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Red Sox Add Jhonny Peralta To AAA Pawtucket Roster

Red Sox Add Jhonny Peralta To AAA Pawtucket Roster, Will Be In Lineup Tonight At 3rd Base

The Pawtucket Red Sox announced this afternoon that veteran 3rd basemen Jhonny Peralta was added to the AAA roster. Last week, it was announced that the Red Sox signed him to a minor league contract after he was designated for assignment by the ST. Louis Cardinals.

Peralta struggled with this season with the ST. Louis Cardinals only hitting .204 in 54 at bats. This was before the Cardinals officially released him on June 13th. Peralta did spend some time on the disabled list this season due to an upper respiratory illness which did limit his at bats.

This has been a down year for Peralta. But as recently as two years ago, he was an All-Star for the Cardinals. Now at the age of 35, he is being sent to AAA Pawtucket as third base depth for the Boston Red Sox.

What Does Peralta Do For The Red Sox

Jhonny Peralta is the 3rd base depth they have needed behind Pablo Sandoval. This past off season, you lost that when you traded Travis Shaw. What Peralta does is give you someone to compete with Sandoval. Right now, Deven Marrero has been your best option at 3rd base for the Red Sox. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to hit at the major league level. This season, he is only batting .160. Sandoval is batting .212. But unlike Sandoval, Marrero is the best defensive option for the Red Sox.

Jhonny Peralta gives Sandoval that competition at 3rd base from an offensive standpoint. Coming into this season, Sandoval was essentially given the 3rd base job in Boston. But he hasn’t been able to perform consistently for the Red Sox offensively or defensively. What Peralta can do is give Pablo Sandoval that competition for 3rd base. Maybe that will give Sandoval the motivation to play better.

Yes, Jhonny Peralta has struggled offensively this season. He is 35 years old and his best days are clearly behind him, but maybe the Red Sox can get something out of Peralta. There is no reason not to give him a contract to play at the AAA level. It gives them that depth at 3rd base, and you could possibly see him at the major league level if he can start to hit better then he did in ST. Louis.

Red Sox Add Jhonny Peralta To AAA Pawtucket Roster
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