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Must Watch: Floyd Mayweather Makes It Rain On Connor McGregor

It was indeed real money, but like McGregor said all $1 dollar bills.

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Barstool’s Rough N Rowdy A Diamond In The Rough



Barstool’s Rough N Rowdy event on Friday night put on quite the show showing why the media juggernaut might have found the next WWE.

Dave Portnoy and Barstool Sports purchased Rough N Rowdy on November 9th, 2017 and have conducted two boxing tournaments with pay-per-view numbers that continue to grow. Both of the two matches they have hosted so far have included Barstool personalities.

The first event featured Hank Lockwood vs Tex. On Friday the company had Adam Smith vs Shaun Latham. Having personalities going head-to-head certainly helped Barstools success in hosting the tournament, but it doesn’t truly explain how they were able to drive in such a mass.

According to Portnoy, the companies final pay-per-view numbers for Friday’s boxing tournament was 41,000 paid viewers. The cost of the fight? $15 the day of and $9.99 leading the weeks leading into the fight. Low-end Barstool made $409,590 off the pay-per-view, not including the thousands who purchased tickets to watch the event in person.

Realistically, Barstool likely eclipsed well over half a million for broadcasting and running a boxing match located in West Virginia.

For those who were puzzled into why Barstool purchased this amateur boxing tournament, Portnoy’s insight back when his company acquired it was spot on.

“What does Rough N Rowdy do for us? It doesn’t matter if you like us, hate us, whatever. We speak directly to our own consumers. Nobody can fuck with Rough and Rowdy. We’re going to put out a product that is unbelievable, we’re going to have Barstool personalities involved, we’re going to do a 24/7 style, go into these fighters’ houses, show how they live, build up the grudges, do all that leading up to these huge pay-per-view events.” Portnoy stated in the acquisition announcement press conference.

Friday’s fights were one after another with some highs and lows. Some fights were certainly way better than others, but for the price, Barstool delivered their audience quite the bargain.

Their critics may never understand what makes this media company tick, but Friday night’s fights were perfectly Barstool. It appears that Portnoy and Barstool have once again spotted a diamond in the rough.

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