Pro Motocross Leader Board Shaken Up As Blake Baggett Wins in High Point

 Baggett Wins 2 In A Row

Pro Motocross made a stop in High point this weekend for a stop on the East Coast. Baggett looked to continue his wining streak and Osborne looked to keep the red plate

450 class:

Blake Baggett came into today having won his first overall of the season two weeks ago in Thunder Valley. Earlier this week he had some smack talk to Eli Tomac saying that he is here to take the money from Tomac and that he does not care what his father did. Eli Tomac’s father is a famous cyclist.
Now to the race, Tomac who has been struggling of late continued to struggle as he went down early in moto 1. Bagget was able to take advantage and grab the moto win. Also points leader Marvin Musquin was struggling with a knee injury with a torn meniscus he suffered in practice.  Then in moto 2 it was Tomac who was able to get a good start and ended up behind Jason Anderson and Broc Tickle. Eventually Tomac was able to catch up to Anderson. Anderson made a mistake and Tomac capitalized and made the pass. Even though Tomac won moto 2 Bagget still took the overall with his second place finish in moto 2.

450 Results:

250 Class:

Zach Osborne continued his dominance and grabbed the moto 1 win while Jeremy Martin finished 7 seconds back for second. Osborne came into today with the red plate he he was trying to make sure that it stayed that way. Then in the moto 2 Osborne did not get a great start while J. Martin did. J. Martin was able to mount a decent lead and so it was a battle for second. Plessinger and Alex Martin were battling for that spot then Osborne was able to catch up to them. Osborne was able to make a pass on Plessinger and set his sights on A. Martin. Osborne made a great pass on Martin then decided to try to ditch the goggles, when they got caught on his visor. He tried to remove them a few times and was able to finally get them off. By this time Martin tried to make the pass back but Osborne shut the door and was able to hold on to second place. This would give J. Martin the Overall as he went 2-1 and moto 2 holds more weight than the first.

250 Results:

1. Jeremy Martin (2-1)
2. Zach Osborne (1-2)
3. Aaron Plessinger (3-3)
4. Dylan Ferradis (4-4)
5. Alex Martin (7-5)
6. Austin Forkner (6-6)
7. Joey Savtagy (8-7)
8. RJ Hampshire (9-8)
9. Adam Cianciarulo (5-13)
10. Mitchell Harrison (10-9)
11. Shane McElrath (11-14)
12. Luke Renzland (15-12)
13. Chase Sexton (19-10)
14. Lorenzo Locurcio (18-11)
15. Sean Cantrell (14-15)
16. Kyle Cunningham (13-16)
17. Colt Nichols (12-30)
18. Nick Gaines (16-18)
19. Justin Hill (35-17)
20. Michael Mosiman (17-36)

Pro Motocross Leader Board Shaken Up As Blake Baggett Wins in High Point
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