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Patriots Talk: Undrafted Free Agent Pick Ups

Patriots Talk: Undrafted Free Agent Pick Ups

With the NFL Draft officially concluded last week, it is safe to assume, that many players that didn’t get draft are now in desperation to find a team. The reality is many players are lucky if they get drafted at all in the NFL. However, not many undrafted players get picked up right away but the Patriots are a team that is always in need of camp bodies.



As of today, they have already taken over 20 undrafted players in 2017. Among notable names, there are quite afew dozen to choose from. Among them are Northwestern [wide receiver] Austin Carr and Wyoming [tight end] Jacob Hollister. These two are the most interesting prospects as both are potentially capable of earning a spot on the 53 man roster. It’s amazing how players can go undrafted even when they are considered proven talents. This includes offensive linemen like Iowa’s Cole Croston and Harvard’s Max Rich. Then for the defense linebackers like BYU’s Harvey Langi, or safeties like David Jones from Richmond and Minnesota’s Damarius Travis are also provide notable depth. Of course,  defensive tackles such as  Vanderbilt’s Adam Butler and Josh Augusta from the University of Missouri.


Many of the names that were mentioned could have been selected on Saturday. But the NFL isn’t a right to be selected, its a privilege. There are teams that will simply not pick a player such as Joe Mixon because of off-the field issues. What is even more shocking is that the undrafted free agent earnings for this season are by far and away higher than any Belichick has given in the last five years. Just three undrafted free agents this year include Harvey Langi at the top, Jacob Hollister second and Bill Killings at fifth overall for undrafted players in the last five years.


It’s very rare for the Patriots to give so much money to an undrafted player but it shows that the Patriots want to keep him under their umbrella. Langi’s senior year of his college career ended with him being named the MVP of the Poinsettia Bowl after making 16 tackles for the BYU Cougars.

It has been confirmed that Langi’s guaranteed money, which is over 100 thousand, is easily the highest recorded for an undrafted free agent within the NFL in 2017.  In terms of contract money, his would be comparable to a fifth-round pick.

Langi, had atleast 12 teams besides the Patriots who were interested in signing him to a contract after the draft. He was projected to be picked in the fourth or fifth round of this year’s draft class.


Based on how much money the Patriots have offered these players, it speaks about how much they wish to secure them. It’s obviously because they had limited draft capital this year since they traded most of it away for proven players. The Patriots see these undrafted players as added depth that needs to be secured and the amount of money they currently have in cap space is plenty.

Patriots Talk: Undrafted Free Agent Pick Ups
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