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Patriots Talk: Bill Belichick Celebrates 65th Birthday On The Day He Drafted Tom Brady


Patriots Talk: Bill Belichick Celebrates 65th Birthday On The Day He Drafted Tom Brady


I hope that everybody is enjoying their Easter Sunday, as many will be enjoying their time with family and friends. Today, Bill Belichick will be celebrating his birthday after turning 65 years old. It’s even more amazing to realize that 17 years ago to this day, the 2000 draft was taking place and he drafted Patriots future-star [quarterback] Tom Brady.


Looking back on the 2000 draft class, Brady was taken with 199th pick in the 200 draft behind six quarterbacks including Chad Pennington, Giovanni Carmazzi, Chris Redman, Marc Bulger,Tee Martin, and Spergon Wynn. It really is quite amazing how Belichick took a huge risk on a player like Brady who didn’t impress anyone at the NFL combine. There was the film, The Brady 6, that helps many in reminding us that Brady didn’t have any expectations when coming into the NFL, and yet is now the greatest Quarterback in history of the NFL.


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Last March, Patriots Owner, Robert Kraft was optimistic that Belichickโ€™s run as head coach (which began all the way back in 2000) will continue onward into his 80s. Belichick talked about being more short-sighted in a recent CNBC interview with Suzy Welch.


โ€œI am kind of short-sighted here, so Iโ€™m good certainly good here this year, good for a while I like what I am doing I enjoy all parts of the game the team building, training camp, game days, the excitement of Sunday.โ€


He ended that interview by saying ‘It certainly beats working.’ The fact that after all these years of being a head coach, Belichick continues to not see his job as work. Today on Easter Sunday, we should all take some small time out of our day to appreciate that we have these two men leading our football team to 5 Super Bowl titles in the last 17 years. Our sports scene would be completely different without either of them being here today. Thank you and Happy Birthday Bill and thank you for everything you have done.

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