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Patriots Talk: Carr’s New Contract is a Reminder Of How Fortunate The Patriots Are

Patriots Talk: Raiders’ QB Derek Carr‘s New Contract is a Reminder Of How Fortunate The Patriots Are

It’s understandable that speaking low of a rival team is nothing but trash talk, but rather it is also a reflection of one’s team. Ironically, Derek Carr is both very fortunate to have received his official contract with the Oakland Raiders. His new deal is a five-year-deal worth over 125 million ($25 million a year/$70 million guaranteed). It’s a massive contract that has now made Carr the highest paid QB in the NFL. (formerly belonged to Indianapolis Colts’ QB Andrew Luck with a five-year contract worth 122 million)

Carr’s contract for the first two years after signing will only be for under 10 million. The reason for this is help with paying other star players on their team. An obvious example is Defensive Player of the Year and [Defensive End], Khali Mack is on the finals year of his rookie contract in 2018. His along with Carr’s would be an immediate hit on the Raider’s cap space.

The Patriots however, have Tom Brady who had signed his two-year extension till 2019. While this, would seem fairly short compared to Carr’s, he has played for a much more significant amount of time. Brady has made multiple extensions on his original contract that was signed all the way back in 2010. (which was a 4 year deal worth $72 Million, which made Brady the highest paid player in the NFL at that time) Brady has since been extending his deal at-least two years (In 2014 for and in 2016) and wants to continue playing past 2019.

Brady’s cap hit for 2017 will be 14 million, but his salary will only be $1 million. (the rest is merely what his signing bonus was from his $28 million earlier) It’s thanks to Brady willing to take pay cuts that has allowed the Patriots organization to continue to flourish even after all these years. This has allowed the team to have a very flexible situation with their cap hit and has made their off-season signings more than eligible.

(To put into context, Brady’s salary for the 2017 season is less than Rex Burkhead, Mike Gillislee and Stephon Gilmore who are all newly acquired players) In many ways, the Patriots have avoided the inevitable storm that the Raiders will need to endure in the next few seasons, because of the greatest player in your franchise’s history is willing to take less to gain more.

Patriots Talk: Carr’s New Contract is a Reminder Of How Fortunate The Patriots Are
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