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Red Sox 2nd Basemen Dustin Pedroia Headed To The DL With Left Wrist Injury

Red Sox 2nd Basemen Dustin Pedroia Headed To The DL With Left Wrist Injury

In the 1st inning on Monday afternoons game, Dustin Pedroia hit a ground ball to White Sox 1st basemen José Abreu. Abreu decided to play the ball himself and dove for 1st base to get the out. Unfortunately, Pedroia tripped over Abreu and landed on his left wrist. After playing an inning in the field, Pedroia was replaced by Josh Rutledge in the field. Pedroia received an X-ray in Chicago on Monday, but it came back negative.

This morning, Dustin Pedroia had an MRI in Boston. The results of that MRI showed “no structural damage, ligament or otherwise” according to manager John Farrell. The left wrist is the wrist that Pedroia has had injury concerns with in the past. The Red Sox have put Dustin Pedroia on the 10 day DL and have activated Pablo Sandoval. Sandoval is meeting the team in Chicago. Pedroia has also flown back to Chicago and was seen with a cast on his left wrist. The hope from the Red Sox is that Dustin Pedroia is activated off the DL after the 10 days are up.

“Could have been a lot worse. I’m definitely relieved it’s not broken or anything like that” said Pedroia regarding his injury.

Lineup With Pedroia On DL

With Pedroia going to the DL, you have to assume that Sandoval play his normal position of 3rd base, and Deven Marrero will move over to 2nd base. But for a team that struggles at the plate, Josh Rutledge will be the more logical choice to play at 2nd base. Yes, Marrero has hit slightly better since May 21st in Oakland, a .231 avg, but his defense is something that you can’t overlook. 

At 3rd base all season, the Red Sox have struggled defensively, so it might be worth it to have defense over offense. At 3rd base, you could have Marrero and Rutledge play at second in the the short term. If you were to do this, you will have the defense of Marrero at 3rd, and the offense of Rutledge at 2nd. Rutledge is batting .292 on the season.

Sandoval hasn’t shown that he can hit well nor play defense well on a consistent basis. Having Marrero play 3rd base over Sandoval might not be the worst decision. You will have an upgrade at defense. If you were to have Sandoval play, you might move Marrero play 2nd base to get the defense in there. But having both Marrero and Rutledge playing, you get both.

According to John Farrell, Josh Rutledge was the first option at 2nd base with the Dustin Pedroia injury. So going forward, you will see Rutledge at 2nd base with Sandoval at 3rd. However, in later innings, you might see Sandoval taken out of the game for better defense in Devin Marrero.

Red Sox 2nd Basemen Dustin Pedroia Headed To The DL With Left Wrist Injury
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