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Patriots Talk: Favorites To Win It All

Patriots Talk: Favorites To Win It All


It seems like only yesterday that the Patriots were riding on a huge amount of hype when the acquired legendary Minnesota Vikings [Wide Receiver] Randy Moss from the Oakland Raiders. Him and Wes Welker (of course Donte’ Stallworth) joined the team to become a part of the receiving core that would make one of the greatest offenses in NFL history. It’s amazing to think back on the season that was considered the impossible.


The Patriots according to the latest Bovada over and under odds were released and had the Patriots’ as 12.5 to win over 16 games. This is the highest that Bovada have given the team since their 16-0 season in 2007. It’s been over 10 years since then and the team are bringing in plenty of hype to back up the stats.


In addition, they are the Las Vegas odds on favorites to win the Super Bowl as well. And the only NFL team favored in every game in the lines as stated by Sportsbook Operator CG Technology this week. It would appear the Patriots are very likely to make a potential repeat, something they have not done in over 12 years.



With the current NFL odds for the Patriots are considered heavy favorites, which cannot be said for the Cleveland Browns who are considered unlikely to win any games in 2017. But again these are only based on strength of schedule. According to most reports, the 32 teams strength of schedule is as follows:


1. Denver Broncos: 147-107-2, .578

2. Kansas City Chiefs: 147-108-1, .576

3. Los Angeles Chargers: 145-110-1, .568

4. Oakland Raiders: 144-111-1 .564

5. Buffalo Bills: 143-112-1, .561

6. Miami Dolphins: 140-116-0, .547

7. Washington Redskins: 138-116-2, .543

T-8. New York Giants: 135-117-4, .535

T-8. New York Jets: 137-119-0, .535

T-10. Dallas Cowboys: 134-118-4, .531

T-10. Philadelphia Eagles: 134-118-4, .531

12. New England Patriots: 135-121-0, .527

13. Atlanta Falcons: 133-122-1, .521

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 132-123-1, .518

15. New Orleans Saints: 130-125-1, .514

16. Carolina Panthers: 129-127, .504

17. Los Angeles Rams: 121-130-5, .482

18. Green Bay Packers: 122-132-2, .480

19. Chicago Bears: 122-133-1, .479

20. San Francisco 49ers: 119-132-5, .475

T-21. Detroit Lions: 119-135-2, .469

T-21. Cleveland Browns: 119-135-2, .469

23. Arizona Cardinals: 118-135-3, .467

24. Baltimore Ravens: 117-137-2, .461

T-25. Seattle Seahawks: 115-138-3, .455

T-25. Houston Texans: 115-138-3, .455

T-27. Minnesota Vikings: 115-139-2, .453

T-27. Pittsburgh Steelers: 115-139-2, .453

29. Cincinnati Bengals: 115-141-0, .449

T-30. Jacksonville Jaguars: 111-142-3, .439

T-30. Tennessee Titans: 111-142-3, .439

32. Indianapolis Colts: 107-146-3, .424


Anything that falls below .500 is considered unlikely to make the NFL playoffs but most predictions are never fully accurate (just look at last season to figure that out). With how the Patriots have handled the off-season and managed their situation, they have every right to be considered the favorites heading into 2017. Right now, the odds of the Patriots winning Super Bowl LII are 4-1, which is higher than any other NFL team (the second highest is the Dallas Cowboys 11-1).







Patriots Talk: Favorites To Win It All
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