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Playoff Tickets Already Released

Patriots Talk: Playoff Tickets Already Released to TicketHolders

So it would seem that the NFL season is coming closer and many of us are still here waiting anxiously for it to begin. Nonetheless, we Pats fans have been fortunate to have a team that is already so good that it’s better than when they won last year’s Super Bowl.

But confidence can make others feel disrespected, and Robert Kraft is a man who beams just that. In fact, he is so confident in his team that he already has approved tickets for the 2018 AFC Championship at Gillette Stadium.

Many people see this as a sign of arrogance but let’s look at reality here: The AFC division has a handful of team that can take on the Patriots (The Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers just to name a few) and right now the AFC East is at an all-time low. The New York Jets are completely tanking for the #1 pick in the 2018 draft.

The Buffalo Bills have lost many key players (Stephon Gilmore, Mike Gillslee) to the Patriots in free agency and their new Head Coach Sean McDermott is essentially dealing with a roster that has lost significant talent (and they were a borderline-playoff team, to begin with).

And then, of course, the Miami Dolphins were a playoff team last year that was the surprise of the AFC. However, now it has been confirmed by recent reports that starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill is likely out for the 2017 season is signing, of all people, Jay Cutler former QB of the Chicago Bears…..I am not stating that the AFC East is already a wrap but with these current teams, and with only a few in the AFC division that has a real shot at stopping the Patriots, it’s not hard to understand why.

Playoff Tickets Already Released
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