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Patriots Talk: Reactions To The NFL Top 100

Patriots Talk: Reactions To The NFL Top 100


Well its finally May and that means that the NFL players talk with the league about whom they feel deserve to be in the Top 100 best players in the NFL from the 2016-2017 season. The yearly event discusses players discussing their own personal input on other teams and their star players around NFL. The Patriots in particular will be a hot topic during this month long event where the players will be bringing up man familiar names.


The NFL Top 100 list has gone through the player 71-100 so far and already four Patriots have made the list. So far only [Wide Receiver] Julian Edelman (71), former [Running Back] LeGarrette Blount (80), [Linebacker] Dont’a Hightower (94) and [Cornerback] Malcolm Butler (99). The most vocal was Edelman who went onto NFL Network on Monday night  with Hall of Fame [Cornerback] Deion Sanders.


“As a competitor you always think you should be better than what you are. You strive to be better. Thankfully, this is a good team spot I get to play and these things don’t justify the type of player you really are, I don’t think.”


And while Edelman was ranked 71 on the NFL Top 100, he is reported to be the 13th receiver out of 14 wide recievers that were selected. Considering how far a 1000 yard season and Super Bowl comeback for the ages, many would argue Edelman should have been higher but players’ respect for is hard to earn. As of now, The other four players took to Twitter to discuss their places on the list.



Personally, Butler and Hightower should have been significantly higher on the list as both were the Associated Press’ 2nd Team All-Pro selections for both Corner Backs and Linebackers. And considering how they preformed this year, it is quite shocking. Blount I would argue shouldn’t even be at 80th on the list but Edelman’s placement is the most sound so far among the Patriots.


The NFL Top 100 airs exclusively on NFL Network and airs only on Mondays at 9 PM EST.

Patriots Talk: Reactions To The NFL Top 100
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