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NFL Week 10 Picks, Patriots At Broncos Sunday Night



NFL Week 10 Picks, Patriots At Broncos Sunday Night


Man I was doing so well, and yet somehow I messed up alot of predictions last week. I was 8-5 picks last week putting my record this year at: 84-48 (75 out 100) for this year so I am happy atleast. But we are still getting to the ending point. Now most teams are battling to get the 1st and 2nd best records for the bye week.


Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals: Winner- Seahawks


Nobody, and I mean, nobody could have predicted that the Seahawks could lose at home! The Redskins managed to win their game against the hawks and I have to give them credit. However, the Cardinals despite their showings, have severe flaws. While Adrian Peterson has brought life back in this team’s run game, their QB play behind Drew Stanton is underwhelming. Carson Palmer was the main player behind this team’s offense and in my opinion, their season isn’t worth risking 34-year-old star receiver Larry Fitzgerald. The team is going against a Seahawks team that is infuriated after losing in such fashion last week.


Understand, both teams are coming off short weeks so they are both exhausted and this game will be close. However, I trust Russell Wilson will have a bounce back performance this week. Many project he will be able to score on this Cardinals defense but Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu are not just a secondary any throws at. At the end of the day, I have been wrong on many of my Thursday picks but I won’t go against my own thoughts. The Seahawks and the Cardinals should play a close game 21-18. (Just please for the love of all that is football, don’t give us a repeat of that 6-6 tie we had last year)


New York Jets @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Winner – Jets


Oh man, the Bucs have had a massive disappointment of a season. They were considered the next team to win the NFC South. Now, it’s been confirmed through sources, that Jameis Winston is injured and Mike Evans is out due to suspension. Evans’ suspension was due to his blindside hit on Saints rookie cornerback, Marshon Lattimore, who got into a altercation against Winston. The suspension will hurt the Bucs who will now have Ryan Fitzpatrick under center and without a deep threat receiver, DeSean Jackson and rookie tight end Oj Howard will need to step up.


At the end of the day, the Jets are at 4-5 but are still a team that can compete for the division, which is unbelievable. This was a team that was suppose to go 0-16 to some, but now it seems like Todd Bowles is likely a  Coach of the Year candidate at this point. While Josh McCown is having a  solid year, he is still a QB that is 38 years old. We will see how this team responds come Sunday but I have the Jets winning this game 27-20.


New Orleans Saints @ Buffalo Bills: Winner – Saints


The Bills got embarrassed on Thursday night and I was one of them too. Despite their team being one of the more balanced in the league, they have little to offer in the overall passing game. The Saints have been a team that has bounced back from their 0-2 start and are on a hot streak now. Drew Brees going against the Bills defense which is 25th in the passing game (allowed 251.9 passing yards per game) will mean that this team is getting carved alive.


The Bills will have home field advantage but honestly, the Bills are a team that seems to be on the downturn from here. While they are ranked 2nd in the AFC East, their record doesn’t seemingly reflect the team’s mood. New Bills Head Coach Sean McDermont has done a good job with the Bills but Sean Payton and Drew Brees have been a HC/QB duo for over a decade now. They know how to work their offense together and its the reason why they are feared for it.


The Bills have a strong running game and can use it to expose the Saints defensive line but I think the Saints have this game sealed. I will be taking the Saints 28-20 to win this game.


Cleveland Browns @ Detroit Lions: Winner – Lions


Browns coming off a bye facing off against a energized Lions team who are home? Just take the Lions, it doesn’t matter if Josh Gordon will be reinstated before the end of this season, he ain’t saving this team. Matthew Stafford and the Lions are likely to run this ball down on them. Even if the Browns have a decent run defense, the Lions don’t run the ball, they live and die with Stafford throwing it down the field. Lions win this game 24-17.


Cincinnati Bengals @ Tennessee Titans: Winner -Titans


The Titans being 5-3 going into Week 10 is crazy but stranger things have happened. The sad reality is that the Bengals have a great passing defense (arguably Top 5 in the NFL) but the run defense has allowed 116.4 rushing yards per game. The Titans are a team that while they aren’t consistent, the problem with the Bengals are too limited on offense to really make a huge dent in the Titans territory. Marcus Mariota vs. Andy Dalton will be a huge determining factor within this game.


Based on match ups here, A.J. Green will be the wild  card as he will be very difficult to shut down for too long. The Titans top CB Kevin Byard leads the league in INTs (6) and will likely be the one who sticks with A.J Green on most snaps. Titans’ only option here is to run the ball hard against the 20th worst ranked run defense on the run game. Titans can win this game if they make sure to limit mistakes, 21-18.


Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears: Winner – Bears


DA BEARS! You could tell on that Sunday night game that the Packers looked lost without Aaron Rodgers playing and with the news of Martellus Bennett being cut, there Tight End situation will be a mess. The Bears are starting to click with rookie Mitchell Trubisky. While the kid is still learning, he is at least getting reps which is important for his progress moving forward.


The Packers against the Lions last week tried to make an a few desperate attempts but it is very clear that Brett Hundley can’t lead this team. Despite being one of the more athletic QBs coming out of the 2015 NFL draft, he is still showing signs of lacking the IT factor that most franchise QBs need to have. And becuase of this, the Packers offense is very limited.


Chicago’s defense has been quite a surprise this year. 13th against the run (104 rushing yards per game)) and 11th against the pass (207.6 passing yards per game); which demonstrates this team’s defense is very balanced. Overall, despite the Bears going the Packers defense whom are ranked below the Bears in all stats, should be able to get the ball down the field. (The Packers run defense is ranked 22nd in the NFL allowing 118 rushing yards per game). Bears win this game close, 21-18.


Los Angeles Chargers @ Jacksonville Jaguars: Winner – Jaguars


The Jacksonville Jaguars are a team at home going against the Chargers who are red hot and coming off their bye week. While the Chargers are a team that can put up points, the Jaguars have the best passing defense in the NFL. The Chargers offensive line will test out DE Calais Campbell who leads the league in sacks (11.0), so he will be a huge x-factor on the defensive side of the ball.


The Chargers have a team that has Joey Bosa who is 5th in the league in sacks (8.5) and was just honored with the title of most sacks in 20 games to start a career. The Chargers are a team that has shown a remarkable improvement to the start of their season, but the Jags have a dangerous defense.


Most importantly, the Chargers are 31st against the run, and the Jaguars are 1st in most rushing attempts. Leonard Fournette is going to be a monster in this game. Jaguars win 24-21 in a close matchup as the Jags have been one of the most unpredictable teams this year.


Minnesota Vikings @ Washington Redskins: Winner – Vikings


I would normally say the Redskins should win after their impressive upset against the Seattle Seahawks last  week. However, the Vikings are a team that shouldn’t be dismissed. They are a team that has one of the better defenses in the NFL and Teddy Bridgewater likely being able to play this week is good news.


I don’t want admit that the Redskins are bad but the injuries that the offensive line have suffered is to substantial to handle. And they don’t have a team that seemingly can be able to get their offense to be consistent. The Vikings defense is that is 7th in the passing yards (200 passing yards per game) and 3rd in the rushing game (81.4 rushing yards per game). I believe that the the Vikings can likely hold the Skins down for the majority of the game and will have a win for certain. Vikings win 24-18.


Pittsburgh Steelers @ Indianapolis Colts: Winner – Steelers


The Steelers are a team that has a huge talent gap in regards to the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. The Steelers have Antonio Brown who is 1st in the league in receiving yards and Le’Veon Bell is who is 3rd is rushing yards. They have a dangerous offense that is complimented by having a defense that is 14th in rushing yards (106.6 rushing yards per game) allowed and 2nd in passing yards allowed (180 passing yards per game). The Colts are going to get crushed regardless of how many points they put up but the Steelers play down to their competition. The Steelers will likely play this game very close but they will pull out the win 30-21.


Houston Texans @ Los Angeles Rams: Winner – Rams


Anybody who bets on the Texans are delusional even with a 14 point spread in favor of the Rams because I think it’s arguably even larger than that. Texans couldn’t beat the Colts and their team is banged up on their key positions. The Rams are a team that is likely making the playoffs in the NFC and will win this game without question. They have an offense that has a deep threat in Sammy Watkins, a dual threat in Todd Gurley who is having a great season and Jared Goff has finally living p to that No.1 overall pick. Also, don’t forget Aaron Donald is on the defensive line too.  Rams should beat the Texans 31-14.


New York Giants @ San Fransisco 49ers: Winner – 49ers


FINALLY A GAME THAT THE 49ERS COULD WIN! maybe. The Giants are a mess. A GIANT MESS. They have the 28th worst passing and 27th worst rushing defense in the NFL. This is a team that is lost. the 49ers are a team that are terrible but the reality is that I have more confidence in their coaching staff (because Ben McAdoo is likely getting kicked out of New York soon).


The 49ers have flaws everywhere, but the thing is that their team is much more likely to stay connected. Eli Manning can likely make a strong showing here, but its a big IF. Eli is a difference maker when the pressure is on, but I think that he will likely ask for a trade with how bad this season has gone. The end result is that the Giants have a better overall team but the problem is that the team has no faith in their head coach.


I will be taking the 49ers to beat the Giants in an upset as they can’t possibly go 0-10 for the season. The team needs a win and this one of the last few games on the schedule I can see them winning. I would even put Garopollo in this game. 49ers squeeze this win by only a point 21-20.


Dallas Cowboys @ Atlanta Falcons: Winner – Cowboys


The Cowboys are dealing with Ezekiel Elliot’s suspension, while the Falcons are dealing with a massive hangover. They are a team that has failed to get connected in the red zone especially with Julio Jones which is just unbelievable. The Cowboys have issues but they are still likely pulling out a strong win here in the Falcons new stadium.


Dak Prescott has been quietly putting together a great followup season to his phenomenal rookie campaign. 16 TDS to only 4 INTs with 1818 passing yards and 62.9% completion percentage. He is doing a solid job as the Cowboys QB, but losing Zeke who is fifth in the league in rushing yards could force Dak to be more productive this week. The Falcons have a defense that is trying to step up but with the offense in such stagnation, they are easily gassed.


It’s also amazing how Jerry Jones is going on a power trip to get Roger Goodell out of the NFL. Suing not just the league but specific owners as well will make him an even bigger outcast then the late Al-Davis was. I don’t know what planet Jerry’s mind is, but it certainly isn’t anything to do with his team. The Zeke situation has gone on long enough, his suspension repeal was denied so he is serving the suspension effectively now.


The Cowboys are playing good right now on both sides of the ball but their ownership is going on a mad power trip. I wish the NFL stuck to sports and not politics but that bridge has already been crossed. However, the Cowboys can still win games like they did last week and the Falcons can’t seem to win anything when it comes to their team. Cowboys win 24-21.


New England Patriots @  Denver Broncos: Winner – Patriots


This was one of the games that I had the Patriots actually losing this year, but with the way that the Broncos are playing, I have my doubts. The team has confirmed that Brock Osweiler will be starting for Week 10 and that is the kind of hope that the team needs with how turnover prone he is. The Patriots defense will likely give up quite a bit early on in the game to make this game very close.


The only major issue with the Broncos is their defense, they have one of the best defenses in the NFL, 5th best in rushing defense (allowed only 88.4 rushing yards per game) and the 4th best passing defense (192 passing yards per game). However, the lose of safety TJ Ward has opened up holes in the secondary. The Broncos on offense are starting to hurt their defense due to inability to make big plays and its costing them games.


The Patriots have major issues on defense, ranked the worst passing defense in the NFL, almost giving up 300 passing yards per game. And though they had a bye week to recover and regroup, its going to be a challenge. The offense just acquired Martellus Bennett off waivers from the Green Bay Packers after getting cut. Although he is getting older, their is a chance we could see him and Rob Gronkowski play together on Sunday.


This game will be close but by the second half, I think Tom Brady, who is having a MVP season will likely win them the game. The Patriots pull out a win 24-21.


Miami Dolphins @ Carolina Panthers: Winner – Panthers


Man, the Panthers were terrible to begin their whole season and yet they have managed to bounce back. The Dolphins don’t really have much of an offense now with Jay Ajayi no longer on their team, and Jay Cutler is barely even doing much to fix it. Adam Gase will likely be on the hot seat after this season, and he has no one to blame but himself. After his OL coach got taken off the team due to cocaine usage, he seems to be losing things left and right.


The Dolphins travel to Carolina, where the Panthers are at home, and have the 2nd best rushing defense and the 6th best passing defense. The Dolphins seem to have no options left but the passing game and I am not sure Jarvis Landry can help the team much. The Dolphins have a strong defensive line still but its barely keeping the team together. Th Panthers will win this game 27-17.










Stephen is a Contributing Editor for Trifecta Sports Network and covers the New England Patriots and the NFL.

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The Altitude Difference

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This time around, it was very clearly from just the fact that CB Stephon Gilmore and WR Danny Amendola leaving the game due to dehydration showed how taxing the high altitude was on them. The Raiders were arguably worse with their team as they allowed 4 turnovers on the offense yesterdays. The sheer pressure the game put on most of the players was quite significant in this game for both team. But the Patriots ultimately minimzed the effect that it had on them.

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The Game showed off the best in the NFL.  And you know what?  The best Team in the NFL showed what it means to be the best.  Of course I’m talking about the Patriots dominating yet another Team.  They continue to out preform their opponents on the field.  It’s something that this year’s Team has grown in to.  From being just a contender to being an all-out reigning champ; this Team has figured out how to be great.  Today’s game was proof of that!  I’d say they played perfect, but they didn’t get the shut out.  Hey you can’t have everything!

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We are finally getting down to the last stretch of the season where teams will finally start to line up where they will make the playoffs and those who will simply tank for the higher pick in the 2018 NFL draft. At this point, most people have teams figured out and know how games should go from here on out. As of now, I got 11-3 correct last week, which puts me at 95-51 for the season.

Tennessee Titans @ Pittsburgh Steelers: Winner – Steelers

At this point in the season, I think the Titans will likely make the wildcard as Jacksonville will run away with the division. The Steelers are pretty much a lock for the playoffs. Their division has the Browns with the worst record in the NFL, and the Bengals and Ravens have fallen off. Even though the game was already played yesterday here was my thoughts before the game:

They are playing the Titans at home and the Steelers defense has been a hack of a surprise for this season. It’s mainly because of how much money was invested into their offense yet their defense has improved substantially from last year. The 2nd best passing defense in the NFL (allowing only 181.8 passing yards per game) and 11th against the run (allowing 102.7 rushing yards per game).

The Titans will have some serious difficulties holding the Steelers down while they are playing at home. Despite the Titans not having a bad team by any stretch (they have the 6th best rushing defense in the NFL), this is the Steelers game to lose and thankfully after what we have seen, that isn’t alot. Steelers won by 40-17 and my prediction was they would score 27-20. (Titans couldn’t even get me that)

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Cleveland Browns: Winner – Jaguars

If the Jags somehow throw this game away I will be so done with predicting their games this season. The Browns are a team that needs a massive overhaul and I don’t see it being enough for them to win this game. The Jaguars will win this game 24-21 with Blake Bortles somehow almost throwing the game away. Almost.

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