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Boston Red Sox

Red Sox Talk: A Late Comeback Was Not To Be



It was pouring buckets and Dustin Pedroia was at bat.  He was trying his best to get the rain out of his eyes.  He cleaned off his bat from the rain.  He fixed and re-fixed his batting gloves.  He stepped up to bat.  He was fired up from the crowd.  He swung and hit an infield grounder right to the Second Baseman.  Who tossed it to the First Baseman for the out.  He was the last batter of the game.  Where did this all begin?  Well it started out like a nail-biter and it kept getting more intense as the game went on.

It was Game 4 of the ALDS, and the Red Sox were down 2-1 in the best of 5 Series against the Houston Astros.  Rick Porcello started and he gave up a Run in the 1st.  Yup that’s right, the Red Sox were down already.  It was the beginning of a back and forth game.  One that had us all on the edge of our seats.  Xander Bogearts came up to bat and hit a HR right into the Bullpen to tie it [1-1].  Porcello would give up another Run in the top of the 2nd, making it [2-1].

Then the bottom of the 2nd came and it turned into a real wild one.  The rain was pouring and the bases were loaded with no outs.  Dustin Pedroia almost got thrown out because of argument with the Home Plate Umpire.  It was a legitimate argument, the pitch was a borderline Strike.  In fact it really looked like a Ball and it was a tough call.  In my opinion it was a Ball, I mean  come on!  Manager John Farrell came out of the Dugout to calm Pedroia down.  Getting in between the Umpire and Pedroia, Farrell protected his player.  Instead Farrell got thrown out of the game.  The Fenway crowd became livid.  And you could see why as the replay showed the previous play.  The Red Sox would Strike out leaving the bases loaded.

Then the after getting another inning out of Porcello, they brought in Chris Sale in the 4th.  Sale got some Ks and pitched well.  Much better than his last outing.  He was seeking redemption and a Postseason Win.  The Fenway faithful were on his side, and he didn’t disappoint them in the 4th and 5th.

In a strange twist of fate the Astros brought in Ace Pitcher Justin Verlander into the middle of the 5th, with one player on base.  Andrew Benintendi would go on to hit a 2 Run Homer off of him.  It was shocking!  The crowd went crazy.  It was now [3-2] Red Sox.  The excitement was palpable, there was cheering and jeering.  Also an on going “Justin” chant throughout the rest of the game.

It was about that time for the other shoe to drop.  And man did it quiet the crowd.  Sale had a big 7th Inning but in the 8th he gave up a Solo HR to Bregman, which tied the game at [3-3].  Oh no, they were so close from the win, and with Chris Sale on the mound too!  Yep that happened sadly.  The Red Sox would go to Craig Kimbrel to close it out, both the 8th and 9th Innings.  But he couldn’t get the job done.

Astros Outfielder Josh Riddick would hit an RBI Single for the go ahead run, in the 8th [4-3].  Carlos Beltran would also go on to get an RBI from a 2 out Double in the 9th.  The crowd was silenced and I have to say it felt very disheartening.  The score was now [5-3] and the Sox had just one Inning left to make a comeback.  It was almost successful as Rafael Devers hit an inside the park Home Run.  But that would be it for the Sox.  They couldn’t get another hit off of the Astros’ Closer Ken Giles.  The game ended with Pedroia hitting that grounder to 1st Base.

It was a long Season for this Red Sox Team.  They had some real highs and lows.  I feel like every game was a grind.  And they clung to life every game.  But they had their issues, one of them being the Home Run Ball.  They had some great Pitching, but you know that that also became their Achilles Heel.  I feel like that they could have gone farther in the Postseason, I was thinking Game 5 of the ALDS.  Winning was a challenge for them, we saw them fade at the end of the Regular Season. They couldn’t win this one but they gave it their all.  They definitely have a young team and I’m looking forward to what happens next for the Team.

I'm a self published writer and illustrator. I follow Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, some Golf and some eSports.

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Boston Red Sox

Red Sox Managerial Decision Seemingly Made Up



Did anyone think that the Boston Red Sox would take their time when hiring their new field manager? According to one report the team is moving rather quickly

According to one report, the team is moving rather quickly to the point where their minds are already made up.

“There is a 99.9 percent chance of [Cora] being named Red Sox leader,” a source told Puerto Rico’s El Nuevo Dia. “They want him for the job. That post is for him. Alex is very beloved there. And he would love to run Boston. They want to make the fast decision.”

Cora is currently serving as the bench coach for the Houston Astros, a team that is battling it out with the New York Yankees for the chance to go to the World Series. Boston isn’t the only suitor for the former player however. Cora is set to meet with the New York Mets on Tuesday and is also expected to be of interest to other teams like the Philadelphia Phillies.

But the interest between Boston and Cora is mutual and a report from Puerto Rico confirms that. Cora played for the Red Sox during his career and was part of the 2007 Wolrd Series team. At the time he was considered an excellent leader on the team that had all the intangible qualities of one daying being an excellent coach. Since his playing days, he has served as an ESPN Analyst, GM of Puerto Rico national team, coach in Puerto Rico’s baseball league, and now a bench coach for Houston.

If the Red Sox are able to bring in Cora it would be seen as if they had been grooming him for years and that he is their guy. With other suitors in tow, it looks like an offer from the Boston Red Sox to Cora is going to come rather quickly. And quite frankly, this is the best decision for the team.

Acquiring Cora is far superior to a long time mediocre manager like Ron Gardenhire or a failed first coach stinter like Brad Ausmus. Cora is both young and has some prior experience to bring to the table. The one real question with him is if he will be too buddy-buddy with the players, a very real possibility.

Red Sox fans seem to be rather torn on this topic, many seem to like the idea of an old manager like Gardenhire, while others favor Cora who was a fan favorite as a player. In reality the true intentions or favorite of the Red Sox is unknown, but for the moment, Cora looks like the lock.

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Boston Red Sox

Red Sox Manager Contestants Stepping Right Up



Red Sox

On Wednesday the Boston Red Sox fired field manager John Farrell. With the departure of Farrell, the Red Sox must now conduct a full and wide search for their next manager. There are dozens of potential candidates for the job. The one choice that will have to be made is to either to go young or go old.

Fortunately for us, Dave Dombrowski gave a general outline of what he will be looking for in the next manager. In his post-firing presser, he mentioned that the candidate is unlikely to come from within.

That comment seemingly rules out a candidate like Chili Davis or Gary Ddisarcina.

In terms of experience, Dombrowski said “I think managerial experience helps. I don’t think it’s a 100% necessity.”. He also mentioned the importance of being in the dugout as experience. The last time Dombrowski hired a field manager he was in charge of the Detroit Tigers. The coach he hired at the time was Brad Asmus. So maybe that means he will go on the younger side.

If he goes young in terms of experience here is the list of potential candidates:

  • Brad Asmus: Asmus was let go by Detriot after having a rather shaky first tenure as a manager. He was hired by Dombrowski and has plenty of connections to New England. He will land somewhere this offseason.
  • Alex Cora: Direct connections to Boston and knows how the media is here. Well respected by players and has coached in Puerto Rico and is the bench coach for AJ Hinch’s Houston Astros.
  • Jason Varitek: Obvious connections here. But he has no actual experience as a coach in the dugout. He has helped with player development and scouting as a special assistant to the gm in Boston. But chances are he isn’t in the conversation.
  • Hensley Meulens: Speaks Spanish, English (and other languages), has extensive coaching experience and serves as the hitting coach for the Giants. Has coached the Netherlands in the WBC. There has been a rumor that Major League Baseball is encouraging the Red Sox to hire a coach of minority status. Meulens fits that bill.

In terms of an older/experiences option, there are a few. There is an opportunity here for Dombrowksi. That opportunity is to convince the well respected Jim Leyland to come out of retirement. Leyland though doesn’t seem interested in coaching again and decline to come to Boston a long time ago.

Below are few options for an experienced field manager:

  • Leyland
  • Torey Luvullo: Had a 93 win first season at the helm of Arizona. Could be convinced to leave to come back to Boston.
  • Joe Girardi: Could be on his way out of New York. Is a noted good in-game manager.
  • Ron Gardenhire: Former Twins manager and currently a bench coach for the Diamondbacks. This kind of smells to me though.

What way will Dombrowski go with is anyone’s guess. This process can take awhile with the team needing to lock down a list and start the interview process. According to Dombrowski he always has a list of people for every position he might have to hire for. So, in theory, this could happen fairly quickly.

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Boston Red Sox

Red Sox Fire John Farrell



John Farrell

On Wednesday morning the Boston Red Sox have announced that they have parted ways with field manager John Farrell.

Farrell has been the manager since 2013 and during his tenure, he led the team to 3 AL East division titles and a World Series Victory. The other two seasons happened to be two straight last-place finishes.

Farrell has been constantly criticized for his below average in game management, but being able to win 93 games when your team had turmoil and underperformances all season was impressive. While personally, I am not a supporter of him. I feel as if he often fails to get the credit he deserves.

But when it comes down to it, he is not the future at the helm for the Boston Red Sox.

According to the team, the process to find the next field manager will start immediately with Dave Dombrowski addressing the situation shortly.

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