Allen Craig
Boston Red Sox

Red Sox Release Allen Craig

Red Sox Release Allen Craig On Friday Afternoon

The Boston Red Sox announced today that they have released Allen Craig from his contract. The team still owes him $5.64 million dollars for this season and a $1 million dollar buyout for next season. Following his release, he declined to speak to the media.

Craig has been playing for the Pawtucket Red Sox for the last two seasons. This season, Allen Craig batted .253, with 1 home run and 14 RBI’s. He has played a majority of his time at 1st base and at DH.

Allen Craig struggled since he was traded to the Red Sox in 2014. In 65 games for the Red Sox, he hit .139 with 2 home runs and 5 RBI’s. That equaled a -1.2 war rating.

Allen Craig With This Season

Allen Craig clearly hasn’t been right since his ankle injury during the 2013 season. During his time with the Red Sox, he had trouble making solid contact at all levels. This cause the Red Sox to take him off the 40 man roster.

Since then, Craig has tried to make it back to the major leagues. This season Craig clearly was not right at all. He struggled to hit for power all season. He was able to get base hits, but that’s about it. I expect that another major league team will give Allen Craig another shot. After all, he is only 32 years old.

Red Sox Release Allen Craig
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