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Stephen Gilmore Hyped To Play in New England

Stephen Gilmore Hyped To Play in New England

The hard-hitting, fast-paced action gets me going every time I hear or see anything pertaining to pro football. Apparently, I am not the only one with a Patriots player stirring up the pot.

From reading a tweet posted on Monday, Stephen Gilmore, who signed a five-year, $65 million dollar contract with the New England Patriots, is excited also. Excited to get more media exposure that is.

Gilmore came into the NFL in 2012 with the Buffalo Bills as the No. 10 overall draft pick. During that time, the Bills have had only seven nationally televised prime-time games while the New England Patriots have played 23 times on national TV, not including playoff games and two super bowls. Gilmore played 5 seasons with his former team and was excited to point out to his friends and family in South Carolina that he will now get more attention on the national stage while playing in New England.

What made the Patriots want to sign Stephen Gilmore to such a hefty contract? At 6-f00t-1 and 190 pounds, his size combined with his physicality makes him hard to throw over and he can play man coverage as well as get physical on the line of scrimmage. He is also a fast runner and will fit into the New England Program well.

Last season, Gilmore started in all 15 games that he played and finished with 42 total tackles and a career-best of five interceptions to earn his first Pro Bowl invitation.

Stephen Gilmore Hyped To Play in New England
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