rams.  He is coming off two great games.  Last week he hadd 355 Yards in the Air and 3 TDs.  He might be facing off against Minnesota but I still feel like he has a lot of value for Week 11.  Listen if you have an opening in your line up you might want to pick him up.  He is much better than most of the QBs available. For other QBs well who else but Tom Brady.  Yes he is Mr. Reliable and I feel like he will have another great game.  You know he’ll be spreading the ball around.  I also like Carson Wentz at QB.  He has had a great Season so far.

At RB I have Dion Lewis and I like him.  I like what he did last week getting 17.5 Fantasy Points.  He should be still available in most Leagues.  The thing to remember about him is that the Patriots have a deep backfield, so he might not be getting more than 14 Rushing Attempts per game.  This week though he is solid with a projected 9.4 Fantasy Points.  I mean you know he will be getting the ball and if you’re hurting for a RB2/Flex then I’d say pick him up.  I also like Alex Collins as a solid Flex option.  He is a big-play player and is projected to have 10.2 Fantasy Points this week.  Of course I like Kareem Hunt, coming off a Bye, Le’Veon Bell, who is playing well, and Mark Ingram.  They are points getters, but hey you don’t need me telling you that?  Their stats speak for themselves!

Now for more of the risk/reward players, WRs.  I like Cooper Kupp for this week if you need someone.  He is a slot receiver who runs a lot of routes.  He is a first down, check down.  He will get the short yardage to move the chains.  I also like DeVante Parker as a secure Wide Out pick.  He gets an easy 6+ Fantasy Points on average when he is healthy.  I love Mohamed Sanu this week, look for him to take advantage of a thinned out Seahawks Secondary.  On the high end there is Michael Tomas, Doug Baldwin, and Alshon Jeffery for WR1.

Last Week Cameron Brate had a bad game, so I won’t be saying that he is a solid.  Instead he has become a real risk/reward player.  So choose to pick him up at your own risk.  For TE I love Austin Hooper for Atlanta.  Last Week he had 10.9 Fantasy Points on 6 Receptions 49 Yards with a TD.  Look for a similar stat line from him this Week as they play against Seattle.  On the high end Rob Gronkowski, Zach Ertz, and Evan Engram are all TE1 players this Week.

For D/ST Patriots, easy peasy lemon squeezy!  They have been having making plays every week and with a Blocked Punt and Kickoff RET last game; I think they are on a roll.  If you want a better risk/reward Team then pick up the LA Chargers.  They had 8 Fantasy Points last game and are expected to have another 8 Fantasy Points this Week.  For K go with Matt Prater or Jake Elliot.

So that about wraps things up for my picks this week.  If you have noticed I am all about who is a high end pick week to week.  Expect me to continue to roll with this as the Bye Weeks come and go.  Wow it is just in time for football.  Grab a beer and grab the remote, TNF is on NBC!

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