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Patriots Talk: Tom Brady is Voted The No.1 Player on The NFL Top 100 of 2017

Patriots Talk: Tom Brady is Voted The No.1 Player on The NFL Top 100 of 2017

Many predicted that New England Patriots [Quarterback] Brady would make the final 10 players on the NFL Top 100 list this year. The NFL Top 100, throughout its time has been the only list exclusively made from the players throughout the NFL.  Throughout his time, since 2011 till last year, Brady has never been rated outside of the Top 5 on this list.

It’s incredible to realize how players even after all these years all acknowledge Brady has the best of the best. Just as the title suggests, Brady has for the first time since 2011 gained the top slot on the NFL Top 100 at No.1. In many ways, it would seem very odd considering that Brady had given the league a 4 game head start due to the Deflategate suspension that was repealed last summer.

The Patriots QB since 2001, has reclaimed his throne as the greatest player (according to the players) in the NFL in 2017, but many players and fans agree despite Brady deserving the No.1 spot especially after his miraculous comeback performance in Super Bowl LI, this list seemingly was flawed on many fronts. While players have much more keen understanding of other players, it is a apparent that the list had alot of mixed opinions across the board.

Despite, no Patriots fans having any issue with Brady being No.1 on the list, Falcons fans are once again are feeling robbed as NFL MVP Matt Ryan only made No.10 on the list. (the lowest that the NFL MVP has ever placed on the list) Denver Broncos [Linebacker] Von Miller being voted No.2 despite his team not making the playoffs (especially over Defensive Player of the Year, Khali Mack). Rookie Ezekiel Elliott being voted No.7 over No.9 Le’veon Bell (although, Bell missed several games due to the league’s policy on Marjiuana).

There is much about this list that even as a sports fan I would argue is vastly undervaluing several key players. Nonetheless, NFL Top 100 always has been about the players saying who is the best among them. And this year, the majority of players believe that Tom Brady deserves to be hailed as the best among them in 2017. The quick recap version of the 2017 list can be seen below.





Patriots Talk: Tom Brady is Voted The No.1 Player on The NFL Top 100 of 2017
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