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Patriots Talk: Former NT Vince Wilfork Shares Hilarious Story About Bill Belichick

Patriots Talk: Former NT Vince Wilfork Shares Hilarious Story About Bill Belichick

It’s not often you get to hear back from old players. Usually once they leave the field, they prefer to move along with their lives and let their NFL careers begone, but many of them even on different teams, speak fondly of their former teams. Such is an example of Former Patriot [Nose Tackle] Vince Wilfork. The current free agent was drafted the by the Patriots in 2004 with the 21st overall pick.

Wilfork has been one of the most loved figures from the Patriots and despite being gone for several years. Many fans still love the big defensive lineman even though he has been part of the Houston Texans for the last two seasons. Wilfork after losing to his former team in the AFC divisional round, declared he was considering retirement after spending over 12 seasons in the NFL. Although, it is unknown if he will if a team considers picking up in the next few months.

Wilfork was on the Barstool Sports ‘Pardon My Take’ podcast yesterday and he was discussing about whether he will continue his NFL career and naturally he was brought up about his time with the Patriots. He had told the interviewers that Belichick used food as a motivational tool for him during practice drills.

“We used to do this thing every Friday. Friday would be our cool-down day in a light practice, and we would always kick the ball off,” Wilfork said. “The team, we’d all cover the kick, like a kickoff team. And every day I would go to Bill and say ‘I’m going to make the tackle.’ And he’s like, ‘Oh, you’re not going to make it.’ So every day we would bet some type of food or something or push-ups. Anything. We would bet something if I’d make the tackle or not. That tradition carried on throughout – they probably still do it now.”

Considering this is ‘Big Vince’ we are talking about, I believe this for certain. The man can eat virtually any rib and steak imaginable and considering how close Belichick and him are, I am certain that it must have been quite the time. It’s sad that Vince is leaving the league possibly this year but if he signs a 1 day contract with the Patriots, it wouldn’t surprise anybody

Patriots Talk: Former NT Vince Wilfork Shares Hilarious Story About Bill Belichick
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