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Kraft, Galynn Brady, Earned Ring

Patriots Talk: Kraft, Galynn Brady, Earned Ring

If you think that winning Super Bowl LI was huge think again. Tom Brady’s mother, Galynn Brady was given a Super Bowl ring by the Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots because they knew how much that game meant to her. They were all fighting in that game, even WR Julian Edelman told Brady it was for his mom during February’s upsetting and turnaround game in history.

Family is family and according to Brady, Kraft seems to be a big part of the Brady family. On quarterback Tom Brady was asked about his mom, Galynn receiving an SBLI ring and stated “He [Kraft] has been so supportive of my family and certainly everything my mom went through and knowing first-hand how families deal with it. He was always asking, ‘How’s mom doing? How is she feeling?’ We didn’t know up until the very end whether she was going to make it to the Super Bowl. She was a big inspiration for me, and RKK knew it. It was a great surprise to all of us when the ring showed up. She deserves it.”

And she did deserve to have a ring. Despite everything she went through, the entire SBLI game was meant for Galynn and the entire NE Patriots knew it and never gave up. They were down 21-3 at halftime and were able to bounce back and catch the Atlanta Falcons off their game and walk away with a win. A special moment for Tom Brady, his parents, his wife, and his kids was not only winning the game but being able to make this game have a reason and Galynn was the reason.

Overall, this game was supposed to be the way it was otherwise history would have changed and Galynn could have possibly never received a Super Bowl ring.

Kraft, Galynn Brady, Earned Ring
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