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Legendary Southern New England Retailer Closing Its Doors



Legendary Southern New England Retailer Closing Its Doors

In a surprising announcement, Benny’s will be closing its doors at the end of 2017. The retailer owns and operates 31 stores in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Benny’s is well known for selling everything from snow shovels, car parts, bikes, and a bunch of other things to Southern New Englanders

While it is unclear if the chain’s sales have declined, the move to close down shop is being sold as the owners wanting to retire.

The President of Benny’s, Arnold Bromberg, is the third generation of his family to run the chain. With the family telling employees about the move on Friday afternoon they released a statement discussing their reasoning for the shutdown.

“We take great pride in what our retail stores have meant to our employees and many loyal customers for so long. But it is simply time,” Bromberg said in a statement. Changes in the retail industry have made it “nearly impossible for small, family-owned chains like ours to reasonably compete moving forward,” he said.

This closure will put 715 part-time and full-time workers out of work in all three states in which they operate. The company is privately held, so all sales figures are private. But Bromberg had this to say when describing the industry and its bleak outlook.

This was “a calculated business decision based on our knowledge of the retail industry and where it is going in the future.” He later added, “That future is not so bright for small, family-owned chains like ours.”.

Benny’s owns most of its stores’ land and buildings, and Bromberg said they are fielding offers for the real estate, “with an eye toward future use.”

According to the family, many of their stores sit on land on which the company owns. The families plan is to sell the real estate off. For the Bromberg family and their customers who have shopped at Benny’s for generations, this hits home hard.

“We feel that Benny’s has become part of what makes our small corner of the world so special,” Bromberg said. “We’ll miss our loyal customers and our employees — friends and neighbors — generations of whom have shopped our stores for the past 93 years and have referred to Benny’s as ‘my favorite store.’

With shopping in 2017 continuing to trend online with companies like Amazon taking over. Hearing of this news isn’t a shock. But the continuing of a trend that showcases small and medium size American businesses being killed off.

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How the NBA has Posterized the Modern Age



Nobody watches sports on TV anymore, right? The instant gratification, that technology offers us, overpowers our interest to consume sporting events in their entirety.

It’s like choosing a home-cooked meal over astronaut food – consuming highlights on Twitter is SO much more efficient than watching the whole game.

Analysts have deduced, from declining NFL TV Ratings, that the audience for sports is dwindling. Excuses manifold have been made in an attempt to explain this seemingly inexplicable phenomenon.

You hear things like social media, those darn video games and even Reefer Madness. Others point to rule changes and a degrading “on the field” product. Some have even conjectured that recent political controversies have dissuaded a large portion of the NFL audience from watching telecasts of the game.

There are no days like the good ol’ days!

But the NFL is not the only sports league to be afflicted with declining ratings.

In fact, America’s favorite pastime, baseball, has all but lost the viewership of the younger demographics. This is the part of the population that will buy merchandise. They actually care about who’s “in”.

The average MLB fan is now 100 years old.

I joke, but this is not a huge exaggeration. The average MLB fan is now 53 years old, while the NFL’s average fan is not much younger – at 47 years old.

Two of the major sports leagues have hopelessly seen their popularity diminish, over the past few decades. So one would presume that this trend has spread across the rest of the Sports World. But the NBA has actually prospered during this window of media volatility.

The NBA’s season-opener has increased, in Nielsen TV Ratings, by about 63% since 2015. And the average basketball fan is only 37 years old. 

Somehow basketball has managed to appeal to the younger audience that is umbilically attached to electronic distractions. Yes, the very same distractions that have syphoned away the attention of these fans from the other sports leagues.

This must suggest that the NBA is communing with some wizard who is giving Adam Silver and his subordinates total clairvoyance, right? Well, the NFL and the MLB should stop searching for their Magic 8-Ball. It’s not out there.   

The NBA’s continued success is easy to explain: It is the league of Pop Culture. Therefore the NBA is both the cure and the symptom. And it is the only institution that is impervious to the ever-changing winds of digital time.

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Boston Celtics

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly



This weekend promises to be the greatest weekend of the year. Just look at the sheer quantity of sporting events. The World Series, the NFL and the NBA are all in full-swing – it’s the Autumn Trifecta.

You’d need screens inestimable, in order to consume all of these contests at once. I know that, come Sunday night, my living room is going to contain enough wires and hardware to jack into the Matrix, if I wanted to (and I do).

So make yourself some nachos (or whatever you kids eat nowadays) and crack open a sodie pop. It’s time for a super special installment of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly – the Greatest Weekend Ever Edition.

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Boston Red Sox

Pat’s Back on Track, Sale Lets us Down, Cam’s Big Mouth




There comes a time, but once a year, when the respective schedules of 3 decorated Boston Sports teams overlap. It is the most sanctified of trifectas. One could call it the sports equivalent of a three-way eclipse. When such a thing happens, the real-world is opaqued and overshadowed by it’s importance.

Okay, ditching the bombast now.

On this past Thursday, the Red Sox, the Bruins and the Patriots all participated in very important games. This smorgasbord of sports was served at a most opportune time for New Englanders. We were all starting to get a tad depressed, considering the most recent downward trend of our beloved franchises.

I mean going into Thursday night, the Patriots were tied with the New York Jets in the AFC East. That sentence alone encapsulates just how poorly things have been going here in Boston, as of late.

How will we ever get through this densely entangled mess of Boston Sports? You already know: It’s time for another highly anticipated edition of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

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