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New England Patriots Report: White House Date Set, Kraft Thankful For Return Of Brady’s Jersey


New England Patriots Report: White House Date Set, Kraft Thankful For Return Of Tom Brady‘s Jersey

The New England Patriots haven’t had any big news in the last 24 hours except for the standard rumor or two connecting them to Darrelle Revis, but some of the news that has come out is some housekeeping notes and a couple of public statements.

But first lets get into that Darrelle Revis rumor that keeps on swirling around, this isn’t a new one, but some new support for the idea came out via CBS NFL reporter Jason La Canfora who had an NFL personnel man tell him he is convinced Revis will return to New England.

“We did our work on him. He can still play,” the personnel man told La Canfora. “He can cover. He doesn’t have that long speed anymore; he’s not going to cover a No. 1 receiver deep. But he can cover in tight spaces and he has great instincts. The film is not as bad as some would have you believe. He’s a perfect fit in that quarters scheme Belichick runs, and they have the kind of safeties who can help him out, too. We’re convinced he’s going back to New England. It just makes too much sense.”

We reported on this rumor a couple of days ago, but very much like the Brandin Cooks rumor it doesn’t seem to be going away. With the Jets having Revis on payroll this year any team interested in signing him will get him at a discount, that sort of value is something Bill Belichick likes.

White House Super Bowl Visit Date Set

As expected the New England Patriots will be visiting President Donald Trump with the White House press secretary Sean Spicer announcing that the team will be welcomed by the president to visit the White House on April 19th.

Six Patriots said they would not attend the ceremony including Martellus Bennett, Dont’a Hightower, Alan Branch, Chris Long, Devin McCourty and LeGarrette Blount.

Robert Kraft Thanks The FBI For The Return Of Tom Brady’s Jersey

With the FBI delivering Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jerseys, Patriots owner Robert Kraft issued a statement thanking the FBI for returning the Super Bowl XLIX and LI jerseys to their rightful owner after they found the individual responsible for stealing them.

“We want to thank the FBI, the Mexican authorities and the many different local agencies that were involved in the investigation and ultimate recovery of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl LI jersey,” Kraft said in a statement. “Working along with the Patriots and NFL security, those agencies collectively coordinated an investigation that also led to the recovery of Tom’s missing Super Bowl XLIX jersey.

“It was great to have both jerseys returned to Gillette Stadium today. I don’t know that any agency could have accomplished this independently, but collectively multiple agencies – both in the U.S. and in Mexico – worked together to achieve the goal of retrieving the stolen property. It is another example of the importance of teamwork and what can be accomplished when everyone works together. We appreciate the effort of everyone involved and look forward to returning these jerseys to Tom when he gets back to New England.”

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