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Patriots Football Talk: New England Beats Buffalo Again



It was Christmas Eve but all anyone could talk about was the game.  Yes it was another Patriots’ victory on Sunday.  They seem to always be locked in this time of year.  They were playing the Buffalo Bills and it looked like a close game till the 2nd Half.  It was another great 3rd Quarter by the Patriots.  3rd Quarter seems to be their best Quarter all year.  December also seems to be their best month of play each year.  As they notched their 8th Season with 12+ Wins in the Belichick/Brady Era.  Simply amazing!  Here is the play by play of the game.

The Patriots started off slow but went 3 and out in the 1st possession of the game.  They just got off to a slow footing.  And you just knew that it would turn into a very grindy game.  It would take them several plays to get in rhythm.  The Buffalo Bills would answer back with a Field Goal after a very long 7 Minute Drive, into the Red Zone, making it [3-0].

Then on a long New England Drive the 1st Quarter ended with the Patriots with the ball.  On the other side of the end of the Quarter they would kick a Field Goal to tie it [3-3].  They had a good Drive and just missed a big play for the 1st Down.  They were building up momentum into the 2nd Half.  I believe the strategy of the game was to keep it close till Halftime then exploit the weakness of the other Team.  And boy did they do just that!

The Patriots stuffed the Bills on a 4th Down play in the Red Zone but if you thought it was too good to be true you would be right.  Tom Brady on the next possession threw a Pick 6 on the 20 Yard Line.  It was deflating but you knew that they would poise a come back after such a disastrous start.  On the next Drive Brady marched the Offense down the field and threw a 30 Yard TD to Rob Gronkowski.  It was spectacular!  Gronk caught it with one hand and got both feet in while stretching for the Pylon.  I mean we have seen Gronk make some pretty good highlight reel catches.  From catching a ball at his shoelaces, to catching the ball out of the hands of a defender.  Today’s catch was just as athletic.  And it was the spark that the Team needed.

Gronk would have 5 Catches for 67 Yards with a TD for the game.  All of them would be huge.  With the Brady to Gronk TD the Patriots’ tied the score [10-10].  Then on their next possession Stephen Gostkowski would Kick the go ahead FG from about the 40 Yard Line.  It was huge at the time!  The Bills would score a FG back to tie it up.  It came after a Replay of a overturned call on the Bills Wide Receiver Kelvin Benjamin.  Which was extremely controversial.  Was it a TD?  Maybe, but the ball was moving in his hands before he got his feet down.  Let’s just say it was close.  It could have gone either way.  The score was now [13-13] at the Half.

Now on the other side of Halftime the Bills scored another Field Goal, [16-13]. They got the ball back first to start the 3rd Quarter, so it wasn’t a big deal.  The Patriots’ Defense made a good stop.  Then as was typical to a back and forth game Gostkowski would kick a 34 Yarder to tie the game again.  Mind you each of these points were critical in securing the Win.  A 1 Yard Rushing TD by Mike Gillislee ended up being the real difference maker in the overall game.  It was set up by a Gronk pass interference call on the Defense.

Then came the blow out.  Yup you guessed it the Pats would end up padding the stat sheet.  Dion Lewis would score a par of TDs in the 4th Quarter.  One through the air and one on the ground.  Lewis would go 24 Carries for 129 Yards with 1 TD, he would also go 5 Receptions for 24 Yards with 1 TD.  Whoa, how about that!  The 4th Quarter was pretty much dominated by the Pats and they would put this one away [37-16].  Brady went 21-28 for 224 Yards with 2 TDs for the game.  It would be his 28th Win against Buffalo, the most by any QB.  Gronk and Brandin Cooks would each get 1000 Yards Receiving for the year.  And NFL Records would be broken all over the place.

With this Win the Patriots now go 12-3 in the Regular Season.  Tops in the AFC and if the Steeler or Jaguars lose they get the Number 1 Seed.  Yet still, if they can beat the New York Jets in the last game of the Regular Season , they get that Number 1 Spot.  Whoa, what a year it has been for them!  The Patriots play the NY Jets Sunday December 31st at Gillette Stadium at 1pm on CBS.  Now I know what I’m watching for New Year’s Eve! Merry Christmas, everyone! Go Pats!

I'm a self published writer and illustrator. I follow Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, some Golf and some eSports.

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New England Patriots

Patriots Football Talk: Blowout in Foxborough




It was another cold January night at Gillette Stadium.  But on the field what we saw was an Offense on fire.  The Patriots were playing their, now annual, AFC Divisional Playoff Game.  Yes, that’s right they do this every year!  They have won their Division 9 Straight Times.  They have earned a 1st Round Bye 8 straight times.  And they have played in the AFC Conference Game, ah hem, now 7 straight times.  Yes it has been quite a run.  In Saturday Night’s Game against Tennessee, the Patriots, showed some of the best that the Team had to offer.  As you can see by the title of this post, it was a blowout.  One for the history books!  Let’s get right into the play by play action.

Ok, so it was cold, we know that; but did you see the “Scuba Suit” that Tom Brady was wearing?  Yeah he came prepared to play all 60 Minutes.  Now the Patriots got the ball first at Kickoff and they only had one 1st Down before they had to Punt it.  It was a slow start before the “Fireworks”.  On their next possession Brady just missed an open Rob Gronkowski.  It would have been a big play if Brady didn’t throw it at his shoelaces.  He was wide open and uncovered at the line of scrimmage. You could tell right then and there that the Titan’s Defense had some communication problems.  As Tony Romo commented: “They looked discombobulated.”

Then the longest Drive allowed by the Patriots came.  The Titans went 95 Yards down the field from their own end zone to score.  It was a Touchdown pass by Marcus Mariota to Corey Davis [7-0].  The long Drive ate up most of the clock of the 1st Quarter.  And the Titans looked strong.  But man oh man, did they “awaken a sleeping Dragon.”

The fire was lit under the Patriots and they responded with a huge 2nd Quarter.  They went down the field with several heroic plays by Dion Lewis.  Then James White came in for a 5 Yard pitch and catch TD [7-7].  3 Minutes and 37 Seconds later James White would score another TD, this time on the ground [14-7].  White would end up having 3 Carries for 11 Yards with a Rushing TD, and 4 Receptions for 29 Yards with a Receiving TD.  It was just some excellent “Hurry Up” Offense.  See the Patriots knew that the Titans were using the same Defensive Line.  And as Tony Romo noted throughout the game, they were getting worn out and tired.  The “No Huddle” Offense proved to be New England’s best weapon against a strong Defensive Line.

Later in the 2nd Quarter Brady threw a 4 Yard TD to Chris Hogan [21-7].  Once again Dion Lewis was a huge factor in the Drive.  Lewis would wind up with 15 Carries for 62 Yards and 9 Receptions for 79 Yards.  Another stellar game for him.  The Pats wanted to score again before the Half but Steven Gostkowski missed a 53 Yard Field Goal.  Let’s face it, it was difficult to make in these conditions.

The Patriots would show an impressive Defense in the 2nd Half.  They would go on to Sack Mariota 8 times for the game.  One of those huge Sacks came on Tennessee’s first possession.  It was just what the Patriots needed.  A stop, to get their Offensive Juggernaut back on the field.  They would end up scoring again on a 2 Yard TD Rush by Brandon Bolden [28-7].  One of the key play makers of the Team was Danny Amendola.  Who had 13 Targets 11 Receptions for 112 Yards.  He was sensational!  Then towards the end of the 3rd Quarter Brady threw to Rob Gronkowski for a 5 Yard Touchdown [35-7].  Gronk would get targeted 9 times with 6 Receptions for 81 Yards with a TD.  It was now “officially” a blowout!

Tennessee would score another touchdown but it was in “garbage time”, ie at the end of the game.  [35-14] was the final score and with that the Patriots moved on to their next opponent Steelers/Jaguars for AFC Championship at 3:05 pm next Sunday.  Tom Brady had a heck of a game, going 35-53 Passes for 337 Yards with 3 TDs.  He is now the oldest player to win a NFL Playoff Game, at age 40.  And with this win it became New England’s 26th Playoff Win out of 35 Playoff Appearances.  Wow what a great number, 35!  Congrats Pats!  I can’t wait to watch you next week!

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New England Patriots

Patriots Talk: The Rift Within The Patriots Is Overblown




New England Isn’t Fazed By This News


Talking about this subject reminds me of how Deflategate, SpyGate, and many other news reports seemingly jumped on the Patriots. In fact, some reports have been very mixed about the latest ‘bombshell’ from ESPN’s Seth Wickersham. On one hand, the piece goes over many details that come from sources that aren’t named. The writer for the article, Wickersham, has done pieces like this before regarding the NFL. He has been a senior writer for ESPN for years now. Wickersham has stood by his sources in a radio interview he did last week:


I think the reporting process in a story like this has to remain as confidential as possible. I was as transparent as I could be in the story.


Transparency is one thing but the thing here is that he had gotten this story from multiple sources inside the Patriots organization, ranging from staffers, coaches and even players. However, by not naming the people involved in this report, you also will be criticized because many will suggest you are making these up.


But criticizing the writer is not the topic of this article. It’s to report that this is all been blown way out of proportion. To the point, that some writers have stated they believe Belichick will coach the New York Giants next season due to Robert Kraft interfering in the Jimmy Garopollo trade last October.


Who Is Stuck In The Middle?


Here is where I believe that article is right and wrong. The writer is correct in that the Patriots had some serious decisions to make regarding the Garropolo trade but that was not even close to the main issue. Many have gone as far to suggest that Kraft had made this decision personal which Kraft has denied and called ‘total fabrication and fiction’ multiple times since the report was released. When he was asked about the trade deadline and Jimmy G, Kraft told Peter King of Sport Illustrated:


I assumed once the season started, we’d talk again at the end of the season about it. The next time I spoke with Bill about it was the Monday before the trade deadline. Bill asked me if I was OK with this. I was really taken aback a little bit. I wanted to think about it. I talked to Jonathan, who was okay with it, and I called Bill back and said, ‘OK.’


The ESPN article was mainly centered around owner Robert Kraft, Had Coach Bill Belichick and star Quarterback Tom Brady. The three have filed  a joint statement regarding this article, staying they are ‘united.’



But one of the most interesting sides to this story, is regarding Tom Brady’s personal trainer and business partner, Alex Guerrero. From ESPN:’


New players felt the surest way to earn Brady’s trust was to join Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola and others by seeking advice from Guerrero at his TB12 clinic — and not team doctors, which Belichick preferred … But according to multiple sources, players openly discussed with Patriots coaches, staff and trusted advisers whether to follow Brady or the team, leaving them trapped: Do we risk alienating the NFL’s most powerful coach or risk alienating the NFL’s most powerful quarterback?


This right here is just way exaggerated. Brady and Belichick don’t let egos divide players, these are grown men, not children trying to please the teachers. They will follow what will best suit their interests and just follow the Patriots motto ‘Do Your Job.’ Simply, asking advice and ways to improve performance and seeing what will work shouldn’t have to be complicated unless you players are questioning their own life choices.


How Much Is This True?


Everyone outside of New England has been eager in seeing the Patriots finally falling off, but the latest reports claim that Brady, Kraft and Belichick will have a meeting with each other after the season is officially over. According NFL Network’s Ian Rappaport:


But my understanding is [the marriage between Kraft, Belichick and Brady] is expected to continue past this season. First there is Bill Belichick, under contract for several more years and Belichick came out and said he absolutely believes he’ll be the Patriots coach next year and from what I understand I don’t see any situation where Robert Kraft allows anything besides that. Then there is Tom Brady. Of course, he is also under contract, he is never getting traded from the Patriots he is going to retire there, so it’s really on these three guys to come together after the season, figure it out and move forward.


So by all accounts, Belichick is not likely leaving because of what he has built in New England, Brady is still under contract till 2019, and Kraft isn’t suddenly handing the reigns to his son Jonathon Kraft, President of The Kraft Group. So this story will contnued to be addressed but don’t expect this story to hurt the PAtriots moral. At this point, the team is just focused on beating the Tennessee Titans at home on Saturday’s matchup at 8:15 PM EST.




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New England Patriots

Patriots Talk: Terry Glenn’s Autopsy Discovers Multiple Substances



Reports Show Alcohol and Marijuana In His System

It’s been almost three months since the news of Terry Glenn’s death hit the NFL like a storm. We see deaths everyday outside of sports but his death unexpected. He had been out of football for almost a decade and he died at the young age of 43.

Terry Glenn died on Nov. 20th of last year in a fatal car accident on a highway in Irving, Texas. At the time, there was some hesitation in the report due to the fact that the report was coming from TMZ Sports. However, multiple reports have come forward that verify that the autopsy report was accurate.

According to the report, Glenn had an blood alcohol level of .165, which is twice the legal limit to drive. On top of that, they found traces of marijuana in his system. This would have contributed to his losing control on the highway that resulted in his death.

His passing has been one that has seemingly been forgotten as Glenn is now buried in Dallas, Texas. His public memorial was held at the Friendship West Baptist Church on December 1st, 2017. He played for 12 seasons in the NFL, he played for the New England Patriots from 1996 till 2001.

Glenn is survived by his fiancee, Verina LeGrand, his mother Denetta Glenn, his four sons; Terrance Jr., Christian, Tatum, Greyson; three daughters, Natalie, Samantha and Vanessa; two stepdaughters, Paxstyn and Vyviene; his sister, Dorothy; and most of his extended family from Ohio and across the country.

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