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Nunez Coming to Red Sox-Rumors Confirmed

Nunez Coming to Red Sox-Rumors Confirmed

A heartfelt moment happened last night during the Broadcast of the game when the San Fransisco Giants pulled Eduardo Nunez out in the 5th inning. Nunez grabbed his gear and was heading for the tunnel. He was met by former teammates for a very emotional moment. Players hugged as they said their goodbyes to the 2016 All-Star.

Rumors have been abound the last few days and now we know. Boston Red Sox have made the trade with the Giants for players unknown. USA Today’s Bob Nightengale tweeted that the Giants will get a pair of minor league pitchers in the trade for Nunez.

Ken Rosenthal from Fox tweeted at 11:26 pm: The Red Sox have agreed to acquire infielder Eduardo Nunez from the Giants.

WIth Nunez coming to the Red Sox, Tim Britton of the Providence-Journal also tweeted that this will give the Red Sox the three players with Major League Baseball’s lowest strikeout rates. Nunez with a 9.1 percent, Mookie Betts, and Dustin Pedroia.

What is really surprising though is Nunez will be a free agent for the first time come this winter after his final off-season of arbitration eligibility and is just a rental for the Sox as of right now. Red Sox are not likely to pay a higher price for a player not controlled beyond the current season and we are already half way done with this season as it is. It will be interesting to see where Boston will place such a powerful player.

I guess we can start some more rumors with such a powerful player put in the mix. Is Devers the third-baseman of the future as we have thought he would be? Is Eduardo prepared for the cold weather in Boston after such a warm climate in San Francisco?  Is Devers going to be dropped back down to the Minors?

Well, at least maybe some good things are happening for the Sox now, especially after a loss last night to the Mariners. Yuck!

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Nunez Coming to Red Sox-Rumors Confirmed
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