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The NBA Finals: The Rematch, Game 1

The NBA Finals: The Rematch, Game 1

A lot can happen in a year and the long grind to get back to the NBA Finals is daunting.  Last year the Cleveland Cavaliers came back from 3-1 games to win the NBA Championship against the Golden State Warriors.  It was an incredible and historic series.  It was a wild finish to the Season.  It was remarkable and all you can remember of it is Game 7.  Game 7 is all you need to say when talking about last year’s NBA Finals.  It was momentous and how LeBron James brought a Championship to Cleveland will remain in our minds forever.  The fandom and parade that followed speaks for itself.  Yes that’s right Cleveland won a Championship and a promise was fulfilled.

Now we are back again as these two Titans of Teams play each other again.  It’s here, it’s on, they are back!  And I have goosebumps!  I mean seriously how can you not.  It’s the NBA Finals.  The fact that they are back here one year later, really shows the determination of these teams.

Game 1

So last night [Thursday] was Game 1 and the differences between last year’s teams is night and day.  Last year the Cav’s played big to small.  With the Cav’s having bigger players they defended the basket well.  The Warriors had trouble matching up against them, even with Kevin Love out.  Fast forward to this year and now the Warriors have an answer to this big small match up.

Enter Kevin Durant, who the Warriors’ picked up this Season.  All Star Durant is a match up nightmare against any team.  He can rebound, he can defend, and more importantly he can score.  Last night he showed off his skills and scored over 30 points.  The big small match up of a year ago is no more; Kevin Durant changes the equation.

Last night’s game was lop sided as the Warriors took the lead and never looked back.  They went on a scoring tare as they stretched the lead to 24 points.  LeBron did all he could do for his Team, scoring 28 points and getting 15 rebounds for the Double Double.  It could have been a closer game but the Cav’s turned the ball over too many times.  And the Warriors capitalized with points off of turnovers.  The Cav’s had more turnovers than assists.  Meanwhile the Warriors had a record low 4 turnovers which is tied for all time in the NBA Finals.

The Cav’s learned last night that they are going to need to hold onto the ball more and set the pace of the game.  Last night’s game was quick and frenzied.  It was the pace of how the Warriors play; quick with jumpers from outside the arc.  They love fast paced games, as they can quickly jump out to a formidable lead.  They also learned that they need to cover Durant better.  They can’t have him making big plays or taking it right to the rim.  They also need to watch out for his outside jumper.  Better defense should make for a closer game.  Last night the Cavs got blown out 113-91 by the Warriors.

Game 2

It will be interesting to see what changes they make for Game 2.  It should be thrilling either way.  I mean the rivalry between these teams is at it’s height.  You can tell they both have a drive to win.  Especially with the All Star players on both teams.  Now I can’t wait for Game 2 which is on Sunday night at 8pm on ABC.  Let the goosebumps commence!

The NBA Finals: The Rematch, Game 1
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