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MLB 2017 Home Run Derby Winner Aaron Judge Has a Shocking Performance



MLB 2017 Home Run Derby Winner Aaron Judge Has a Shocking Performance

It is the All-Star break again which means that it is time to see the big bats of the League hit some Home Runs.

To start things off I think I should mention a few things.  This year’s Derby has a few Rule changes.  There is a timer of 4 Minutes instead of the 10 Outs for missing Home Runs.  This makes a huge difference as the Batters can hit an unlimited amount of baseballs.  It also means that the old records are up for grabs

Records like Josh Hamilton‘s 28 Home Runs in one round.  Some critics would call the Home Run Derby a glorified Batting Practice and I would agree with them that that’s exactly the way it feels at first.

The hype around it at first seems manufactured/forced and I felt while watching it that it really felt that way, like they were forcing it.  But after the first pairing, I began to realize just how difficult this must be to go 3 Rounds power hitting for 4 Minutes each.  It seemed to quell that argument and showed just how important the Home Run Derby is to the fans.  Last night was a real whopper and it was amazing to watch, even with the forced hype.

So before things got started they had a concert first, of course.  Every event these days seems to have a concert before it.  And while I waited for Pit Bull to finish is the latest song on curvy girls, while the dancers were shaking their booties.  I was thinking to myself who is going to win this year.  Believe it or not, I called out Miguel Sano as my dark horse pick for making it to the Finals of the HR Derby.  I also picked Aaron Judge as the winner in the Finals of the HR Derby.  Seeing as how he became the first player ever to hit 30 Home Runs before the All-Star break.  I felt like he was destined to win this one.

The First pairing was slow with Sano getting the win.  He just took his time with it.  Taking a lot of hits but slowing the pace down so that he would have enough endurance to go 4 Minutes, and 30 Seconds for the bonus (If you hit 2 HRs 440 Feet).  He survived the Round by 1 Home Run.  The next pairing was just as good as the first with Gary Sanchez winning it by 1 Homer.  When the 3rd pairing started to swing the bats you could tell that they were naturals.  With an uppercut swing Rookie, Cody Bellinger took it to go to the Semis.  One Homer ahead of Charlie Blackmon.

Then Justin Bour came up and hit a whopping 22 Home Runs.  It looked daunting but of course, he was facing Aaron Judge.  Judge would go on to hit 23 absolute bombs.  I mean seriously it was incredible!  He was on fire, and several of them neared the 500 feet mark.  One went 503 feet.  I was on the edge of my seat during his performance.

And you know what?

He made it look effortless like he was just warming up.  In point of fact, he was just warming up.  Sano and Judge would go on to meet in the Finals.  In fact, both of them would hit monster Home Runs.  Sano hit one high and deep while lightning flashed outside the Stadium Windows.  It was stunning.  Then Judge came up and during his outs, he had hit the roof of the Stadium at least twice, and those didn’t count as Homers even though they were going out.

It was ridiculous the way he was hitting!

His best Homer went 513 Feet and that was pretty much icing on the cake as he would go on to beat Sano [11-10].

The excitement was in the air and was palpable whenever anybody hit a dinger.  I feel as though after watching it that it really was something special, and I hate to contradict myself but it really did live up to the hype.  Aaron Judge looks like the real deal and he is someone to watch for in the second half of the Season.

“This Home Run Derby is for the Fans,” just as Aaron said after receiving his Trophy.

I'm a self published writer and illustrator. I follow Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, some Golf and some eSports.

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Shohei Ohtani Picks Angels, Already Headed Towards Disaster



Japanese sensation Shohei Ohtani is taking his talents to the lovely city of Anaheim. Ohtani is being heralded as this generations Babe Ruth with the ability to both pitch lights out and hit the long ball. Ohtani made the decision like many top Japanese stars have done in the past and take his talents to Major League Baseball.

Many teams competed for his services but the center of attention wanted to go to a small market with no real expectations of winning. What he ended up choosing is a fairly large market but with no real expectations of winning anything anytime soon.

It will be interesting to see how the Angels use Ohtani. One common line of thinking has been that an American League team would use Ohtani as a designated hitter on days he doesn’t pitch. The Angels already have Albert Pujols, who is essentially a full-time DH. But despite being called a slugger he only managed a .672 OPS last season so who knows if he can even hit at a major league level.

With many of these Japanese stars, you really have no idea how they will perform till they get over here and actually play. All signs are pointing towards a failure of epic proportions though with there being a slim chance he pans out as a hitter.

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How the NBA has Posterized the Modern Age



Nobody watches sports on TV anymore, right? The instant gratification, that technology offers us, overpowers our interest to consume sporting events in their entirety.

It’s like choosing a home-cooked meal over astronaut food – consuming highlights on Twitter is SO much more efficient than watching the whole game.

Analysts have deduced, from declining NFL TV Ratings, that the audience for sports is dwindling. Excuses manifold have been made in an attempt to explain this seemingly inexplicable phenomenon.

You hear things like social media, those darn video games and even Reefer Madness. Others point to rule changes and a degrading “on the field” product. Some have even conjectured that recent political controversies have dissuaded a large portion of the NFL audience from watching telecasts of the game.

There are no days like the good ol’ days!

But the NFL is not the only sports league to be afflicted with declining ratings.

In fact, America’s favorite pastime, baseball, has all but lost the viewership of the younger demographics. This is the part of the population that will buy merchandise. They actually care about who’s “in”.

The average MLB fan is now 100 years old.

I joke, but this is not a huge exaggeration. The average MLB fan is now 53 years old, while the NFL’s average fan is not much younger – at 47 years old.

Two of the major sports leagues have hopelessly seen their popularity diminish, over the past few decades. So one would presume that this trend has spread across the rest of the Sports World. But the NBA has actually prospered during this window of media volatility.

The NBA’s season-opener has increased, in Nielsen TV Ratings, by about 63% since 2015. And the average basketball fan is only 37 years old. 

Somehow basketball has managed to appeal to the younger audience that is umbilically attached to electronic distractions. Yes, the very same distractions that have syphoned away the attention of these fans from the other sports leagues.

This must suggest that the NBA is communing with some wizard who is giving Adam Silver and his subordinates total clairvoyance, right? Well, the NFL and the MLB should stop searching for their Magic 8-Ball. It’s not out there.   

The NBA’s continued success is easy to explain: It is the league of Pop Culture. Therefore the NBA is both the cure and the symptom. And it is the only institution that is impervious to the ever-changing winds of digital time.

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Boston Red Sox

Minimum Expectations for the 2018 Red Sox



Last year, it was Chris Sale; in 2016, the exorbitantly expensive David Price was all the hype. Both of these roundly heralded saviors produced the same underwhelming results. Another short-winded trip to the playoffs; another bummer of a year.

The Red Sox simply cannot afford a third consecutive first-round exit, in the 2018 postseason. And it seems that Dave Dombrowski knows this. In an attempt to prevent car-flipping anarchy in the streets, he fired the overseer of all this recent failure (his direct subordinate) – John Farrell.

Now the Sox will be heading into next season with a newfangled remedy. No, it’s not a hundred-million dollar player. This time around, management has received the upgrade. It’s the newly hired manager, Alex Cora, who will be charged with the burden of resurrecting one of the most venerated franchises in professional sports.

On Monday, Cora was formally introduced to Boston as the new manager (or scapegoat).

Good luck, buddy! You’re gonna need it.  

Should Boston fans really expect an appreciable change to be affected by just one man? After all, this is exactly what we’ve done, to no avail, for the past few years. And if Cora really represents the end-all-be-all solution, what is a realistic accomplishment for him, and his club, in the first season of his tenure?

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