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Patriots Talk: Edelman Is Back And Excited To See The “Fellas”

Patriots Talk: Edelman Is Back And Excited To See The “Fellas”

New England Patriots wideout Julian Edelman is back at training camp. Jules is excited to get things kicked off and seeing the rest of the guys again.

“Seeing the fellas, seeing what this team is going to be made out of, seeing the new guys, seeing the old guys. That’s always the funnest part, or the most fun.”

Edelman is at a position with immense competition. You have players like Brandin Cooks, Danny Amendola, and Malcolm Mitchell just to name a few. But like Edelman says, the competition gets “the best out of players.

“There’s competition everywhere. Competition makes the best out of players. We’ve got a room with a lot of guys that can do a lot of things, so it’s going to make us better.”

With training camp just kicking off on Thursday there is still a lot to go through. While the excitement might be there on day 1, a few weeks down the road is what is key in judging a team.

“The vibe is always good in the beginning. You want to see the vibe after Day 12 of training camp. That’s the vibe you want to see, but everyone is excited to be back. It’s good to come and get to go out and practice in front of the fans, see these guys get all riled up. It brings an energy to practice so that’s always nice, so I guess it’s a good vibe right now.”

The Patriots enter this season as the Super Bowl favorites. Some media outlets are already penning a 16-0 season for New England. But Edelman makes a point of managing his expectations of the team.

“You manage your expectations. You focus on what you have on your plate at that moment of time, the time right now. Right now at the start of training camp you make mistakes. You want to go out and learn from them and just continually try to improve to make each day the best it can possibly be going into the regular season. Constant improvement and expectations are expectations – you always have to manage those because if you get your hopes up, you get your feelings hurt.”

Edelman, now 31-years-old is entering his ninth season with New England.

Patriots Talk: Edelman Is Back And Excited To See The “Fellas”
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