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Fantasy Football Talk: Where’s Your QB At



Fantasy Football Talk: Where’s Your QB At

It’s that time of year again, where we take out our pencils and circle the players that we would want on our football team.  Yes, I’m talking about Fantasy Football.

I’m no Matthew Barry, with 28 straight hours of free time on my hands to talk Fantasy Football, but I do own at least one Fantasy Football Team and I have this blog.  So let’s get down to the nitty gritty!  Draft Day is almost here and you need a QB.  Here are some things to look for in a Fantasy QB:

Stats tell you something but your gut tells you more.  Listen we all love the Stats on our QB’s but it’s your week to week but that is going to tell you who to play on Sunday.  Trust your Gut!  Matt Ryan had a phenomenal year, last year, and his fantasy points were through the roof but you know what?  He didn’t win a Superbowl last year!  Instead, the steady reliable Tom Brady won it.  And do you know why?  Because he was a match up nightmare for the Atlanta Falcon’s Secondary.  What it comes down to is who will win games.

Versatility will give you that extra edge week to week.  Listen I played Russel Wilson last year and the year before that.  What he was able to do for me was get those hard to find rushing yards.  It’s something that you don’t see out of many QBs but let me tell you he is a nightmare to match up against.  Yeah, he can throw the ball out of the pocket but you know what else he can do?  He can score Rushing TDs!  Yep, he is a double threat and its something to look for in a QB.

Red Zone scoring matters.  Listen I’m a big fan of down field deep threats but the QBs that I like the most are ones that can score in the Red Zone.  Cam Newton was notorious for this two years ago.  He was a Red Zone scoring machine, I mean really!  He would get the ball drive the field and score when he got within the 20-yard markers.  I know he had a weak year last year, it wasn’t like 2015 but he still is a solid pick as QB.

Deep and very long exhausting drives make your QB valuable.  Listen there is a reason why QBs like Aaron Rogers get mentioned all the time and it is because of the way he manages possession.  He can ice out games on extremely long drives that eat up most of the clock.  He is known for sitting in the pocket and taking his time to find an open man.  His drives typically exhaust the opposing defense, this means he is doing a good job.  You know that time of possession stat that you see but don’t pay attention to?  Yeah, I’d look more closely at it!

Week to week match ups is huge!  This one liner says it all for Fantasy Football.  Listen things are constantly changing week to week in the NFL.  It’s just the nature of the game.  But with it comes this great week to week match ups for QBs.  If you stick with a QB like Tom Brady every week you are going to have some of those weeks where your back up QB scores more points.  Hey, it happens but do yourself a favor and look for a Dak Prescott type Back up QB.  Someone who is good enough to have a few incredible games.  Last year Dak Prescott was a sleeper!  Believe it or not, he scores a bunch of fantasy points pretty quickly last year.

Above all else look at having a QB that can cover your bye weeks.  Listen Ben Roethlisberger had an average year but you know he was dependable when he was healthy.  And that is exactly why you pick him up.  Because he is a nitty gritty down and dirty QB who will grind out Yardage.  Yardage = Fantasy Points.  So go get a QB who will get you those points for those weeks!

The NFL Season opener starts in less than 3 weeks, so I suggest you get a giddy up on your Draft Picks Order.  You’re welcome!

I'm a self published writer and illustrator. I follow Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, some Golf and some eSports.

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Fantasy Football Talk: Who Is Injured This Week



Your favorite player gets on the Field for the beginning of the game.  It seems as though he will have a big Sunday.  Then on the opening drive he gets hit and falls awkwardly on his shoulder.  Bam!  He just got injured and is out of the game.  What do you do now!  Yes that’s right I’m talking about Fantasy Football.  More importantly, I’m talking about Aaron Rodgers going out for the Season on a broken collar bone.  Yikes, not another huge injury!  Haven’t we had enough of these.  I mean really every week someone goes down.

Every time this happens I feel for the players, the coaches, the owners, and the fans.  It’s just not what you want to see.  And frankly I thought that Aaron Rodgers would be able to dodge the “Season Ending Injury Bullet”.  But sadly he wasn’t able to.  He went out of the game on the first drive which meant, you guessed it, no Fantasy Points.  Now I cannot completely explain to you how huge this injury is for Fantasy Football.  So I’ll keep it simple.  It turned the Packers Team into a Questionable Playoff Team.  They were tops in the NFC in my opinion.  It’s just sad what happened.

Week 7 is now on our doorstep with Thursday Night Football and, you guessed it, you need your picks for the week.  The first thing to look at are the Teams with Bye Weeks.  This weeks Teams with Byes are: Houston and Detroit.  Yep no Deshaun Watson and no Matthew Stafford.  QBs are getting hard to come by and this week is no exception.  Hopefully you planned ahead and had a back up but if not here are my picks.

QBs to start for Week 7 pick up Alex Smith QB for Kansas City, if he is available.  If not you should be able to pick up Carson Palmer, he is available in most Leagues.  Last week he had an outstanding 20.9 Fantasy Points on 283 Yards and 3 TDs.  He has had a slow start but now with Adrian Peterson on the Team everyone has to be concerned about the run.  This has really opened up the Field for him.  Expect him to play well against the LA Rams on Sunday.

RBs that make my list to start this week are Jerick McKinnon, and Alvin Kamara.  Both should have good games on Sunday.  They were on my list last week.  McKinnon is coming off a 19.9 Fantasy Points Week.  Not too shabby!  Kamara is more of a solid RB2 as he is rushing behind Mark Ingram. This week he is projected to have 10 Fantasy Points.  Which is solid for a RB2.

WRs that are my picks this week are Devin Funchess, Allen Hurns, and Danny Amendola.  These guys get targeted each week and although risk/reward is significant they are one play away from a serious break out.  I have Hurns and so far I have been a bit disappointed in what I might get out of him yet he is still a solid Flex option.  Amendola is a no brainer if you need a WR/Flex.  He is a play maker for the Patriots and he keeps the “Chains” moving.  You just know if Tom Brady has a big game so will he.

TE to pick up Week 7?  Get Cameron Brate TE for Tampa Bay.  You can thank me later!  This is a guy who is having a great Season.  He is highly targeted and a reliable player.  Last Week he had 13.6 Fantasy Points on 6 Receptions for 76 Yards and a TD.  How about that!  He is averaging 10.4 Fantasy Points a week and is still available in some Leagues. He better than a replacement, start him!

For D/ST I’d go with Dallas.  Hey they’re playing the 49ers, go figure!  For Kickers if I need one I’m going with Greg Zuerlein K for the LA Rams.  He is a solid go to and is available in most Leagues.  Last week he scored 11 Fantasy Points  on 3 PATs and 2 FGs.

That pretty much wraps up my picks for the Week.  You know I’ll be watching Kansas City vs Oakland on Thursday Night Football at 8:25 pm on the NFL Network.  I gotta see how well Alex Smith plays, my pick for my Fantasy Football Team for Week 7.  Stay Healthy my friends!

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Fantasy Football Talk: Who Are You Playing This Week




It’s that one day in the week where you are scrambling to find a replacement for that great Tight End that just got hurt last Sunday.  Yup I’m talking about Fantasy Football.  More importantly I’m talking about Wednesdays in Fantasy Football.  It is the day where you get some of the early injury reports for your players. Sadly it is the day when you find out that great player that you have on your Fantasy Football Team is out for the year.  Yup we have all been there.  Hey it happens!  Last year it was Adrian Peterson for me.  Luckily Matthew Berry had a funny Blog that week, which lifted my spirits.

Wednesdays in Fantasy Football usually implies an long look at Players that are Available on Waivers.  Wednesdays are the day of week before the next week begins, on Thursday Night.  For those of you who like to set your line ups early, Wednesdays are the day to plan ahead.  Listen its not as big as Sunday Mornings.  Lets face it everyone is Questionable till Game Time on Sunday.  But it is a day to grab that one Player ahead of the rest of your League.

Its Week 6 already and that means that there are several Teams that have Byes.  This week the Teams not playing are: Seattle, Dallas, Cincinnati, and Buffalo.  Yep no Russel Wilson, no Dez Bryant, no A.J. Green, and no LeSean Mccoy.  Time to pick up some replacements for them.

Injuries are also plaguing the NFL.  Seriously, it would be nice if we went one week without a Season Ending Injury!  The big news as I hinted at earlier in this blog is that TE Charles Clay is out for multiple weeks.  Not only that but WR Odell Beckham Jr. will be out with a broken ankle, possibly Season Ending Injury.  It’s so disheartening to hear about injuries like this.  But that is Football for you!

Rob Gronkoswki will be coming back from a Thigh Injury and Tom Brady has a Shoulder Injury that he is working off.  Both are set to play Week 6 against the New York Jets.  Thank goodness for that bit of good news!  I’ll still be watching them closely as I’m sure many other people will.  But lets get back to some of the replacements for the week.

I picked up Ed Dickson TE this week.  He is a solid pick and if you are hurting for a TE he is available in most Leagues.  Last week he got 17 Fantasy Points from 5 catches and 175 Yards.  Pretty good, no pretty great!  He is filling the spot that Greg Olson left for the Carolina Panthers.  He is doing a nice job of filling it.  Look for Cam Newton to throw to him on Thursday Night Football.

For QB I’m still leaning hard on Deshaun Watson.  He had 35.5 Fantasy Points last week, from 5 TDs.  But maybe he isn’t available to you?  Then I’d go with Jacoby Brissett QB for the Colts.  Yeah he had an INT last week and he didn’t throw any TDs.  But listen he had 314 Yards in the air and he ran for a TD.  His Fantasy Value can only go up!  Pick him up if you are needing a replacement, for the week.

For RBs I’d look into getting Alvin Kamara, now that Adrian Peterson’s gone, or Javorius Allen.  But let’s say that they have already been picked up.  Then I’d go with Jerick McKinnon RB, he had 20.6 Fantasy Points last week.  He looks to be a solid Receiving Back for the Vikings and he is available in most Leagues.

Wide Receivers always have a risk/reward attached to them and this week I’m looking at Will Fuller V WR for the Texans.  If I want to take that chance with him.  If you just want someone for the week I’d pick him up.  Last week was one of his best outings with 2 TDs and 57 Yards.  That’s 18.2 Fantasy Points.  This week he is projected to get 7.3 Fantasy Points and he is available in most Leagues.  Hey that’s not to shabby!

For D/ST I’m picking Washington.  They will be playing the 49ers this week, need I say anything more?  No they are no Jacksonville, but like Jacksonville they have had an up and down Season.  They should be available, and hey it’s just for one week!

For Kickers I’m picking Ka’imi Fairbairn for the Huston Texans.  If Houston keeps scoring then he will keep scoring.  Oh yeah and he is averaging 9 Fantasy Points! I like the Kickers that I drafted but if the need should arise I’d pick him up for one of my Teams in a flash.

That about rounds out my picks on a Wednesday.  Wait till Thursday and Saturday for the latest on injury reports and so on.  Things will probably change again, for every Fantasy Owner.  It’s like the shifting Sands of the Sahara out there in the Football Universe.  You see a Player practicing one day and then he is out the next.  Let’s all hope for one week without a Player getting seriously injured.

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Fantasy Hockey: Something is Bruin in Fantasy Hockey



It’s almost here, Opening Night for the NHL, and things are getting exciting for Fantasy Hockey.  If you haven’t got your self a Team yet, you have until Thursday.  Yep, that’s right the highly grueling and extremely challenging of all Fantasy Games is back!  And I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve been looking forward to it.  More importantly, though Bruins Hockey is back!  They have a lot of players who will have huge impacts on Fantasy Leagues.  So Let’s look at how well the Bruins Players are projected to score this year in Fantasy Points.

Bruins Forwards who are highly scored.  Brad Marchand tops the list with a score of 239, that’s what his total Fantasy Points were last season.  This season he is projected to have a very good 226 Fantasy Points.  He should be a quick pickup for any Fantasy League.  I picked him up for my Team and I expect him to have some good games.  Hey, he is a real playmaker, of course, he will be a great pickup for your Fantasy Team!  He had 39 Goals and 46 Assists last year.  Yeah, that’s about tops in the NHL.

David Pastrnak is next in line as the Starting Forward Position for the Bruins.  He got a new contract during the offseason to play for the Bruins and boy all of us fans are happy about that.  Last year he scored 198 Fantasy Points, not too shabby.  He had 34 Goals and 36 Assists which is second highest on the team.  Look for him to have another standout year.  He is projected to have 209 Fantasy Points this year.  I also picked him up for my Fantasy Team and you should too.

You can’t say Bruins without thinking of a player like Patrice Bergeron.  This is a guy who continues to give the Bruins his best year in and year out.  Last year he snagged his fourth Selke Trophy.  With 21 Goals and 32 Assists, he is a solid player.  Last year he had a lower score than he typically has with 144 Fantasy Points.  He is expected to have a better season with a projected 175 Fantasy Points.  He is a good player to pick up for Fantasy.  His Ice Time alone will give you an impact on your chances to score Fantasy Points as he is up there at nearly 20 minutes.

David Krejci is somewhere at 5 or 6 on the Bruins stacked Line.  He is another solid player to have on your Fantasy Team and you know what?  He only gets better.  Last year he scored 145 Fantasy Points with 23 Goals and 31 Assists.  This tied his career high in Goals!  Like I said he is solid.  This year he is projected to have 158 Fantasy Points.  I have him and I am starting him on my Fantasy Team.  Overall I’d say pick him up but look for him a little later in your Draft before picking him up right away.  There are a few better risk/reward players out there.

Bruins Defense-men who are highly scored.  Torey Krug tops the list with a score of 135 Fantasy Points last year.  He had 8 Goals and 43 Assists, which is really good for a Defense-man.  What standouts more were his Shots on Goal which was 208.  That right there is fantastic for a Fantasy Owner.  It’s exactly what you want to see from a player.  Plus his Ice Time is great at over 21 minutes.  This year will be challenging for him as he is dealing with a fractured jaw.  Poor guy!  If he stays healthy he is expected to have a projected 133 Fantasy Points.  Right now he is listed as out but if he is able to play and available I’d pick him up for my Fantasy Team.

You can’t think Bruins Defense-men without thinking Zdeno Chara.  This is a guy who plays with power and heart.  He is a Power Play Icer.and should easily fit into your Fantasy Team.  Last year he scored 75 Fantasy Points.  I know its not huge but listen for a Defense-man you want someone who will play a lot.  And his 23 minutes on the Ice average is just rock solid.  He will soak up plenty of Ice Time for you and give you a well-rounded Fantasy Team.  I don’t have him on my Fantasy Team but he is definitely on my Watchlist.

You can’t help but think of Bruins Goalie Tuukka Rask when you’re talking Fantasy Hockey.  He is a guy who has never had his save percentage dip below .915.  Pretty impressive!  Last year he scored 72 Fantasy Points with 37 Wins out of 65 Games Played.  He had a .915 Save Percentage and 2.23 Goals Allowed Average.  He has had four consecutive years of over 30 Wins.  Let me tell you he is tops in Fantasy Hockey because of this.  I have him on my Fantasy Team and he is my go-to Starting Goalie.  I’d say pick him up early in your Draft if you really want him on your Fantasy Team.  He is a hot pickup!

That pretty much rounds out the Bruins Players to look for in Fantasy Hockey.  Opening night is Thursday, October 5th at 7 pm at the TD Garden where they will be facing off against the Nashville Predators. Don’t Poke the Bear, Go Bruins!

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