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New England Patriots Talk: Kraft Compares Brandin Cooks To Randy Moss


New England Patriots Talk: Kraft Compares Brandin Cooks To Randy Moss

So do you want to hear the craziest comparison ever?

Well New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft decided to compare newly acquire Patriot Brandin Cooks to Randy Moss at Mondays NFL Owners meeting.

“Well, part of it is the makeup of our team and the opportunities that come along. I think what they’ve done is excellent this year,” Kraft said. “I know bringing this young man from New Orleans [Brandin Cooks], I don’t know since I’ve owned the team the only player that could make an impact like that at wide receiver was Randy Moss. He doesn’t have his height, but it looks like he has his speed. I think that’s complimentary to what we have on the team and I’m excited about him joining us.”

As much as I respect Mr. Kraft this comparison is a tad odd, but given the fact that New England has lacked a true deep threat wide out for much of Kraft’s ownership it isn’t as crazy as it might seem on the surface.

Kraft made a couple of other comments during his media session including one where he said Tom Brady has stated to him that he could play another 6 or 7 seasons if New England needs him too. If anyone is wondering about the trade rumors surrounding Jimmy Garoppolo Kraft says to ask Bill Belichick, on Malcolm Butler Kraft says that the Patriots have no intention in trading him and in terms of adding another corner he would actually love to see Darrelle Revis back in New England.

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