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NESN Will Not Air David Ortiz Roast

NESN Will Not Air David Ortiz Roast For Reasons Including Severe Profanity And NSFW Jokes

Want to watch the David Ortiz roast in full on television?

Well you can’t because NESN has decided against airing the content that was originally slated to air this weekend.

The reason NESN executives have decided to not air the program is because the content contained NSFW jokes filled with profanity that caused some members of the audience to feel uncomfortable in their seats. The program had all the big names on it, Bill Burr, Lenny Clarke, and Sarah Tiana as the big name comedians.

Boston sports stars were also present including Rob Gronkowski and Dustin Pedroia, but even with NESN there to film the program it will likely never be broadcasted by the network. It was supposed to be played at some point this weekend but those plans were scrubbed on Friday with NESN officially cancelling any broadcast of it.

But if you are fan of comedy and crude humor, Thursday nights roast of David Ortiz was chalk full of jokes.

There were jokes about race, sex, and scandals that have hit the Boston market.

“Anthony [Mackie] is here because we needed someone to be racist to and Adam Jones had a game tonight,” said Tiana, referring to the Orioles outfielder who was subjected to racial slurs from a fan during a recent game at Fenway Park.

When the crowd booed, Tiana laughed.

“[Expletive] y’all,” she hissed.

Boston area native Bill Burr ripped into Ortiz and Gronkowski.

“Do you ever turn anything down, Gronk?” said Burr. “You would [expletive] spike a flaming cross at a Klan rally if they promised you travel and some buffalo wings.”

Burr’s taunts of Ortiz were something to behold.

“I can’t believe they’re retiring this guy’s number,” said Burr. “He’s a [expletive] DH. Retiring a DH’s number is like putting a vice president on Mount Rushmore.”

“Where do you get off being honored when you only have three championships?” said Burr. “Last I checked, [Tom] Brady had five and he’s still playing. Imagine if you just ate a salad every once in a while.”

While it may be tough not being able to see what must have been a hilarious night. It is understandable that NESN declined to air the program.

The video below contains extreme profanity for warning, but it contains some of the jokes told by Gronk at the event. 

NESN Will Not Air David Ortiz Roast
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