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Patriots Fans Take Photo With Goodell, Goes Viral

Patriots Fans Take Photo With Goodell, Goes Viral

One of the major storylines to come out of the first preseason game for the New England Patriots wasn’t the game. In fact, it was NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell.

Goodell was in attendance for the preseason opener between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Patriots. Goodell entered Gillette Stadium for the first time since DeflateGate started, and he went relatively unnoticed till a TV camera picked him up in the owner’s box.

Patriots fans have come to detest Goodell and the NFL league offices for their handling of DeflateGate. But are all fans against the Commissioner of the league?

An NFL PR Twitter account Tweeted a photo out during the game with Goodell taking a photo with three “Patriots Fans” out near one of the staircases in Gillette Stadium.

The legitimacy of this photograph and the fans standing in it has been called into question. Many media outlets such as Barstool Sports have claimed the who thing was a setup. This speculation has caused Rich of Toucher and Rich to find out who the three fans are and get their side of the story.

Rich was able to track one of the fans down, the fan was apparently defensive with the 98.5 The Sports Hub radio personality. Listen below to Rich recounting his conversation with the fan.

Rich’s back-and-forth with this fan is truly interesting. Kind of perplexing though. There have been attacks on these fans on some social media sites, for that purpose, we will not disclose the identity of these fans.

Goodell appearing at the game is clearly getting ahead of the Kickoff to the NFL season when he was supposed to appear at Gillette for the first time since DeflateGate. Appearing at the preseason game gets ahead of that narrative and changes that potential storyline for the season opener between the Kansas City Chiefs and Patriots.

Patriots Fans Take Photo With Goodell, Goes Viral
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