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Red Sox Report: Pedroia Fires Back, Claims He Is Leader

Red Sox Report: Dustin Pedroia Fires Back, Claims He Is Leader

The Boston Red Sox have had leadership questions arise with various incidents popping up this season.

There was the incident between the Red Sox and the Orioles. And more recently the David Price plane situation with Dennis Eckersley.

One report suggested that Dustin Pedroia was one of the players cheering for Price as he ambushed the NESN color-man. But Pedroia isn’t going to be taking it laying down. Speaking to the media ahead of Friday’s game the second basemen was fiery as ever defending his honor.

When suggested that the Red Sox lack leadership, the veteran had this to say.

” I’m standing right here… I’ve been here for a long time.”

Pedroia also said that after the Price incident he talked to the starter 1-on-1 and said that there are two team rules in Boston. Be on time and be professional.

In terms of an apology from Price to Eck, Pedroia says David Price has been waiting for a 1-0n-1 opportunity to apologize to the Hall of Famer. In theory that could have happened this weekend but Eck is in Cooperstown for the Hall of Fame weekend and Price is now on the DL.

While anyone can write what they like, Pedroia stood in front of the media after a week of wild speculation and confronted them head on. Pedroia’s courage is something that should be commended at a time where the organization has looked weak.

“Write what you guys want. Here I am. I don’t see anybody else standing up doing this, do you? Fact. There’s your source.”

As for the idea of him clapping for Price, that is not true according to Pedey, and you know what? This writer believes him.

Red Sox Report: Pedroia Fires Back, Claims He Is Leader
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