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Red Sox Talk: American League East Standings Snapshot

Red Sox Talk: American League East Standings Snapshot, A Division In Deadlock

For decades the American League East has been a tightly contested division with those at the top often flip flopping quickly. This season, the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees have been neck and neck for the last several weeks. But as a whole the division is strong this season.

The difference between first place and last place?  5.5 games.

Across the major leagues that is the smallest first place to last place differential. The second smallest gap in baseball is in the AL Central where the first place Cleveland Indians have an 8 game lead on the last place Chicago White Sox.

Another thing that is different in the AL East? No team in the division has a winning record on the road. Every other division in baseball has one or more teams who have a winning record on the road.

But keeping this focused on the American League East, is this anyones division on June 27th?

Right now Boston and New York are 1 and 2 with the Yankees holding a slight lead in winning percentage column. As of late the division has started to slip in terms of winning baseball games with none of the teams playing better than .500 ball in their last 10 games.

What is being setup is a division poised for late season drama in September. A division with all the drama one could ask for. There is a real chance this thing comes down to the last game or series.

The last time Boston plays New York? August 31st-September 3rd, a series that could determine the outcome of the division if it stays tight.

It is important to note that anything can happen in baseball, a team like the Blue Jays could flip to the top spot within a week and a half. If you are a Red Sox fan, do not think anything is lock. Boston has yet to get hot, which is a scary thought for other teams in the division, but what if they never get hot?

Red Sox Talk: American League East Standings Snapshot
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