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New England Patriots Are Still On The Top Looking Down

New England Patriots Are Still On The Top Looking Down On The Rest Of The NFL. Everyone Else Is Playing Checkers While The Patriots Are Playing Chess

The current state of the NFL is a landscape with a lot of really good football teams, but only one of the 32 teams are great. That team is the New England Patriots.

The Patriots are the defending Super Bowl Champions and they will be in the running this season to have the chance to do what they did in 2002, win a title in 3 of 4 seasons. A feat that would make another Tom Brady lead Patriot Dynasty.

Looking around the NFL you see teams riddled with mediocracy and the inability to build Super Bowl winning teams. In New England you have a team that just won the Super Bowl and still added an incredible amount of talent to their squad for the future. This offseason, Bill Belichick added more offensive touchdown players from the previous season than any other team in the NFL. A thought that seems crazy for a defending Super Bowl Champion.

But in New England, with the Brady era closing, going all-out for title number 6 is consuming Belichick and ownership. The desire to win won more for Tom and tie his Hall of Fame career in a neat bow has put the priority on fielding the best football team possible.

Off-season acquisition list highlights:

With New England, the crazy thing is they won last season’s Super Bowl all without the help of all-world tight end Rob Gronkowski for the majority of the season. Now with Gronk coming back, receiver Malcom Mitchell in his second year, and running back Dion Lewis finally healthy, this Patriots team has seemingly found another way to add event more talent and production then they had last year.

The rest of the NFL is playing checkers while Belichick and the Patriots in New England are playing chess.

The top teams around the league are arguable at this point, Dallas’s rookie duo Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are entering their sophomore years, but putting a thumb on the Cowboys right now is impossible. The Raiders should in theory have a solid squad, but who knows what Derek Carr will be like coming back from season ending injury.

The Seahawks since losing to the Patriots three years ago have fallen apart, Russell Wilson’s inefficiencies have been exposed and Pete Carrols inability to be a long-term winning coach has also been pantsed. Another supposed top team is Aaron Rodgers’s Green Bay Packers team, but their lack of clutch and leadership at coach and poor depth on the roster around Rodgers has always killed that team.

The team the Patriots beat in the Super Bowl, the Atlanta Falcons, will likely never recover after suffering an embarrassing defeat after leading the Super Bowl 28-3. In fact, I doubt that city will ever recover from that turmoil. The final team that could compete as being a good football team is Jameis Winston’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers who in my opinion are going to be the second or third best team in the entire league this season. But that team has glaring deficiencies on defense and will be heavily reliant on Winston and the offense.

Some might include the Panthers as being a top team, but this season will be the firing of Riverboat Ron and the continuation of Cam Newton’s fall from grace. Remember it all started with him declining to dive on a fumbled football in a Super Bowl game, a move a 39-year-old Brady does in a rainy OTA in May.

With all the “top” teams in the league having something wrong with them, New England is seemingly miles ahead and in the driver seat to win their third title in four years and send the impending Brady retirement into an early arrival next Spring. To be honest, how can someone in their right mind not consider the Patriots as being the locked in favorite to win another Super Bowl, at this point it isn’t the matter of if it will happen, but when.

New England Patriots Are Still On The Top Looking Down
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