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ICC 2017: Roma vs Juventus at Gillette Stadium



ICC 2017: Roma vs Juventus at Gillette Stadium

In part of the International Champions Cup series, Roma and Juventus played a game at Gillette Stadium on Sunday. In front of 33,039 fans, Juventus tied with Roma 1-1. The game was then thrust into penalty kicks to decide the final outcome. Juventus proved to be the victor.

Juventus presented early pressure on Roma and was the first to a goal. In the 28′ Mario Mandzukic buried the ball in the back of the net with Roma goalie Alisson out of the net.

Both sides traded opportunities and a goal ruled offsides in the 50′ kept it a 1-0 game. In the 74′, Roma was able to net the equalizer with Edin Dzeko scoring to tie it at 1-1.

In penalty kicks, it was a back and forth of goal after goal. This occurred until Juventus ended the prolonged shootout.

One thing that was impressive was the passing and ball movement that Juventus showed on Sunday.

Ultimately it made for an enjoyable Sunday afternoon showing a different speed of soccer that isn’t often on display in New England. The game ended in a tie but was a riveting back-and-forth affair with two of the better teams in Europe showing what they were made of. Penalty kicks decided the final outcome of the game and felt similar to a shoot out of the hockey world. Something I think MLS should adopt for their regular season games.

The fans in attendance at Gillette Stadium showed that soccer has become a major sport in the United States with the majority of the lower bowl in the stadium sold out.

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