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Patriots Talk: Ndamukong Suh Believes ‘Patriots Are Beatable’

Patriots Talk: Ndamukong Suh Believes ‘Patriots Are Beatable’

While teams all wish to have the type of success that the Patriots have had, many will also agree, they don’t think the Patriots are invincible.

The phrase; ‘any given Sunday’ is one that has stuck with the NFL for decades any its because it’s the ultimate team sport.

Teams like the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins all have had to deal with the Patriots dominating their conference for the better part of the last 16 years since Bill Belichick and Tom Brady arrived.

Miami [Defensive Tackle] Ndamukong Suh went on ESPN last Monday to discuss his thoughts on the Patriots and he had this to say:

“I think the Patriots are definitely beatable. It’s just a matter of playing a good game, almost a perfect game in a lot of ways because they’ve got great coaching and obviously great players and talent on their side of the ball. So you’ve got to be going on all cylinders. Without question, I have a ton of respect for them, but without question, they’re definitely beatable as everybody is in the league.”

Suh was also asked regarding previous comments made by Pittsburgh Steelers [Linebacker] Ryan Shazier about the NFL having a ‘Patriots problem.’ He disagreed.

“[Making the Patriots the division favorite] is an easy thing to do, and it’s a great opportunity to create conversation. What we do as the Dolphins, we put our downs head and we go to work. We’ve beaten them before. We’ve had success against them and really look forward to repeating that as we go out there in this upcoming 2017 season.”

The Patriots have won four of the past five games against Miami, in addition to 11 of the past 14 total. The teams will meet on Nov. 26 Foxboro, Massachusetts and Dec. 11 on Monday night in Miami, Florida.

Patriots Talk: Ndamukong Suh Believes ‘Patriots Are Beatable’
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