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Red Sox Talk: David Price Versus The World

Red Sox Talk: David Price Versus The World

Is David Price incapable of staying his petulant tongue, or does this guy just have a lot of “oh fudge” moments that he can’t find the cajones to apologize for? When he arrived in Boston, this juvenile man-child promised the fan-base that we were going to “love” him. He went on a campaign of pandering which included suck-up tweets and sycophantic match-game type interviews that showcased his ever-so becoming personality. All this hype only to find himself, a year and a half later, entrenched in the middle of a media swarm – a flurry of criticism he has brought upon himself. Better start performing kiddo.

Price simply did not deliver on the multitude of guarantees made by him and this front-office, when he was introduced to Boston. He said he had “saved” all his playoff wins for the Red Sox: he proceeded to give up 5 ER’s in 3 ⅓ innings last year in the first-round against Cleveland. Dombrowski said he’s a “true ace, a number one”. Then why make the big move to acquire Chris Sale, the year after signing Price to a 7-year deal?

It seems the only thing David Price can pitch is a conniption-fit (got ya), like when he purportedly accosted both national and local broadcaster, Dennis Eckersley, on a flight to Toronto. “Eck” is a venerated representative of the Red Sox and a colorful color-commentator who is esteemed by fans. He’s also a Hall of Famer. Were you thinking you’d have the last word here David? No, of course, Eck came out on top of this turbulent scuffle unscathed.

Price Can’t Find Purchase

For David Price, the path to redemption is so obvious: shut up (seriously just SHUT UP) and pitch. I am puzzled by his inability to do just that. Let your play speak for itself.

For the big lefty, professional baseball appears to be a complex juggling act of celebrity status, brand recognition, and lastly on-field performance. Visibly, these secondary concerns fester Price. A whirling maelstrom of anxiety knees down on his focus when he’s on the rubber. Here’s some insider information Dave: Boston doesn’t care about any of those things – zero, zilch, nada. We just want to win.

If David Price could commune with his former-self to be lights out going forward, carrying second-half momentum into the playoffs and actually winning this team those October battles he “saved” for us, all his transgressions would be forgiven if not forgotten.

Some would appropriately argue that Price has crossed the point of no return. Closely reading the barometer of the fan base says otherwise. Road-signs indicate that he is approaching the threshold of no-man’s-land in Boston, but he can still turn his car around on the scarred bumpy-road he’s traveling. Fans should welcome a rehabilitation. We’re talking about a pitcher, one in the scientific midst of his prime, who has a career 3.24 ERA and an impressive 1.1 WHIP. I implore you Mr. Price to SHUT UP and PITCH. If not another utterance escapes the odious orifice you call a mouth, it would be very to your benefit.  

Red Sox Talk: David Price Versus The World
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