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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly



It’s Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving. Most of us are dealing with a serious deficiency of enthusiasm. In the belly of America sits a disgusting amalgam of turkey fat, gravy, stuffing and all sorts of indulgent unspeakables.

Today is the guiltiest day of the year.

I’m here to overmaster the lullaby of tryptophan that is currently pressing down on your body. The remedy: A column that caters to you food drunk couch-potatoes. It’s time for a special installment of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – “Thanksgiving Hangover/Don’t Look at Me I’m a Pig Edition”.

The Good

One would presume that rigorously conditioned athletes are impervious to the decedent temptation that is Thanksgiving. But on Turkey Day, Tom Brady dispelled this misconception with a surprisingly transparent Instagram post.

Believe it or not, even the GOAT, Tom Brady, eats like a pig during the holiday season.

Brady recently shared a special Thanksgiving picture of himself, in the kitchen, tending to a freshly baked mountain of buttery biscuits. Remember that this is the guy who doesn’t drink carbonated beverages because he believes that they induce dehydration. To call his “scientific” diet “strict” would be an understatement.

Apparently Tom’s doughy morsels derive from an heirloom recipe. Tom spoke on his alarming consumptiveness. He said “As a young boy, my favorite part of every holiday was eating my Grandma’s biscuits.”

Oh boy, here we go with the excuses!

But in all seriousness, it’s heartwarming to see this stoic football legend commemorating his Grandma in such a human way.

Before the photo was released, I always pictured Tom Brady trying to photosynthesize in the corner of his family’s dining room, rather than succumbing to a Thanksgiving dinner. So good for you, Tom! Live it up; eat those biscuits. The holidays come but once a year!

This picture should provide Patriots fans with some solace. Just know that while you restlessly stir on your couch with an inflated belly, Tom Brady is right there with you!

The Bad

The streak is over; the Boston Celtics were defeated by the Miami Heat, on Wednesday night, 98-104. It wasn’t exactly a blowout, but the final score doesn’t illustrate just how poorly the Celtics played during this contest.

Boston was down 41-54, going into halftime. As usual, the Celtics needed a fire under their collective rump, before they would try to turn it on in this game.

Although the C’s made a formidable push in the fourth quarter, the Heat were still able to tenaciously hold onto this impressive victory.

The only positive takeaway from this loss is that the Celtics simply miscalculated the potency of Miami’s offense. It was a corrigible mistake. Boston allowed fringe-superstars, Goran Dragic and Dion Waiters, to produce 53 points for the Heat.

Miami finished with 11 more rebounds than the C’s – a fatal blow. If you juxtapose the unmitigated explosion of scoring with Miami’s underestimated rebounding ability, it’s easy to see how Boston lost this game.

So the freakish spree of wins stopped at 16 games. But can Celtics fans really complain?

This is a young team. Considering the fact that they’re Eastern Conference title contenders, it’s better for Boston to get all the latent losing out of their system now. These contests will really start to matter in the playoffs.

On Friday night, the Celtics will look to kindle a new winning streak, having had a couple of days (including a holiday) to recover. They’ll be taking on an Orlando Magic team that they already trounced earlier in November, 104-88.

These guys should be the perfect slowpitch to get the Celtics back on track.

The Ugly

Part of Thanksgiving, for sports fans, is watching the requisite NFL games that are played on this holiday, every year. It’s a facet of the NFL schedule that never fails to give the audience a solid product.

Well on Thursday, football fans learned that nothing is infallible in professional sports – even the venerated battle for the Turkey Leg Award.

Sidebar: Vince Wilfork is the greatest turkey leg eater of all-time. I cannot imagine a more appropriate profligate to wolf down this greasy meat trophy on live television.

One of the two perennial Thanksgiving game hosts, the Dallas Cowboys, got absolutely trampled, on Thursday afternoon. They suffered a mortifying loss, at the hands of the LA Chargers, fumbling the turkey (sure that’s a saying) 28-6… the Cowboys lost.

Dak Prescott has scored a whopping 1.8 cumulative fantasy points, since Ezekiel Elliott’s looming suspension was finally enforced a couple of weeks ago. So say sayonara to a Cowboys-Pats Super Bowl!

Following this nonplussing mid-day scrimmage was the Giants-Redskins night game. Somehow this one succeeded in being equally as boring as it’s matinee counterpart.

It took these two middling teams over 17 minutes to score a single point. And those highly anticipated first points would come in the form of a field goal for the New York Giants.

The Washington Redskins suppressed an unremarkable New York Giants attack, winning the game (and the Turkey Leg) 20-10. This game was an effective post-meal tranquilizer.

What was most confusing about these Thanksgiving matchups: Which one was supposed to be the climax? We’re to believe that the schedule makers, at the beginning of the year, saw some opportunity for a well-fought and heated skirmish between a preponderance of titans here? That’s ludicrous.

“Guys I have to stop eating dessert so I can focus on the Redskins-Giants game.” – said no one ever

This just goes to show that you can adhere to traditions, but you can’t manufacture the holiday spirit. The New York Giants and the Washington Redskins collaborated to extinguish whatever was cooking in your Thanksgiving oven, on Thursday night.

Columnist operating out of Manchester, NH. Retired pitcher (unprofessional not amateur). Voracious consumer of all things Celtics and Red Sox. Sometimes I produce content as well.

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Boston Celtics

Jayson Tatum’s Patience: The Deciding Factor



Jayson Tatum

There is currently a preponderance of NBA rookies who are dominating the league. We’re talking about 20-somethings (some even younger than that) leading their teams in nearly every statistical category.

This is no longer your father’s NBA.

Gone are the days of “earning your stripes”. In today’s game, if a player has the talent he’s going to be encouraged to use it.

Our favorite youngling, here in Boston, is unanimously Jayson Tatum. This 19-year-old kid has stormed the Garden like some new-school Larry BirdPaul Pierce hybrid. He’s the futuristic embodiment of “Celtics Basketball” – the silhouette for Boston’s modern logo.

But Tatum’s not even the superlative of this year’s rookie class!

Many “Green Teamers” would argue the cockeyed contention that Jayson Tatum is a shoo-in for Rookie of the Year. As heartening as it may be for the flourishing freshman to hear such high praise, it still stems from unchecked fandom.

I swear, there must be something circulating around the Charles River. It seems that Boston has become more and more generous, in recent years, when it comes to appraising young talent.

In every sport, we’re ready to give our kindergarteners their high school diploma, the very second they demonstrate their ability.

The homer expectations, surrounding Jayson Tatum, are in need of an adjustment. Let’s take a look at a few rookies, who are ahead of Tatum in the primary categories.

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Boston Celtics

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly



New England is now fully immersed in the brisk whirlwind of the holiday season. This is a conflicted time for sports fans.

The threadbare traditions and awkward reunion of estranged family members only serves to interrupt our connection to our favorite teams. And it happens right when we’re in the thick of things.

How can one prioritize with so many agendas – family or sports? Surely there will come a moment when you’ll have to choose.

But do not worry. Trifecta Sports has your back.

We’re here to abbreviate all of the Boston Sports highlights so that fans can stay tuned in, all while going through the motions of the season. I promise to be even more critical and unforgiving, when eviscerating the play of New England teams.

So do your thing! Put a smile on for the family. And keep coming to Trifecta for sports news, whenever you get a free second to pretend that you’re bathroom.

You already know what this is, folks. It’s time for another perturbed installment of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Walking in Winter Wonderland Edition.

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Boston Celtics

Celtics 2018 Draft Prospects



Boston Celtics

They say lightning never strikes twice, but the Boston Celtics have managed to capture lightning in a bottle multiple times, with their past several draft picks. From flowering stars like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, to secondary underdogs like Terry Rozier and Marcus Smart – the C’s recent draft decisions look more educated with every passing game.

But the exhilarating string of Brooklyn picks, which the infamous Big 3 trade exfoliated, are now all but exhausted. Well, directly speaking that is (semantics). Boston must now face a new mutation of parlayed picks and the stipulations that come with them.

Fun, right?

The selections of the immediate future will be governed by all sorts of caveats and esoteric protections that are hard to get excited about.

Nonetheless, Danny Ainge and his pencil-pushing subordinates have demonstrated their superlative ability to make something out of nothing. Whether the Celtics have the first pick or the last pick, they are going to find value in a “Belichickian” manner.

Let’s take a look at the prospects that Boston should consider drafting, come June of 2018.

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