New England Patriots
New England Patriots

Patriots Add Bill Belichick’s Youngest Son To The Coaching Staff

New England Patriots Add Bill Belichick’s Youngest Son Brian Belichick To The Coaching Staff

The Patriots coaching staff has another member with the last name Belichick.

The youngest of Bill Belichick’s three children, Brian, is slated to join them after spending 2016 as a scouting assistant. The Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe reports he’s been promoted to coaching assistant.

Belichick’s oldest son, Steven Belichick, will coach safeties for the second consecutive season and with the addition of Brian that makes 3 members of the coaching staff as members of the Belichick family.

Working for Coach Belichick as he enters his 18th season at the helm of New England is as demanding is it was when he took over the team. His coaching assistants are expected to do hours and hours of film review and work long hours for little money. But if they put their work in and show promise you get the likes of Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia who both started in the coaching assistant role.

Despite being Coach Belichick’s son, it is likely there will be no special treatment for Brian as there was none for Steve Belichick when he started with the team. For fans in New England the adding of another Belichick could add to the very real possibility of another Belichick being the head coach at some point in the future.

Obviously that would be a long way off, and very unlikely with heir apparent’s in McDaniels and Patricia, both of whom have been heavily pursued by other teams for head coaching roles. But who knows, would you welcome an era of another era under Belichick?


Patriots Add Bill Belichick’s Youngest Son To The Coaching Staff
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