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Update: Jerry Remy Says Non-English Speaking Pitchers Shouldn’t Get Translators

NESN’s Boston Red Sox Color Analyst Jerry Remy Says Non-English Speaking Pitchers Such As Yankees Mashiro Tanaka Should Not Be Allowed To Use Translators

Tuesday night was a weird night for baseball, you had a broadcaster say Philadelphia Phillies star Odubel Herrera will never be a building block due to the fact he doesn’t speak English, and last night on the NESN broadcast Jerry Remy made a comment about how non-English speaking pitchers should not be allowed translators during mound visits.

‘I don’t think that should be legal,’’ Remy said, telling play-by-play man Dave O’Brien, ‘‘I really don’t.’’

‘Learn baseball language. You know, learn, it’s pretty simple. You break it down pretty easy between pitching coach and pitcher after a long period of time.”

O’Brien answered: ‘‘I would say that probably, you know, they’re concerned about nuance being lost in some of these conversations.’’

Remy made those remarks on air after Tanaka was visited by Japanese translator Shingo Horie and pitching coach Larry Rothschild in the fourth inning at Yankee Stadium.

The comments by Remy quickly picked up criticism on social media and it resulted in a NESN spokesperson making a comment to distance the company from their color analysts comments.

“We do not share the views expressed by Jerry Remy during last night’s broadcast,” spokeswoman Zineb Curran said in an email to the Globe.

Remy has been a long-time color analyst for NESN and his time has clearly been on the way out with the network slowly pushing him out over the years. His comments reflect a baseball fan that is of the older generation, than the newer one. The great thing about baseball is there is no language, there are no borders. Baseball language is universal, it is not English, Spanish, or Japanese, it is the game of baseball.

What makes the sport great is it’s unique ability to bring in people from different backgrounds, Remy’s comments are out-of-touch, and will likely speed up his inventible push out of the Red Sox broadcast booth by NESN.

Update: Jerry Remy Takes To Twitter To Apologize

Update: Jerry Remy Says Non-English Speaking Pitchers Shouldn’t Get Translators
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