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Patriots Are The 6th Most Valuable Franchise In Sports

Patriots Talk: Patriots Are The 6th Most Valuable Franchise In Sports, According To Forbes

The New England Patriots have been through many changes since Robert Kraft first bought the team in 1994. At one point, they were one of the most miserable sports franchises in the NFL. But today they are among the most valuable sports franchises in the world. Forbes just released its annual rankings of the world’s 50 most valuable sports teams, and the Pats came in at No. 6, which is the second-most valuable NFL franchise behind only the Dallas Cowboys.

The Patriots are listed with a value of $3.4 billion. Coming in at No. 2 behind the Cowboys ($4.2 billion), and the damn New York Yankees at $3.7 billion. And to round out their Top 5, 3 soccer teams: Manchester United of the English Premier League ($3.69 billion), Barcelona ($3.64 billion) and Real Madrid ($3.58 billion) of La Liga.

Among the list, several Boston sports teams were mentioned including the Boston Red Sox, who ranked 16th ($2.7 billion), which makes them the third highest baseball franchise behind only the Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers ($2.75 billion).

For basketball, the Boston Celtics, ranked 30th ($2.2 billion), behind only the New York Knicks ($3.3 billion), Los Angeles Lakers ($3 billion), Golden State Warriors ($2.6 billion), and Chicago Bulls ($2.5 billion).

Patriots Are The 6th Most Valuable Franchise In Sports
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